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Delve into a world where zombies have destroyed humanity and only you and your friends can stop it! I found those 4 written books by the evacuation building by the big bridge but died before I could get home. When I download it it's a .rar file and I can't add it to Minecraft, can I convert it somehow? I was wondering if I could convert this map into an adventure map similar to The Last Of Us.
Nice map man!:)I think have you ended making this map, due to the lack of videos of this map on youtube?

I may be making my own apacolypse map, it will be a ice age, and the main enemy will be wolfs.
The sewers aren't meant to be very populated with stuff, rather, it's meant to be an escape if desperate times occur.
Loot people's things, discover other survivor's stories, roam the wasteland, Survive and own the Apocalypse, hang out and kill some Zombies! I have already closed in the map with trees and fences and such, but I don't want to start any of the technical work without the approval of the map maker. I will get the creditI will make more hidden mob spawner and the city still look prety harmless, I think I will make it more deadly with armored zombie spawners and abit fixing about your map.

The map is always being worked on, changed, and just overall updated for new versions and to be made bigger. I can't seem to find how to do missions and just waste time walking around lol but sweet map!

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