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This symbolic action served as a great inspiration in the anticipation for the merger of two companies, which was planned for 28 June 1926. Ten years later was born Carl Benz, on November 25, 1844.Both boys were interested in machines and different mechanisms from an early age, this was their only thing in common.
The Paris-Rouen race competition, the first race that was recorder, had witnessed the first production car, Benz Velo in 1894.

The first Benz truck was built in 1895.The promotional potential of races was huge, and so, both Benz and Daimler decided to enter as many as they could. Benz obtained second and third place, at the 1908 French Grand Prix, just behind Lautenschlager who was driving a Mercedes. The first vehicles, produced under the brand Mercedes-Benz, were sold in 1926. The company brought a big number of innovations as well as safety measures, which have improved the whole automobile industry.

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