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Disclaimer: Orion supplied the cooler for this review, and I will return it when the product testing is over. The Orion 65 cooler is a well-designed, tough product designed to handle extreme sports and outdoor situations. I killed two bucks last November in Mississippi, and that technique, as always, worked well. Size: The 65 holds 65 quarts, which is big enough to cool and haul whitetail deer quarters, plus some adult beverages.
Insulation: The Orion has two-inch thick insulation that keeps things cool, even under extreme conditions.
YakAttack gear tracks: These let you attach cool stuff, like cup holders or straps, a GPS, rod holders etc. Leon Pantenburg is a wilderness enthusiast, and doesn't claim to be a survival expert or expertise as a survivalist. As a newspaperman and journalist for three decades, covering search and rescue, sheriff's departments, floods, forest fires and other natural disasters and outdoor emergencies, Leon learned many people died unnecessarily or escaped miraculously from outdoor emergency situations when simple, common sense might have changed the outcome. Leon now teaches common sense techniques to the average person in order to avert potential disasters. After graduating from Iowa State University, Leon completed a six-month, 2,552-mile solo Mississippi River canoe trip from the headwaters at Lake Itasca, Minn., to the Gulf of Mexico. His wilderness backpacking experience includes extended solos through Yellowstone’s backcountry; hiking the John Muir Trail in California, and numerous shorter trips along the Pacific Crest Trail. Some of Leon's canoe trips include sojourns through the Okefenokee Swamp and National Wildlife Refuge in Georgia, the Big Black River swamp in Mississippi and the Boundary Waters canoe area in northern Minnesota and numerous small river trips in the Midwest and Pacific Northwest.
Since 1991, Leon has been an assistant scoutmaster with Boy Scout Troop 18 in Bend, and is a scoutmaster wilderness skills trainer for the Boy Scouts’ Fremont District.
Leon earned a second degree black belt in Taekwondo, and competed in his last tournament (sparring and form) at age 49. I know many members on here are steadfast Axe and medium knife combo guys which is fine and might well be the most sensible approach but for some reason I have always been drawn to wacky survival concept knives.
Anyway I thought a thread of any such knives that you have come across might be interesting and fun. Here is one from a guy who has a site called Silverfox bushcraft, his video's of the knife can be seen on You Tube. Any of the above are tough enough to be good survival knives, although the second one would be tough to chop with at its size. I drew up this one as a combat survival knife, but would be well adapted to bushcraft with a full convex or scandi grind. All of the designs in this thread have their plusses, but I really love the little blade on the right. Not only is that a hell of a knife design but the videos, professionalism, and objectivity of the designer in his YouTube videos are impressive.
I like it when someone doesn't fall in love with their own design and tests it objectively against others. Even though I don't own one of these yet the blade possess most of what I really want in a survival knife and the right size package to carry it regularly.
I thought there might have been a pic of the Tops Myke Hawke Hellion by now or the Lofty Wiseman Parang !
I think this one belonging to forum memebr Mentor should also be in this thread, quite the original design eh ! Each member team receives one vote; please have your designated coach or captain place the vote after consulting with the team. Working with Maryland Quidditch to set up an official game to help ensure that Maryland was fully qualified for World Cup VIII. Every tournament that GMU attends they stay until the very end whether they are in the championship game or not. At the Mid-Atlantic Regionals, I was supposed to be head reffing the first round of games on Sunday with another team providing my assistant refs. Sportsmanship is an aspiration that a sport or activity will be enjoyed for its own sake, with proper consideration for fairness, ethics, respect, and a sense of fellowship with one's competitors.
I personally take pride in the fact that our team is very friendly to every team on the internet.
I think we deserve this award because we really made it a mission to give ourselves a positive reputation in the community this year. At World Cup, before our match they were playing a game of ninja and invited our players to play with them too.
Throughout the game, they played exceptionally cleanly and maintained positive attitudes even though they were losing.
