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When you talk peoplemovers large cumbersome wagons or four-wheel drives automatically spring to mind, but there are heaps of options for families looking to haul a tribe. One of them is the VW Caddy, which is a compact peoplemover that's capable of accommodating up to seven while still a vehicle of relatively modest dimensions. The Caddy Life was based on the compact Caddy commercial vans, the result being it had a rather commercial look and feel, which was probably its least appealing aspect. The Life was configured to carry five, two up front and three across the rear, while the Maxi Life would accommodate seven in three rows thanks to its longer wheelbase. VW hasn't endeared itself to many of its customers with its tough policy on issues reported to it, which is a pity because their cars are generally well built and overall they're quite reliable. When testing a Caddy Life with the DSG it's critical that the gearbox be put through every conceivable driving situation in order to ensure there are no existing problems.
Commercial looks reduce appeal of an otherwise effective means of transporting a family-sized load. KIA CARNIVAL - 2007-2010 Popular with price-conscious buyers the Carnival has a practical and flexible interior, but lacks the on-road niceties of its rivals.

TOYOTA AVENSIS VERSO - 2007-2010 Bland, but effective peoplemover that does everything well. MITSUBISHI GRANDIS - 2007-2010 Well regarded peoplemover that drives nicely, is comfortable and performs well. But the Caddy was in turn based on the Golf, with Golf-like looks, at the front at least, which softened the industrial look a little.
Both boasted efficient and flexible cabins with lots of seating options to accommodate whatever combination of people and cargo you might want to carry. When you opted for the petrol engine you got a five-speed manual gearbox, but if you chose the diesel you drove away with a six-speed DSG automatic. The main troubles stem from the DSG gearbox and the issues it had with erratic gear changing, wrong gear selection and losing drive at inappropriate moments.
The other issues that affect all modern day cars, including VWs, are random electronic gremlins that can be difficult to find and fix.

The Life was based on the regular Caddy van, while the longer wheelbased Maxi Life was based on the longer version of the cargo hauler. On the road the Life and its longer sibling drove like the Golf passenger cars they were based on. VW recalled the Caddy in 2009 because of problems with the DSG gearbox, which could lead to the loss of power to the front wheels. Packed with electronics as they are, today's cars are subject to unexpected and often unexplained meltdowns, and like all brands VWs are affected. Make the usual checks for a valid service record that shows your chosen car has been properly maintained.

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