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A tow truck (also called a wrecker, a breakdown truck, recovery truck or a breakdown lorry) is a vehicle used to transport motor vehicles to another location (generally a repair garage), or to recover vehicles which are no longer on a drivable surface.
Boom – not specifically for towing, many trucks are equipped with an adjustable boom winch for recovering vehicles that are in a ditch, culvert, over an embankment, or any place the vehicle cannot be safely backed-up to. Hook and chain (also known as a "sling" or "belt lift") – chains are looped around the vehicle frame or axle, which is drawn aloft by a boom winch to rest against a pair of heavy rubberized mats so the customer's vehicle can be towed on its other axle. Wheel-Lift – evolved from the hook and chain technology to produce a large metal yoke that can be fitted under the front or rear wheels to cradle them, drawing the front or rear end of the vehicle clear of the ground by a pneumatic or hydraulic hoist so it can be towed. Flatbed (also called a Rollback or a Slide) – the entire back of the truck is fitted with a bed that can be hydraulically inclined and moved to ground level, allowing the vehicle being towed to be placed on it under its own power or pulled by a winch. Integrated (also referred to as a "Self Loader" Snatcher, Quick Pick or Repo Truck) – boom and wheel-lift integrated into one unit.
These are the most common arrangements, but are by no means exclusive, as there are flatbed units that offer a wheel-lift, boom trucks that can recover but not tow, and wheel-lift units that offer a combination boom with sling. Tow trucks are usually operated by private businesses, except for major highways and toll roads, where the road authority may operate the tow trucks for that stretch of road.
In the Australian states of New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria there exists a Tow Truck Act, and tow trucks are identified by number plates ending in "TT".
Many tow companies have the capability to store vehicles that have been wrecked or impounded by police agencies. Navigation systems are becoming more commonly used to tell the location (of stranded vehicles) to tow trucks.
International Towing and Recovery Hall of Fame and Museum – Located in Chattanooga, Tennessee; the birthplace of the tow truck. An encounter with a nervous man in a stolen SUV led police to recover a Vietnam veteran’s stolen Purple Heart medal over the weekend. The SUV’s driver caught the attention of officers around 5 AM on July 30th after he rolled through a stop sign near Dexter Way North and Dexter Avenue North in a black Dodge SUV. Officers Adam Fowler and Noah Winningham began following the vehicle, which abruptly pulled over a few blocks away.
Officers Fowler and Winningham arrested the driver—who also had a felony warrant—without incident and searched the SUV and found a scale, cash, and a collection of military clothing, pins, and a Purple Heart medal.
After researching recent reports involving stolen medals, Major Crimes detectives found the items had been stolen from a Vietnam-era Marine Corps veteran in a carprowl near his Ballard home. Detectives have contacted the man and are now working to reunite him with his medal and other stolen items.