After the game and for the rest of World Cup, they continued their fun and positive attitudes despite not advancing to bracket play, and were friendly to our team every time we saw and interacted with them. Western Washington University provided 85% of their team as volunteers for Northwest Regionals.
They consistently play very sportsmanlike, they are aggressive but don't actively try to hurt other players and apologize when they do. They fought long and hard with BSU to be the champions of NWRC and when they lost, they didn't get mad at the officials or BSU, and they congratulated BSU and celebrated their win.
The Western Washington University Wyverns is the most loving and considerate team in the Northwest.
I have never played a team until Wooster that is completely positive to their fellow teammates in good strides and bad, as well as refrained from any negative comments to the referee and other team. Held multiple community outreach programs throughout the year with non-profits and at private events. It's truly amazing to see how much work ASU has put into bettering Arizona quidditch this year. PDX has worked hard to bring quidditch to a new generation, working heavily on community outreach and kidditch events in Portland. Their IndieGoGo for Regionals was extremely creative, selling many crocheted items and even hand-made Harry Potter house robes!
Despite their being a serious underdog competitor, they never lost spirit at regionals and worked extremely hard to fight, even pulling the snitch on the Regional Champions in an early game.
Getting second place in our first tournament at NAU and hosting a four-team tournament in Arizona.
Making it to the top eight at World Cup with a 13 player roster where we lost to the Lost Boys. We hosted two high school teams to teach them more about the sport and help them improve their quidditch program.
After four months of existence, this team rallied together at the Mid-Atlantic Regional Championship in order to get a qualifying spot for World Cup VIII. Being the first established and official team in the DC area, Capital Madness brings the sport to a new area and is promoting quidditch to a whole new variety of people. Lead by the Maryland alum, old NYDC player, and first time Team USA member, James Hicks is a solid coach who works towards building a cohesive and successful team. SUBSTANTIAL GROWTH: The Gambits won their very first tournament of the season, and after a slump, traveled to Texas to compete against and learn from the very best. The Los Angeles Gambits entered the season with a lot of haters and doubters but in the end, proved that a team filled with friends who genuinely care about each other and the sport they play can accomplish extraordinary things. The team is getting more involved in the online community, they hosted their own event this season (first official), and have been making progress with bringing legitimacy to the sport in a heavily football-focused town. Moscow Manticores are one of the oldest teams in the Northwest but, due to the sparsity of quidditch before the new region, they could not be USQ official.
This year, they are official, met all gameplay and referee requirements for regionals, and even hosted their own tournament, which was run extremely well. In its first year, The Warriors did what no other team has ever done before and secured two sponsorships: SISU Mouth Guard and Vanguard Rugby. On a competitive front, the team qualified for World Cup 8 in the Northeast, getting knocked out in the semifinals, and made a Sweet 16 run in April.
On the community side of things, the team hosted a kidditch day at JCC on the Hudson and was feature in multiple publications for their work.
We held a small fantasy tournament for all of the nonofficial teams in Arkansas to help teach the sport and help these teams be motivated to become official next season. They hosted two different tournaments this year, one was Northwest Fantasy held last august and the other was Clash in the Cascades held in November.
Marcus Toomey has really done a great job running a team and pushing his team to take ref tests and become certified.
I've been really impressed by this team; from competition to sportsmanship, they are one of the best teams in the Northwest. They designed some really awesome #swag for their indiegogo, like scarves, buttons, shirts, position headbands, and Stew's Sexy Stew Calendar, which was a hit.
Regional Championship in Florida we came together completely as a team with cheers from the sidelines, crowd integration, and comradery. The dance moves we break out before games definitely add to our already infinite levels of #swag. Pink jerseys: Florida's Finest embraced their inner flamingoes by donning bright pink uniforms. Orange jerseys: While the orange jerseys are not quite as eye-catching as their new pink counterparts, having an alternate kit is classy as hell.
Matching shorts: No matter how good a jersey looks, the uniform isn't complete without matching shorts. Florida's Finest has carved out a strong identity centered around the flamingo in their clean logo.
This team deserves the award because of how attention-grabbing and sometimes polarizing their stage presence was.
