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ITS Tactical’s Mini Survival Kit or MSK is a small pocket-sized survival kit that strikes a balance between being minimal and cost efficient while being functional in virtually any survival scenario. I think it’s a nice kit with good functionality, but would really like to see the addition of a Photon micro LED light.
Most people (at least those that would carry a survival kit, anyway) would also EDC a knife and torch at the very least.
Our book, The One Year Urban Survival Plan, tells you exactly how to prepare for a major disaster in the city or suburbs. A BOB is the minimum equipment you need (depending on your skill set) to get from point A to point B. I do however, agree that your BOB should contain what you need to Survive for much longer than anticipated, and that we should not rely solely on what you have on your back. If you think about it, when it comes down to throwing that bag on, I believe, it is going to be because They’re Already hunting us!
I think where the mix up is coming from, on my part; is that I am seeing a BOB differently than you, and others, Paul. A small Emergency Survival kit put in an easy to reach place known to all family members can prove invaluable in a major emergency. For its size, weight and, most importantly, price, it is a well thought out and built kit that with a little augmentation will get you through a few rough nights.

It’s a $10 flashlight that weighs 7 grams and is roughly the size of 4 quarters stacked on top of each other. Too much focus in a lot of places on what to include and then the bag ends up weighing more than someone can carry for a hundred yards.
It’s neither outlandishly priced or bulky, and represents a game changing capability should the initial survival situation be initiated at night, which there is at least a 50-50 chance of happening. The point of the article is to tell people about any items they would have included but either forgot about or hadn’t considered yet. Packaged to the exacting requirements necessary for use in Coast Guard Approved survival kit and lifeboat use. And if you only carry what you hope will be needed to get to Point B, and cannot make it there -for what ever reason(s)- then what?
And what’s going to happen if you have to run from attackers, jump walls, and climb fences?
Ideally, a bug out bag should weigh about 15% of your body weight, assuming you’re in decent shape. Sleeping Bags – Instead of heavy sleeping bags, just take a couple of emergency bivvies. Here in the South, these will do just fine 10 months out of the year, but up north they might not be enough.

Canned Food – Because of all the water in it, canned food is just too heavy for the amount of calories you get.
Lighters, matches, and Ferro rods don’t weigh much and fire is extremely important, but having an extra tarp or an extra radio seems unnecessary.
Take a good look at all your backups and consider their weight and how likely you are to actually need them. But frankly, if you need more than a dozen rounds then you’re probably screwed, anyway. Hopefully this information will help you significantly reduce the weight of your bug out bag.
If you end up having to walk a huge distance after a disaster, it could mean the difference between life and death.

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