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In recent years, I have developed an almost criminal hatred for the word ‘jugaad’ and the glorification that we bestow on it in India. India ranks 66th in the latest Global Innovation Index, just slightly above Mongolia and Peru and most of the African continent.
Try doing a google image search on the world jugaad and the first pictures thrown out are of that rickety vehicle which farmers in north india created from spare parts of some hundred odd vehicles. Apart from Nano, nothing sticks out as truly innovative from either Indian businesses or the scientific community.
A lover of everything about the hill state and Himalayas, he blogs about Himachali culture and also about technology. A self confessed geek, Sharad works for Google and lives with his wife and toddler son in Sydney and spends his free time reading and writing. The best way to embrace the idea of ‘jugaad” is perhaps to see it as an opportunity eye-opener that points to a crying need for a systemic solution! I just want to tag our INDIAN LAZYNESS for Jugad for cheaper on one side, but time saver so you can further be lazing around.
The bad side of Jugaad shows up only because there is no clear demarcation on where experimentation stops and product begins. Remote controlled drones: You will soon find a lot many flying around that are made by kids with jugaad resources. Internet: A jugaad to bring the Internet to remote places made by a Google team was to have transponders on weather balloons instead of launching expensive satellites. Dreamcatcher Adventure offers an array of cab, taxi and other transport vehicle to make your travel easy in India.
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Enjoy exotic Egypt and desert sands holiday packages call +91-9950710710, 919950372060 for booking Egypt tour package. Enter Your contact details and we will plan the best holiday suiting all your requirements. The leaders in this list are almost cliched, countries like Switzerland, UK, USA, most of western Europe and Korea. Jugad yes by an individual is to save time to put a temp fix which cause of his laziness is a permanent fix that never considered people around getting affected. However, practicing Jugaad should be parallel to learning about detailing, safety, design, and perfection. From budget SUVa€™s like Innvoa, Scorpio, Qualis to upper end S Utility Vehicles Toyota Landcruiser and Mitsubishi Pajero can be arranged for your travel plan.
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At hotel the tour manager will assist with a smooth check-in and review your holiday itinerary with you to establish and confirm pick-up times for each tour. Visit this country any city in India such as Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Chennai and Kerala. We who think applying short cuts like storing cooking oil in pesticide canisters is as good a solution as buying proper vessels for the job. But, that they also create major traffic contraptions in Punjab and western Uttar Pradesh is the price we pay for them. I was astonished to see a scholarly paper by a professor at one of the IITs, which talked about jugaad and glorified everything associated with it. So, the next time you try to glorify jugaad and discount serious innovation and long term sustainable solutions for short cut fixes, think again. The earliest discovered evidence is from thousands of years back in the middle east, called the Baghdad Battery. Despite our mountaineering background we are in constant need of quality transport to cater our clientele and give them a trouble-free mobility in the Indian roads.
We provide budget Minivans like Force Traveler, Tata Winger to elite luxury Minivans like Crafter from Volkswagen and Mercedes Minivan. Lunch will be served in a local restaurant, then proceed to Sakkara area to visit Sakkara Complex and first pyramid ever built (Djoser Pyramid). Lunch will be served at a local restaurant in Cairo, then moving to visit Saladin Citadel including Mohamed Ali Alabaster Mosque inside. Poor, innocent kids had their lives cut short in a cruel manner by just being part of a scheme applauded as much for its benevolence as for its ingenuity. Someone who was in-charge of that scheme in that particular village school might have thought of this ‘jugaad’ to save some extra bucks.

Given the basic human spirit to succeed, we devised a system to work around the system and be innovative.
These things look great when the argument is about individual ingenuity and the audience is far removed from these actual things on the ground like for example in a Harvard case study. Rather than glorifying jugaad in classrooms and hence corrupting innocent thought processes, we should create a society and culture of learning that facilitates and encourages scalable and long term solutions. Yes, drugs which change a little something from the actual formulation so that it does not breaches the patent but still has the desired effect. This paper was particularly disturbing because it came from someone who should have been teaching his students otherwise.
And, please tell your kids the importance of scientific discovery and engineering achievement. Before I end this post, here is a quick pop quiz for you all. On the other hand we came to know that lightening was electricity when Benjamin Franklin tried his dangerously jugaadu kite experiment. Therefore we have established a large fleet of cab and bus rental of our own as well with our associate transport provider. But, lets not forget that these vehicles were created with not even a passing thought about on-road safety for the driver, passengers or fellow road users and the argument takes another dimension. We tend to think that jugaad is the Indian way of innovation and go on glorifying it without realising the opportunity cost. I spent a lot of time thinking about truly inventive and innovative products which came out of India in the last decade or two.
It has indeed helped us by reducing the price of a lot of essential drugs but we are still at the mercy of someone in the west to actually do research and find solutions to existing medical problems. IITs are supposed to be an emblem of Scientific and Engineering principles of doing stuff, not a place where India’s brightest minds are professed about short-cut approaches and temporary fixes. Continue driving to Islamic Cairo, where you will be able to explore Khan El Khalili, Cairo’s old bazaar. Infact any culture that celebrates a short cut approach to learning and innovation is more or less doomed. Whenever I am in Himachal, I experience another jugaad. Generics are the short cut we chose to take, rather than using the enormous brain power that exists for pushing boundaries of scientific discovery or finding the cure for cancer. Look around, absolutely nothing we use in our modern day to day life has been conceived, designed and built by jugaad. The patchwork on the roads to fill the potholes (usually, just before a high profile minister has planned to visit).
The whole mindset of “aaj kar lo, kal ki kal dekhenge” could never be of service to us in the long term.

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