As evidenced in the pictures, players and fans now wander the streets of the world repping their Frosty hoodies, tanks, baseball tees, snap backs, receiver gloves, and TIGHTS. Often this coincides with people shouting "Ice, Ice, Baby!" and, more elusively, "What's cooler than bein' cool?!" (the response to which is always ICE COLD). Their jerseys were in the finalists of Quidditch Post's best jersey competition and it is well-deserved. Players such as Chris Champitto, Kyle Bullins, and Max Miceli embody swag when they walk on the pitch. Although the upgraded uniforms bring an extra level of swag to the team, having the matching sweatshirts that can double as uniforms on a cold day help add to their swag level as well.
UNC is a crazy athletic team that is competitive and successful and looks great while doing it. In November 2014, the Flying Dutchmen attended the Gold Coast International Film Festival's screening of "Mudbloods," the story of UCLA Quidditch in Port Washington, NY. For a second year in a row, the Flying Dutchmen attended Massapequa High School's charity night in February 2015 to benefit the New York City Rescue Mission. In April 2015 the Flying Dutchmen visited a local youth activity club picnic in Massapequa, NY. The Hofstra Flying Dutchmen Quidditch team deserves this award because it is made up of giving and caring individuals. When I took over as secretary, our presence was little in social media, but since then, our 'likes' on Facebook this year went up from 300 to 1,263 and counting! I think Bowling Green State University deserves the Brand Excellence Award because we exemplify everything that the USQ stands for.
Emerson College Quidditch (ECQ) has sought to standardize and formalize a brand for both their competitive team and intramural league. ECQ also redesigned their website, which they keep up-to-date with information on their intramural league and their involvement at the USQ level with brief write ups and coverage.

ECQ also sent out weekly emails that accompanied their weekly social media updates on their competitive team and their intramural league.
Emerson College Quidditch (ECQ) is one of the oldest quidditch programs that remains actively involved with USQ. The team has shown diversity in their uniforms and swag throughout the first two seasons of existence.
Being invited to be a part of Freshman Orientations for the University of Kansas because of how recognized our team is on campus. The KU black jerseys are recognized around the country by teams as we only bring them out against top competition.
We are known throughout the community of Lawrence as being willing to help and volunteer at multiple events such as teaching quidditch at the Summer Library Kickoff, at elementary schools, and other various activities around the city and in neighboring ones. This year especially, the Lost Boys have created an atmosphere to accompany the team brand.
Has had numerous successful fundraising campaigns involving merchandise, including their ever-popular snapbacks.
This is a team that will posit solutions to problems, rather than restate them a million different ways. This team has built their brand to signify a personality centered on community and positivity. Massively successful summer campaign for new players, had over 500 sign up during OSU's welcome week.
OSU Quidditch this season had a two-team program that had an awesome online presence headed by the team's social media director Lacey Hutchman. The unveiling of The Warriors was executed in a subtle yet attention-grabbing manner via our social media channels.
Our players live by The Warriors name (and hashtag [#livelikeaWarrior]) and, in turn, the mentality. Effective social media campaigns leading up to regionals and world cup (meet the Tufflepuffs, etc). Held on the University of Maryland, College Park's campus this event helped to spread the growth of quidditch throughout the DC area.
This event was featured on the local news, creating awareness for both quidditch as a sport and for the Syracuse team. VCU's President Tommy McPhail came up with the creative and bold idea of offering a donor the opportunity to tattoo a logo of their choice on him, and this garnered quite a bit of media attention. The boldness and uniqueness of this fundraiser not only helped the team raise all the money they needed but it got a lot of attention for the team and sport. In order to raise funds for the Warriors' World Cup journey, the team rallied to get donations from the community through their first ever quidditch phone-a-thon. In exchange for pledges and donations, the team offered perks as most Indiegogo campaigns do. US Quidditch (USQ) is a magical 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to governing the sport of quidditch and advancing the sport by organizing events and programs that build community and empower all genders to compete together.
