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Description: 1.23 acres land for sale in valle, arizona by flagstaff, williams and the grand canyon! Copyright © 2012 Autos Weblog, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. By Michael Lamm:   Lucky for us the nation’s railroad tracks are built with roughly the same tread width as most cars.
1942 Ford sedan conversion used for track inspection, and short runs by railway line management. This entry was posted in Trucks, Buses and Equipment and tagged Auto-Railer conversion kit, Bimodal inter-urban buses, Evans Products Co, Grand Rapids Michigan, rail yard switch engine. Operating one of these converted vehicles in rail mode would NEVER be done without the dispatcher’s permission.
I drove semis (Feeders) for UPS, and UPS uses Intermodal for most of its long distance shipments. I see railroad maintenance vehicles equipped with that gear on almost a daily basis, but the mini train is sure different.
I’ve always wondered how difficult it was to drive up on the tracks and get your vehicle lined up so you can lower the rail wheels.
Are any of you famliar with the Fairmont “Speeder” made in Fairmont ,Minnesota ??? We have 12 vehicles that fit your search updated today, 49 in the past week, 56 in the past fortnight and 61 during last month.

Train tracks in the United States stand 56.5 inches apart, and most full-sized automobiles have tread widths of 58-60 inches. Rubber tires on dry rails have a CoF of about .85, so theoretically car and truck tires have a lot more grip than train wheels.
According to Evans senior project engineer John Bellamy, “These [Auto-Railer] vehicles, of which some 500-600 were built…were made in various locations. Bellamy referred to the Auto-Railer hardware as “conversion kits.” Kits were applied to standard vehicles of all sizes and purposes. Bimodal 1.5-ton Dodge semis, for example, were used to haul munitions, including liquid nitroglycerine, which needed the smooth surface of railroad tracks. I would think there would be an inherent danger running a car on train tracks, without at least knowing a schedule. A van truck trailer was suspended off the tracks with a set of railroad wheel bogies, eliminating the need for a flatcar.
Featured are well over eleven thousand classic car, antique car and old car photos and videos along with information about them. Nampa – to come up with a system that allowed cars and trucks to run on both road and rails.
Special controls allowed the driver to raise and lower Auto-Railer’s flanged wheels without leaving his seat.
I mean, in rural areas, maybe, but trains were huge back then, and one would come along every few minutes, presenting some interesting moments with these, I’m sure.
The trailers had steel railroad wheels the were raised and lowered hydraulically and were therefore very heavy. Get one end on, run a few feet to straighten it out, drop the other set, lock ’em down, and go.
Best thing is to work as if you’re invisible to the signals and keep an ear on the radio.

Engineers Main and Nampa developed the hardware in the early 1930s and received a patent in 1937. I remember when pulling empty Road Railers back to Southern Pacific in Portland that they were so heavy that I had to gear down going up hills just as if they were loaded . Usually at a grade crossing so people sitting there watching and waiting for it to be done. Called Auto-Railer, it consisted of small, flanged, steel wheels that could be lowered by the driver onto railroad tracks. Bimodal inter-urban buses with Auto-Railer kits whisked passengers along trolley lines between communities and then continued their routes on city streets. Army surgeon general, who’d seen 6×6 kits cobbled up by GIs and fitted to smaller vehicles for ambulance duty. Trucks with Auto-Railer kits could serve as everything from regional haulers to rail yard switch engines. TOFCs (Trailers On Flat Cars) were replaced by COFCs (Containers On Flat Cars) and the ease and flexibility of using containers made trailers obsolete.
Weight is a big consideration for freight companies when weight limits determine how much cargo can be loaded into a trailer that must go through highway weigh stations, and a container pulled on a lightweight chassis holds many more packages than a Road Railer. And trailers, Road Railer or conventional, cannot be stacked on ships like containers so containers have become the standard for many good reasons.

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