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The castle is the handiwork of a family aiming to protect itself from an electromagnetic pulse (EMP), which they think could take out electricity grids. The father, Brent Sr., is the ringleader and a retired Army officer, and hatched a plan for the castle before Y2K, when people worried a computer glitch would unleash mass havoc beginning Jan. LiveScience: What makes you think there will be an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) that could knock out the electrical grid? The calmest person in the world will turn into a savage if he sees his baby crying and his children go hungry. Dawn-Marie: We want to work together to improve our legacy, and protect this castle that dad has left to us. Douglas has written for the New York Times Green Blog, Popular Mechanics and Discover Magazine. So they're going medieval, training to use crossbows and building a catapult to defend themselves against marauders that might come in a doomsday scenario.

I was worried the computers that control everything, from natural gas to electricity, would go down. Nuclear explosions can create EMPs — if one was detonated in the high atmosphere, it could knock out power to one-fourth of the United States by destroying computers that run everything.
I built the castle to defend against marauders and to have a place that could function without electricity.
But there will be a time, I do believe, when the wrath will come and the end will come, and the Book of Revelation will come true.
For example, it's hard to get hunting and military rifles, and many types of ammunition are being bought up in bulk, especially military rounds. But I kept working on him, and he eventually agreed that it'd be good to get this message about prepping out there.
But installing doors with Dawn-Marie allowed us to connect, and doing labor with the rest of the family — these are all things that get you that respect.

If you have marriage problems, if you have substance-abuse problems — these all work themselves out when you prepare for the end of the world.
While on a press trip to visit the family and their castle, LiveScience got a chance to sit down with Brent Sr. MREs [meals, ready to eat — long-lasting food used, for example, in the military] are being bought up.

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