Better technology produced coolers that last longer, keep ice frozen longer and are more rugged. The manufacturer claims it is bearproof, too, which is a definite plus in many parts of the backcountry. At the Wheeler County (Oregon) Bluegrass festival on July 4, the temperatures got well over the 100s for three days in a row. It won’t fit in just any car trunk, and it is more suited to being hauled in a pickup bed, drift boat or four-wheeler. And in an emergency scenario where you need to store insulin or antibiotics in a cool area, the Orion could prove to be priceless.
As for me, hunting season isn’t over yet, and I hope to find out that the Orion is indispensable! He is an enthusiastic Bluegrass mandolin picker and fiddler and two-time finalist in the International Dutch Oven Society’s World Championships.
By going out of their way, they were able to help another team from their region get all of their requirements in. At World Cup we spent most of our 2 days traveling around cheering on teams from the Midwest. I feel as if hiding behind a keyboard is very easy for people to do, but I have never seen anyone from our team engage in online bullying or arguments with other teams. Before we were a bit of an unknown team, but I don't think there is a single team in USQ that would have a negative thing to say about us.
They never took themselves too seriously, never resorted to playing dirty to try to win, and were so nice to us prior to our match that several members of our team didn't even want to beat them. They truly exemplify positive sportsmanship and they are always so excited and ready to do anything you need of them.
They've hosted kidditch events through the Boys & Girls Club, as well as at private birthday parties (which is also a clever fundraising technique for their team). AZQC deserves the first year survival award because we interact with the community and we have grown tremendously since the beginning of the year.
Made up of alums from a variety of teams, these players were able to come together and achieve their goal of qualifying.
They are able to recruit from both previous players as well as people who have never played competitively before. As a non-playing coach, he is able to see the big picture of how the game is unfolding, make sure players are performing and working together, and impart his knowledge of the game on the players for his team.
However, unlike other community teams whose core resembles this makeup, Madness consists of players who work together on and off the pitch not just to see themselves succeed as individuals but to see the team succeed as a whole. Our effort proved worthwhile at World Cup this season, as the West drastically improved from their performance in the previous Cup. We returned to the West and became Regional Champions, and did extremely well in the most difficult pool play-bracket play route in World Cup history, playing close games with three top four teams and taking out Baylor University. Several players on our team entered the season without a single tournament win, and some joined the team without an official game win under their belts whatsoever, and we ended the season Regional Champions.
The team raised over $5,000 thanks to these sponsorships and fundraisers, including the Oktoberfest Invitational, Fundathon, IndieGoGos and t-shirt sales. In all of the tournaments I was at with them, I saw how involved each member was in volunteering.
They are a team that we need to look out for; they have improved so much this year, can't wait to play against them again. It allows the team to avoid color conflicts with opponents, or just stay fresh by switching on day two of a tournament.
Florida's Finest has matching shorts for both jerseys, allowing the team to look unified in their distinctive style. The swag you see represents the heart and soul of the athletes that pour all of themselves into this team as well as the friends that support it from around the country!
They have beautiful and classic sweatshirts, simple, yet fantastic, sunglasses (which sold out at World Cup so fast!), and well-made sexy calendars.
Whether making long side arm shots, intense beats and tackles, or breaking opponents ankles with quick juke moves, all the players on this team walk onto the pitch with confidence and swagger. The #swag level play throughout that tournament alone makes them the winners of this award! The team watched the film with local fans and participated in a Q&A shortly after the film. The event featured the Hofstra Quidditch team scrimmaging in front of hundreds of community members and teaching young local students how to play the game. There the team interacted with local youth teaching them how to play quidditch, handing out gifts and let them catch the snitch. Since the team's inception in 2010, they have participated in dozens of community service projects and events. It was very successful because almost every member of the team got involved and it was continued from the beginning of the year to the end of the year.
