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They Know Something: Why Did The Treasury Department Just Purchase Thousands of Survival Kits For Bank Examiners? It’s not clear why the federal government has ordered the kits, but perhaps they are expecting some sort of disturbance to take place and they want their employees to be prepared for it. The “kits,” which contain items such as high calorie food rations, emergency water, first aid supplies and an emergency radio, suggest that the Treasury Department wants their people to be prepared for scenario where they may be out of contact from officials for 24 – 48 hours.
And, while the survival kits purchased by the Treasury Department are basic units that provide about two days worth of supplies, it’s notable that they have purchased these kits specifically for their bank examiners.
Nonetheless, we are seeing the government not only regionalize distribution centers around the country and stockpile typical “prepper” supplies, but they are also now getting their individual employees and agents prepared.
Those who have yet to prepare for major disasters should do so now, because if whatever Treasury and other Federal agencies expect to happen actually happens then all bets are off. The reason, for example, that someone would need a 2,400 calorie food bar like the one in these kits is because store shelves would likely have been looted and no food will be available. When the needs of the population cannot be met in an allotted time frame, a phenomena occurs and the mindset shifts in people. When you take the time to understand how a breakdown behaves and how it progresses, only then can you truly prepare for it. Bulk up on calories because walking during an event like a power outage is going to take a lot of energy. The above list is limited but highlights some key considerations for any short-term survival kit.
Someone in the upper echelons of government understands the threats being faced by Americans.

FBI Informant Rochelle Herman Speaks Out On Jared Fogle's Conviction & MORE!The Guncles Launch Limited Edition LILLEbaby Carriers To Celebrate Adoption! Treasury, a department tasked with managing the country’s debt as well as the banking system as a whole. According to Zero Hedge, the kits will be delivered to every major bank in the United States and include Wells Fargo, JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup and Capital One. The staff includes “bank examiners” who provide “sustained supervision” of major banks in the United States.
In the preparedness community we call it a bug out bag, or depending on the circumstances, a get-home bag. They begin to act without thinking and respond to changes in their environment in an emotionally-based manner, thus leading to chaos, instability and a breakdown in our social paradigm. If recent events have proven anything it’s that large groups of people, especially hungry people, will turn to violence. Considering including some electrolytes to help prevent fatigue, headaches and other physical issues. It may be cold and you may need to cook your food, so having a fire starter wouldn’t be a bad idea.
Among other things, they include a knife, screwdriver, and pliers, all of which you won’t need until you need them.
Get The Cute Deets HERE!Sara Foster Shows Off Her Growing Baby Bump While Proud Aunt-To-Be Erin Looks On! They’ve been stockpiling food, riot gear, automatic weapons and billions of rounds of ammunition.

According to a new report the Treasury Department has ordered over $200,000 Survival Kits for as many as 3,814 employees who oversee the federal banking system. Last year they released a report warning of a catastrophic event that could last generations should the U.S.
They are part of a broader preparedness strategy designed to provide supplemental support to those who are away from home and out of touch in the event of an emergency. But, as even the director of Homeland Security has warned, in an emergency every individual needs to make preparations for at least a two week period during which food, gas, clean water and emergency response may be unavailable.
While no one in Federal emergency planning services is talking any specifics, recent exercises over American cities and military training simulations all suggest that whatever it is that the government is preparing for is a very serious affair. So the specific kits being distributed by the Treasury Department will provide limited support at best and are not full-out multi-month preparedness kits. Think back to how often you’ve used just these three items in the past and how frustrating or impossible your task would have been to accomplish without them. One possibility, as evidenced by war gaming simulations being performed by intelligence agencies, Homeland security and the Pentagon is that the U.S.

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