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Today I’m going to show you exactly how I put together this cute Bachelorette Party Survival Kit ! Tic Tacs : Wintergreen Flavor – to keep your breath fresh and pleasant all night long! Ponds Makeup Remover Wipes – to make makeup removal a breeze– gotta keep your skin looking fab! First take your mini bottle of Prosecco, a strip of ribbon about six inches long, and a paper straw. Then you’ll take a hole punch and punch two holes through the doily and the paper bag. Jessica is the creator of The Budget Savvy Bride; she launched the site in May of 2008, shortly after becoming engaged. Old man winter has finally arrived and with it the need for an adequate winter survival kit. The snow is falling, the temperatures are dropping and the great outdoors is beckoning.
However, many make the mistake of going into this extreme environment without adequate preparation. Whether you’re skiing, sledding or just driving to some appointment, during the winter a simple activity can quickly turn into a winter survival situation. Make no mistake about it; winter can be both a deceptive and deadly time when it comes to survival. Getting caught in a winter survival situation without proper gear or clothing can do more than ruin your fun – it could take your life!
While no one plans to get into a crisis or emergency during the winter, everyone should have a plan as to what they would do if it ever happens. Having the proper knowledge and well-practiced skills is of utmost importance. Equally important is having a relatively lightweight winter survival kit put together and carried with you at all times. Following is how to assemble a basic kit winter survival kit and is based upon the type of kit the author has used and recommends. For added support we used the Last Chance Belt to the Tan Molle Shoulder bag, which then became the waist belt for the winter survival kit. For carrying convenience you can use the single shoulder strap that comes with the Tan Molle Shoulder Bag or you can purchase an inexpensive double shoulder H-harness and attach it to the kit. Any winter survival kit requires a solid knife that can stand up to the rigors of a harsh environment. For this winter survival kit we included the Bushcraft Mora knifewith fire steel and diamond sharpener.
This knife and fire steel combo work exceptionally well. Coupled with the mini inferno fire starters and some fatwood, it is the perfect way to get a fire going even in a winter survival situation.
Wool will keep in approximately 80% of your body heat even when wet, doesn’t burn well so you can get closer to your fire (Note that sparks will smolder and burn holes in your wool blanket) and when stretched over head can also be used as a temporary rain shelter. Tip: Roll up your emergency tarp and plastic ground sheet in the wool blanket and tie the roll using paracord or bank line. An extra pair of wool socks. These are useful for makeshift mittens or to put over your boots for added traction in icy conditions. Winter is a wonderful time to get out into the great outdoors and enjoy the environment the Creator made for us. There are fewer people on the trails, the air smells crisp and adventure waits around every bend. With a little forethought and planning a proper winter survival kit may be put together and enjoyed.
The point of this article is to help you build your own comprehensive 3 day survival kit for you and your family.

I know that everyone wants some kind of sexy, big, black assault rifle that can shoot hundreds of rounds per minute…The truth is, not everyone has access to these for a multitude of reasons. So, let’s take a look at the positive features of using a bolt-action rifle in the zombie apocalypse.
Power: Power not only gives the weapon range, but it helps punch larger holes in your enemy. Ammo Conservation: Because you must manually chamber each round, it will aide in your fire discipline. Durability (Cleanliness): Bolt-action weapons generally stay a lot more clean than a semi-automatic.
Durability (Construction): These rifles also have a lot less moving parts, meaning there is less that can go wrong on them. Reload Times: The time it takes to reload a bolt-action rifle can mean the difference between life and death. I have done some looking around believers of the zombie attack and they all say guns are a good idea but i say since no one is making the ammo then we should not us them very often only for emergence for me armory I’m going to have a bow and arrows for range attacks a sword, machete, and two daggers. Well, there’s the Lee-Enfield, or SMLE, which fires very fast and carries ten rounds.
Well I’m late on this topic, but you can get a good sidearm for the close range engagements. I came up with a fun, simple and inexpensive DIY to make to welcome your best gals to your bachelorette party! Tie a loop around the neck of the bottle, then place a straw in the center and finish the bow. Drinking bubbly with a cute straw makes it extra special, right? I received compensation to write this post through the Tic Tac® Pack program… all opinions expressed are my own. Jessica has been recognized as a budget wedding expert by various media outlets and continues to share realistic inspiration and actionable tips to help brides save money on their weddings.
The added stove and canteen cup are great for cooking and eating. And, it all nests together for one great package which fits in a standard USGI Molle canteen pouch. You already have a knife and any old pointed stick will work for a fork, but a spoon is a really indispensible part of the winter survival kit. It should be stainless steel or titanium, as a plastic spoon will melt in a hot canteen cup, food canister or when stirring your meal over coals.
Having a kit prepared will often mean the difference between relative comfort, and being caught in a dicey situation where you and your loved ones are at risk. These rifles have a very low rate of fire and limited magazine capacity, but is balanced with it’s accuracy and power. Larger holes don’t completely mean an advantage against zombies, but they can help against other threats or prey. Not everyone needs this, but in a stressful situation it is common for rates of fire to unnecessarily increase.

This is because most semi-automatic weapons are gas operated; meaning that gasses enter the chamber to force the bolt to the rear and chamber another round. They’ve helped me stay smoke-free over the years as I have to have something in my mouth whenever I’m driving, so I never leave home without my tic tacs!
I've thrown it, dunked it in water,stabbed a tree with it, and I can still light the matches that come with my homemade mini survival kit.
In fact, by not purchasing the Ferrari of rifles, you may be able to afford other much needed supplies, food and implements that will aide in your survival. They also have (as mentioned before) hard wood stocks that are designed to be able to strike your enemy with them. Having to put your weapon that far in front of you, gives your enemy or zombies a heads up you are coming, a chance to get in close and reduces your maneuverability.
What it comes down to, is the fact that these are not the most suited weapon for zombie survival. The American Springfilield is good to But the best bolt action battle rifle is The British Lee-Endfield SMLE having double the magazine being accurate , having the best rate of fire and being the most durable and reliable. I will have a backpack full of food ( for if i could not get back to my safe house that night ) wire, rotten meat, and poison ( to but in the rotten meat and kill the zombies ) and a wallky talky to talk to the people in my safe house and of course the eye protector, the surgical mask and the boots for snakes and the riot gear stuff.
There is also a stock of surplus weapons that are in the civilian market for weapons enthusiasts. However, modern bolt-action rifles are still used in law enforcement and military units for situations that require these attributes.
With a bolt-action, the gasses exit the barrel and therefor don’t introduce as much carbon back into the rifle. The extra weight and space they take up will decrease your ability to carry necessary supplies. I wouldn’t recommend clearing the interior of a building, even if you did have one that was more maneuverable.
This is especially true if you own an AR-15 and don’t want to stock multiple calibers.
However, this is relatively a slow process compared to doing a speed reload with an assault rifle. The downside of these bolt-action rifles is that they would need more money put into them to accept optics. It’s still close range, would need to be able to do followup shots quickly before zombies close the gap between you and them.

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