With that, we were able to run a lot of campaigns for fundraising and involvement with our likers. At the 2014 Northeast Classic and the 2014 Northeast Regional Championship, ECQ live tweeted the event from their social media account, creating original tweets and interacting with official tournament accounts and other team accounts. Sharing scores, relevant event coverage, fundraisers, photos, and more, ECQ created an immersive experience for players and fans alike to keep up-to-date on all ECQ happenings. When ECQ first took off, they were governed by the IQA, in a time that players wore capes and the snitch was allowed off pitch. The older, throwback orange uniforms pay homage to their Florida roots, and the pink and black showcase the flamingo mascot and athletic nature of the team. We were are featured in a video shown at every orientation and the freshman fair at the beginning of the year. They signify respect shown to the best teams and KU is known for these jerseys by everyone.
Despite being in a geographic region that is isolated from most teams, we are constantly mentioned and recognized throughout the country for our consistent outstanding success and our role in the Lawrence community.
They are welcoming, sportsmanly, and genuine in all interactions, both on and off the pitch. This adds to the team culture and recognition, building their brand as innovators and intellectuals off the pitch, as opposed to bullies or troublemakers.
A perennial powerhouse in the West, this team has maintained a strong identity over the years that garners respect without losing their "never grow up" attitude, as a community team filled with former collegiate players. The team's Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat accounts were well known in the Midwest and helped generate a lot of positive publicity for OSU's team. Our kits, sponsored by Vanguard Rugby, exemplify The Warriors color scheme and brand from head to toe: we have matching shorts, jerseys, hair pieces (our female beaters and chasers) and a handful of our players even wear matching blue cleats. The colors, blue, white and black, were chosen to represent our home in the frigid Northeast. Even our sponsor, SISU mouth guard, correspondents with our name, as sisu is a Finnish term that is interpreted in English to mean determination, strength and resilience. They use fun and creative advertising slogans and campaigns to promote events and tournaments they are attending.
News 12 Long Island, Long Island's most prominent news outlet, ran a story on the event and the surprisingly competitive and physical nature of the game played by Hofstra students. The tournament director was able to secure plenty of field space, large numbers of teams, and good competition at a reasonable cost.
Advertised heavily on campus, the event was attended by students from across the campus and allowed for growth of Maryland Quidditch's individual team, as well as just spreading the idea that there is quidditch and it is competitive. The purpose of the event was talked about many times throughout the evening, and the Long Beach Funky Quaffles brand was displayed prominently throughout the show. Instead of relying on impersonal Indiegogo links and facebook spam, The Warriors attempted a call to action that was a little more personal… During the Warriors 1st annual fund-a-thon, the team gathered together to call, email, facebook message, and otherwise engage friends, families, and fans to support efforts to make it to World Cup.
However, in addition to jerseys, shirts, and swag, they made sure to offer perks that help foster other quidditch teams and can inspire future athletes. Inspired by the Harry Potter novels, USQ serves athletes and fans, from sport-lovers to book-lovers and everything in between.
Take one to deer camp or on a fishing boat, and it is a clear sign you can afford to drop almost 500 bucks on your hobby. The 65 is large enough to hold the quarters of a good-sized whitetail buck, along with the ice to keep the meat cool.
I don’t know what the temps got to in the trunk of my car, where the cooler was kept, but the ice in the Orion stayed frozen. IMHO, this is too much for a tailgate cooler for the football game, or a beer cooler on a day trip.

Every technique, piece of equipment or skill recommended on this website has been thoroughly tested and researched.
Their sportsmanship is unrivaled in this day and age when teams leave as soon as they are eliminated. Obviously they are competitive and wish to be the best, but even if the results do not go their way, they make sure to always stay positive and respectful. We always try our best to be friendly and make friends with people from every team we play. Each and every one of them is always smiling as they say good game, and they truly mean it.
They are extremely gracious for any opportunities provided and they are the most positive and easy to work with team that I have ever encountered. They hosted exhibition matches and Q&A sessions at Phoenix Comicon Fanfest, and invited other Arizona teams to join them at that event. That sets them apart from other community teams and makes them deserving recipients of the First Year Survival Award.
The Gambits are actively trying to create a league within the West, and until then, are hosting open practices so new and returning players alike can continue to grow and play the sport they love during the summer.