Additional information regarding each posting may be obtained by reviewing associated police reports in their entirety. Vertical E Track Tie-Down Rail for Cargo Securement in Trailers and TrucksThe E track trailer system can be used for all your cargo tie-down needs. The Q5-7571-A Oval L-Pocket is an easy to install and simple to use fixed floor anchorage installed on the surface of the vehicle floor. Q’Straint Floor Anchorages provide a variety of options in both fixed and flexible styles to complete the 4-Point wheelchair tie down securement. Additional Description: Q’Straint provides a variety of Wheelchair Tie Down Anchorage options to address any securement circumstance or challenge. His family announced his death in a statement read at Indianapolis Motor Speedway on Monday morning. A Twitter account kept in the name of Clauson's dog, Chevy, shared a series of pictures on Monday, showing Clauson and his Stewart in several loving shots with the pup (pictured)Clauson, a California native, was on pace to compete in 200 races this year.
Clauson (pictured left and right with his fiancee and dog), a California native, was on pace to compete in 200 races this year and was going to get married in FebruaryThe scholarship earned Clauson six Indy Lights starts in 2011 in a car shared with current IndyCar Series rookie Conor Daly at Sam Schmidt Motorsports while Clauson continued to race in USAC's national series. Clauson (pictured) 'combined his passion and enthusiasm for grassroots racing with a God-given talent,' Indianapolis Motor Speedway president Doug Boles saidClauson was a development driver for Chip Ganassi in NASCAR, where he competed in 26 races over the 2007 and 2008 seasons. Vehicles are often towed in the case of breakdowns or collisions, or may be impounded for legal reasons.
He was a garage worker who was inspired to create the invention after he was forced to pull a car out of a creek using blocks, ropes, and six men. This apparatus generally picks up the drive wheels of the vehicle (ie the front wheels if it is front wheel drive, the rear wheels if it is rear wheel drive) touching only the tires.
Businesses who operate a large fleet of vehicles, such as school bus companies or package delivery services, often own one or several tow trucks for the purposes of towing their own vehicles. An example of a statute regulating the operation of tow trucks and the towing industry generally is the Victorian Accident Towing Services Act. In these circumstances, police agencies notify a contracted towing provider to secure the vehicle and tow it to a storage lot. Automatic vehicle location (AVL) systems are sometimes used to help the dispatch center staff determine the closest tow truck.
Officers soon discovered the SUV was stolen, as were its temporary license tags, and noticed the driver had a can of pepper spray tucked between his legs. These rails can easily be bolted to any surface, across the wall or floor of your cargo van, flatbed trailer, or your pickup truck bed.

He had 27 victories in 116 starts, and led three laps in the Indianapolis 500 in May.A four-time USAC national champion, Clauson was aiming to become the driver with the most wins in series history. His best finish in eight career Indy Lights races was third at Iowa Speedway in 2011.Clauson won the scholarship award again in 2012, allowing him to make his Indianapolis 500 debut in 2012 with Sarah Fisher Hartman Racing. An improved design led him to manufacture wreckers.[1] A museum in Chattanooga called the International Towing and Recovery Hall of Fame and Museum features restored antique wreckers and displays related toys, tools, equipment, and pictorial histories of the tow truck industry. Most have controls for the apparatus inside the cab of the tow truck to make quick pickup possible without the inconvenience of exiting the truck to hook up the vehicle. Government departments with large fleets (such as the police departments, fire departments, transportation authorities and departments of public works of major cities) may similarly own tow truck(s). In others, the dispatching center contacts an available tow truck driver via mobile radio or by sending a text message using a mobile data terminal.
The tow company will sometimes prevent access to the vehicle until the law states the owner can claim it (usually after any fines are paid). 1?4" diameter mounting holes are spaced at 2" intervals along the length sides of the rail.
He was a three-time winner and the defending champion at Belleville.ClausonA got a USAC-IndyCar scholarship for winning the 2010 USAC national driver's title.
Stewart said after the NASCAR race on Sunday he hoped to see Clauson's parents and fiancee, Lauren, soon.'That kid drove for us for a long time and did a great job and never went anywhere,' Stewart said. Recent technology includes the use of GPS and on board wireless equipment to dispatch drivers via an LCD screen receiver.
It may display the location of all tow trucks on a map or may feed data directly to a computer-assisted dispatch system which automatically recommends the closest available units. Logistic ratchet and cam buckle straps, motorcycle tie-downs, rope tie-offs, D rings, and other accessories with spring fittings can all be inserted into these E track slots with a press of a lever, making reliable load securement easy. 5' Long Black Steel E Track Vertical RailThis 5' long vertical E track rail is made of 12 gauge heavy-duty steel, painted black with a powder coating that ensures a durable and polished finish. It is perfect for securing pallets, cardboard boxes, motorcycles, and similar medium-sized loads.
All vertical rails are also ideal for anchoring load bar shoring beams that lock freight as well as create beams on which plywood can be placed to create multiple levels of cargo stowage.Click for our 5' black painted horizontal rail and our 5' galvanized vertical rail.

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