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In the wet and wild fifth leg of Ultimate Survival Alaska, the teams land in the Skewntna River Valley, to race down 50 miles of turbulent rivers and navigate a particularly treacherous section known as “Hell’s Gate.” If they make it through, they must bushwhack their way to the LZ at Butterfly Lake. Team Endurance has yet to come in first place and is determined to get far enough ahead to guarantee a win. The Mountaineers choose to raft down Saturday Creek, which is deeper and faster water, but likely more dangerous. Military sets up camp early to get in some time to fish and a massive bear invites itself to dinner.
On day two, Sean is the first to take a spill in the Hell’s Gate rapids, but recovers quickly and Endurance continues with the run. Rudy is slipping into hypothermia by the time they find his pack, slurring his words, which is a sure sign that he’s about to be in trouble. On the third day, Endurance wakes to the sound of the Mountaineers hitting the trip wire.  Endurance jumps to it, glad they chose to sacrifice their oral hygiene to save their lead. Endurance thinks they have it dialed in now and vow to be a tough team to beat from here on out. True competitors, and positive role models that just might inspire our game-boy generation to walk through a REI or Adventure 16 or LL Bean outdoor store. Follow these Gloucester, MA fishermen as they use rod and reel to catch the elusive bluefin tuna. Explore the fascinating facets of your cranium with brainteasers, experiments, and hard science.
Explore the lives of otherwise ordinary Americans who are going to great lengths to prepare for the end of the world.
Gear list kenaidreams Ultimate alaskan survival gear list for sockeyers slayers and other fish players remember the three most important things you need in alaska Gear list kenaidreams.
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Dropped in the middle of the Alaskan wilderness by bush plane, they have 72 hours to make their way to the finish point for that leg of the expedition. Navigating risky routes that traverse some of the most hostile territory on the planet, they’ll rely on hard survival skills passed down through generations.
Tyrell Seavey, 28 years old: Like his brother Dallas, he hails from a legendary family, known by many as Alaskan royalty. Marty Raney, 56 years old: A veteran mountain guide who has led more than 20 expeditions on and around Denali, the highest peak in North America. Austin Manelick, 24 years old: Since the age of 5, he has practiced subsistence hunting under the watchful eye of his Alaskan wilderness guide father.

Willi Prittie, 57 years old: A professional mountain guide for almost 38 years, Willi is considered to be one of the leading climbing and logistical experts in the region. Brent Sass, 32 years old: He’s done six 1,000-mile dog sledding expeditions for the Yukon Quest, and has guided excursions through any and all of Alaska’s many landscapes. I liked the show but either Willie is not really from Alaska or the writers are from California and just wrote in the part about needing to change course to go around the Wolves? Wolves do not bother people and will keep plenty of distance, if you noticed they were already heading the other way when they saw Willies group coming.
Great show nothing is perfect when it comes to wilderness survival and when you are always on the move so naysayers go outside and try to run through the wilderness see how far you get before collapsing. Eddie Ahyakak, Inupiaq, and his two teammates have won National Geographic Channel's Ultimate Survival Alaska.
Known as Team Endurance, the group consisted of Ahyakak, dog musher Dallas Seavey, and Sean Burch, a mountain climber and marathoner. In the finale of Ultimate Survival Alaska, Team Endurance bested three other teams in a race across 35 miles of turbulent whitewater seas and then up to the 4,000-foot summit of Augustine Volcano.
To get a taste of Ultimate Survival Alaska, watch the sizzle reel below from Brian Catalina Entertainment. On the Mountaineers’ run, Marty goes under and slams both his knees into rocks, but the team takes inventory, finding everyone and everything in place. Dallas ponders the fact that they could just chuck the pack in the trees and easily knock Military out of the race. The team has already wasted time searching for the pack, but they have no choice but to get Rudy into a sleeping bag to warm up.
Not only have Marty’s skis been used as paddles and tent poles, but they also catch the team a king salmon. They will definitely have a chance to prove it next week when they hit Hayes Glacier, a brutal trek across frozen wasteland, deadly crevasses, and jagged ice walls. Going head to head, eight men of a rare breed are about to take the ultimate test of survival in Arctic conditions that only National Geographic could inspire. The opponents’ only goal is to make it out alive using just the gear they can carry in their packs.
Using raw, mountain-man ingenuity, they’ll navigate through treacherous glaciated river valleys, barren ridgelines and high mountain peaks, battling hunger, hostile predators and perilous weather conditions along the way.
Like the original National Geographic explorers, for those who succeed there is no grand prize, just the well-fought pride of having conquered the grueling challenges that a beastly Mother Nature can throw at them. He helped build his family home with Marty with nothing but a chainsaw and the logs on their property.
Wish the writers and narrator knew the difference between grayling and arctic char (dolly varden).

Real life experiences of each person while working with others to get the 3 day mission done. And altho I respect most of the people there and what they are going thru, there is a problem. Ahyayak, who hails from Barrow, Alaska, is described on the National Geographic website as a marathon runner and mountain climber whose skills also include whaling, packrafting, hunting and ice fishing. It still doesn’t sound like much of a tasty treat, but the Inupiat Eskimo’s swear by it and now so do Dallas and Sean. The Mountaineers who are in third place get a surprise, running into a local fisherman who warns them about their imminent trip through “Hell’s Gate,” where Friday and Saturday Creeks meet. Endurance, in the meantime, is using their MacGyver skills rigging up a dental floss trip line across the river. Mountaineers and Endurance arrive almost simultaneously on Butterfly Lake in sight of the cabin that is the LZ.
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In his professional life, Ahyakak serves on the Arctic Slope Regional Corporation board of directors, and is also a refinery operator for Petro Star Inc. They need the boost too, because Military spots them inflating their pack rafts on the edge of Friday Creek, and move in on them. If one of the teams starts to get a lead on them, they will be read to jump up and back in the water. It shows the Real Alaska, The Beautiful Alaska, The Raw Alaska, Wild Alaska and how this team of explores has to approach each situation.
As one person said before, at least know the dam fish and when you fall over in a boat don’t be walking upstream when everybody else is down stream. Whoever can get their rafts in the water first will have the edge, but Endurance takes the lead.
After seal oil, beans, and rice for three days, the food is as welcome as finally taking the win and getting on the board. He carries all his camera equipment and sets all his shots on tripods all the while teaching his skills and trying to subsist.

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