We played Lone Star, Lost Boys, Baylor and University of Texas IN A ROW at World Cup, and despite the turnout not being what we'd have hoped, we proved that in our first year, we became capable of hanging with the very best in the sport and maintaining a positive attitude no matter what difficulties were thrown our way.
The Moscow Manticores have been a team for a while, but without the region they had a really difficult time developing. They also worked in conjunction with New York University, QC Boston: the Massacre and Tufts University to start an annual tradition of Boston vs. Whether it be from the fact that our uniforms are always on point or the Ray-Bans we sport before every game, I believe that we as a team are the very essence of #swag and I couldn't be happier to play with a team of such good people. Their swag is present on and off the field and makes them deserving recipients of this award.
Also, on our twitter and our facebook at every tournament we were updating scores for every game we played, which wasn't always easy to do, especially with both teams, but it was very successful. From our facebook, twitter and instagram we made sure to let everyone know what we were doing and how they could get involved!
By setting expectations and their own Twitter handle to track their tweets, ECQ provided exemplary coverage of the team's progress.
Striving for professionalism while maintaining their fun outlook on the sport, ECQ's representation of their brand covers all the bases.
And as quidditch developed to a much different sport than it was then, ECQ has also developed to reflect the changes the sport has seen. The custom orange brooms and swag from peterson and a-line respectively have also given the team a name on the social media pages. In the quidditch community, Kansas Quidditch is known for always being a top contender every year as well our famous black jerseys that are used only a handful of games per year against the top teams in the nation. They have mastered the use of social media context, using it as a positive rather than a damaging aspect of their team identity. They demonstrate great sportsmanship on and off the field, and show great inclusiveness by hosting multiple open practices throughout the year that many other LA players attend. OSU also had one of the best cheering sections for World Cup 8, as evidenced by a lot of support from Illinois State's and Ohio University's teams coming to watch most of our matches. We ensure we're the best we can be individually so we can put our best foot forward for our teammates. Every player on this team embodies the spirit of a warrior, and, in turn, our branding holds true. As a result, the event generated buzz on social media and more people became aware of the sport in the local area. The event was successful due to the enjoyment had by the teams, the organization of the tournament, and the start of competitive quidditch for the season. Syracuse is centrally located for a number of teams in its area, and with momentum for the event's second year the tournament grew in size. The team offered to host kidditch events, help design teams' indiegog pages, and even build quidditch hoops for those without equipments--perks that would not only help the Warriors go to World Cup, but would help others play quidditch and sustain the community that we have all grown to love. Depending on the outside temperatures and the location of the cooler, the 65 will keep the ice for a week.
When my refs didn't show up they offered to step up and help me and the tournament in order to keep everything on time. Never have I seen a GMU player yell at a ref, player, or spectator during or after the game.
We have made strong connections with so many teams this year, and cheered them on at multiple tournaments. They acted in this manner in every tournament I've seen them in, specifically Clash in the Cascades, Komrade Kup, and NW Regionals. They've worked with local community teams in an effort to get more teams started in their area. No other first year team traveled as often and far as we did, no other first year team played the number of elite opponents we did. This year, they not only became official for the first time, they also met all requirements for regionals, getting 6th place, and hosted their own tournament! New York (and spent an entire morning shoveling ice together to make it happen), a series of unofficial matches to help the two cities put their best foot forward at World Cup.
The veteran players band together to use their knowledge and talent to build what is arguably one of the most successful first-year programs in quidditch. We were able to take those rough games and not only learn, but turn that into motivation to become better. The team started with some of the coolest uniforms in the league last year, and then brought it to a whole new level this season. In 2016, the team will be invited back for a third consecutive year to Massapequa High School's charity night and they will continue to participate in Hofstra University's Relay For Life.
Because our team is so cohesive, all the pictures we took showed how much fun we had together, and what a great program we have as a WHOLE. BGSU has a strong social media presence because we believe that the best way to reach the 'youth' or students that are interested in what we do is by sharing our experiences through the internet. What started as a joint intramural league and competitive team for ECQ has evolved into a six-team league and successful "World Cup" team.
