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This article originally appeared in the blog, Lost in the Woods, and is a perfect fit for this site as we explore the different facets of Outdoor Living Skills.
Steve Watts directs the Aboriginal Studies Program at Schiele Museum of Natural History in Gastonia, NC. So, from childhood I was attracted to the primitive and tried to read and attempt to manufacture a variety of tools and weapons.
For more information on Steve Watts’ work, pick up his book Practicing Primitive: a Handbook of Aboriginal Skills or visit the classic camping blog that he runs with David Wescott. Step 2: Insert the ZippersYou will need to add 4 zippers, two on the front and one on each pocket. Step 6: Add Shoulder StrapsIn the game the health packs just magically stick to the player's back so I added some shoulder straps. Facepiece is soft and pliable with a scratch-resistant lens, which provides the wearer an unobstructed view. With affordability and durability in mind, this kit is perfect to keep in the car, by the door or in the office.
Loaded with MOLLE webbing on the front and sides so you can add additional pouches or pockets.
Originally developed for the Swedish Department of Defense, Swedish FireSteel is a flash of genius.
XPower Powerpack 1500 supplies up to 1500 watt household electricity.The XPower Powerpack 1500 is a portable power system that produces household electricity for products rated at 1500 watts or less.

The XPower Powerpack 1500 consists of a battery pack that stores electrical energy, state-of-the-art electronics that convert 12 volts from the battery pack to household power, an AC power panel that contains two standard outlets, and a DC power panel that is used to run 12 volt products. In this episode of LDS Emergency Resources, we talk about how to properly prepare and maintain a 72-hour kit. CLICK HERE to download the LDS Emergency Family Planning Guide and get immediate access to LDS Emergency Resources, where you will get full access to ALL of our preparedness training courses, tools, and resources for creating your LDS emergency preparedness plan to get prepared once and for all. He offers annual series of primitive technology workshops and primitive skills demonstrations. Full facepiece is made of silicone and features a double-flap faceseal and (6) easy-adjusting straps. Features include black cast metal handle, detachable hand guard, survival kit inside, precision compass built into butt cap, a 420 J2 stainless steel blade with saw back. You never know when disaster can strike, so don’t rely on FEMA to provide for you the first few days after a tragedy, provide for yourself. Used by a number of armies around the world, Swedish FireSteel’s dependability has already made it a favorite of survival experts, hunters, fishermen and campers. The Oscine is durably constructed of a cotton cover with a cozy cotton-flannel liner, with 4 pounds of ColeTherm insulation to keep you comfortable down to 40°-20Degree Fahrenheit. This system is built to run a range of appliances such as a standard size refrigerator and microwave oven, and office equipment such as a computer, monitor, and fax machine. We attempt to help you better develop your emergency preparedness plan by helping you get a 72-hour kit.

Built to last with quality and usability in mind, the knife features a 10-inch, clip-point blade of 420 stainless steel with a plain edge for slicing and a heavy-duty serrated edge for sawing. It has also found its way into cabins and backyards as a fool-proof way to light stoves and gas-barbecues. The Oscine features the Coleman Wrap -InchN-Inch Roll storage system: simply roll up the sleeping bag into the attached carrier, and you-Inchre good to go.
The knife has a durable cast metal handle that has a precision compass built into the butt cap. Meanwhile, the knife’s handle guard detaches to release a survival kit with sewing needles, band-aides, matches, a surgical blade, and a magnifier.
The protective nylon sheath holds a GI can opener, a sharpening stone, an animal snare, a snakebite kit, and a flashlight. For work sites, you can power your drills, belt sanders, circular saws, hedge trimmers, leaf blowers, vacuums, computers, large monitors, fax machines, and inkjet printers. For plain old fun, you can use the power source to run blenders, video games, TV and VCRs, satellite equipment, coffee makers, portable coolers and more.

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