Overall you can't think of the south without the sexy uniforms and attractiveness in general of Florida's Finest-literally. We are respected by our peers as well as throughout Lawrence for doing multiple community activities. The handle also looks similar to that of a broom, the primary piece of equipment in our sports.
Despite the wet and muddy weather conditions, the tournament saw some of the best competitive matches in the beginning of the season. The tournament helped to establish a continual trend of competitive quidditch in the Mid-Atlantic and the Northeast regions.
The focus on friendly competition and growing friendships between local teams as well as its charity focus allowed us to have players registering from as far away as California.
They are always respectful and fair, working with everyone to ensure successful and fun events.
Our team has reached the point where we care about other teams in the Midwest's success as much as we care about our own success. They've built a presence in many cities outside of Phoenix, including the Peoria Sports Complex (one of two finalists for next year's West Regional Championship, and a potential future bidder for the US Quidditch Cup). A lot of our players left their respective teams to grow as players and play at the highest possible level which they weren't getting. Established teams and new players alike frequently ask our players for advice, and we readily do anything we can to help make our region and its players grow stronger and smarter. Additionally, despite a fairly successful regular season, UMD entered World Cup as somewhat of an underdog, expected to do reasonably well but not go deep into the tournament. Whether it be posting pictures from Midwest Regionals, being asked to be on a BG24 News Segment on our local television statement, or tweeting out scores from every tournament, BGSU does an excellent job teaching and including others about why we love this sport so much. ECQ has evolved to represent those entities over the years, and this past year exceeded expectations with its coverage of its league and team. We have taught quidditch to kids at elementary schools, to people at the Lawrence Public Library’s Summer Reading Kickoff and at other events in the community.
Two top 20 teams were upset by mid-level teams, and the championship match between Tufts University and Maryland kept spectators and players engaged.
There were opening performances, raffles, and baked goods and alcohol for sale (unfortunately, no UNLIMITED SODA). We are a group of like minded players who love the game and want to be the best we can be to win.
Despite those predictions, UMD made it to the final four, going through teams that others predicted they had no business beating. Every person no matter if they are on BGSU or Falcon Warriors, cares for, works with, and most importantly cheers on each other, no matter what the circumstance. ECQ recently revamped its entire online presence, including its logo, website, and social media accounts.
We also are featured in freshmen orientation at the University of Kansas due to how well known we are on campus. The Funky Quaffles spent weeks preparing for the show, and the result was a really well put-together show with props, costumes, and choreography.
They hosted open summer quidditch practices last year, and plan to do so again this summer.
It wasn't until after World Cup that people started to really take the sport seriously in the area with news reports on us, social media blasting, and word of mouth to friends. For example, very few people expected them to defeat Baylor, and their road to the final four turned heads and built the energy around the team.
With weekly email newsletters, ECQ keeps its players and fans updated with photos, coverage, relevant fundraisers, and events in conjunction with its other online presences. Kansas Quidditch is known and spoken highly of in Lawrence as well as throughout the quidditch community. They even got a couple quidditch players from outside the team to make cameo appearances during the show! They're also one of the main advocates for the growth of refereeing in Arizona, personally contacting USQ about setting up field testing in their area, and consistently volunteering more referees than any other team at the tournaments they've attended.
Many people showed interest but never attended a practice because of fear of judgment from their friends. Through the leadership of its dedicated members, ECQ has widened student involvement beyond Emerson's student body and into the greater Boston area. They've traveled to California multiple times this year, and all of that hard work paid off for them as they made a semifinal appearance at West Regionals and a strong 2-3 finish at World Cup VIII.
This year has been a very stressful and bumpy road, but it has all been worth it and next year we will work only harder to become a top contender in the Southwest region. ECQ's leaders have worked tirelessly to bring professional levels of dedication to their quidditch brand, and it's brought a new level of commitment to the sport off of the pitch.

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