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Now that you’ve read all of our articles on gathering preps (And learned to save money while you do it!), it’s time to find a good place to stash your stuff. If you’re passionate of hunting especially in the winter, you might be looking for the best cold weather hunting gear because you’re preparing for the big hunt coming soon.
In this case, we’ve prepared a checklist with some good options on winter hunting wear below. Keeping your head warm for winter hunting should be how you start gearing up when going to hunting expeditions. When the wind is bitter cold, you can protect your head with this fleece headgear made with a combination of a beanie type cap and a dropdown facemask, keeping both your cheeks and nose warm. You can also get a facemask, such as the Mossy Oak full spandex face mask that offers max camouflage or concealment and is breathable and lightweight. Apart from your head, you should also keep your hands and fingers warm, a common challenge for many bow hunters who need warm shooting hands in order to shoot precisely.  Although you can also wear your snowboarding gloves, they won’t do much to keep your hands, which you need for accurate drawing and shooting with a bow, warm.
You should not go bow hunting without the Heat Factory Fleece-Lined Ragg wool gloves, a great pair of wool gloves that comes with fold pocket, is available for men and women. Apart from above, you can also opt for the flip-top gloves from Carthartt, the Flip It Bowhunting Gloves, which work unencumbering your fingers and thumb for bow hunting in the cold and serve it purpose well for keeping your fingers warm for tying knots, shooting and drawing.
Hand warmers are important outdoor gears because they offer insulation and protection from the shivering cold, which cannot stop a warrior hunter as you are. You should also keep your feet warm for maximum comfort because nothing could make you feel so miserable than to sit down (still) outdoors with your feet cold, wet or both.  You could just imagine what to happen if you would forget your hunting boots and that you have to wear only your rubber shoes. You could just visualize how cold your feet would get, transmitting coldness from the bottom to the upper part of your body, something that won’t make you feel comfortable at  all, but not if you wear the right kind of hunting boots, which can provide adequate cold protection and can keep your feet dry even for long hours. Another option is the Columbia Men’s Snowblade winter boots, which are made with rubber sole and a combination of mesh and leather. Remember, serious cold weather hunting boots are necessity for hunting in the cold for insulation and protection of your feet.  And for that matter, you may also consider the LaCrosse Brawny II with the Thinsulate (800 grams of insulation) feature for ultimate insulation needed.
And speaking of foot insulation, never forget wool socks designed to last long and provide maximum protection from the cold.
Remember, you need not only warm your feet but you also need them to be comfortable and dry. A few good choices would be the Merino wool men’s crew socks (4 pairs of wool socks), which are made with 21 percent nylon, 71 percent merino wool, 1 percent spandex and 7 percent poly. Aside from the cold hunting boots, don’t forget the foot warmers, which are large and thick warming packets, to help you insulate your feet better. A good choice is the HotHands Insole foot warmers, which you can get at increments of 16-pair and 32-pair packs. Aside from your hands, fingers, head and feet, you should keep your core warm when hunting at extreme temperatures, and for that matter, you will need underclothing that can go right up your skin. Nonetheless, it is vital that you wear underclothing for that first layer of protection you need when hunting in the winter. Another is the Heat Max sleeve undershirt that can absorb moisture and release heat and that can offer comfort and warmth.
Another option is the SUB Sports HEAT stay cool men’s long sleeve T-shirt available in black, navy and red, among others, is a lightweight cold gear undershirt offering a base layer for max insulation you need in winter hunting.
There is also the Under Armour Tactical long sleeve shirt for women with two layers and quick- dry and durable material.
Another option is the Under Armour men’s cold gear in black, navy blue, marine OD green and desert sand. You will also need pullovers to keep your core warm and provide you with lots of pocket for stashing your gears. It is made of 100 percent pointelle polyester fleece with soft performance for your ultimate comfort and provides an additional protection layer for cold weather hunting. In winter hunting, you should not forget of jackets that can also provide you with warmth and comfort even after long hours of exposure in the cold.
Before going out there, you should be able to prepare hunting gears we’ve mentioned above because hunting in winter also means you have to get ready for the weather to avoid feeling and being miserable.
You should fuel your body with the right diet so that you can stay warmer while you’re sitting long hours in the stand. There are disposable hand warmers to get and bring so that you can increase your temperature and keep your hands warm and out of the shivering cold. Speaking of prepping, you can wear a full body container, such as a heater body suit so that you can get away even with less clothing. While getting ready with hunting gears can be pretty expensive, you can find good ones even with a limited budget. One tip to consider is to buy some when the hunting season is over or about six months before it starts.
For many, signing up the mailing list of big hunting stores is one their best options when looking to buy quality gears at lower prices.

More so, narrow down your choices to avoid wasting time, so be able to set your target expectations (features) of a certain hunting gear. You can compare prices of general sports stores, hunting gear stores and department stores.
There you have some of the winter gears to prepare so that you can experience comfort and keep your body warm even if you’re exposed to the harsh winds and cold weather conditions during your hunting expeditions. We aren’t all fortunate enough to have a multi-acre compound with a series of concrete bunkers to store our hard-earned gear and preps. With so many choices on headwear, underclothing, socks and boots, to name some, you may be feeling overwhelmed though. Later, we’re going to touch on a basic checklist of what to prepare as well as some tips for winter hunting. One good headgear is the Carhartt 2-in-1 Fleece headwear that can protect your head, which gives off much of the heat. You can pack several pairs when you need extra heat generated, and you can stick them in your boots, gloves and pants when you need heat. These boots work nicely with the waterproof and seam-sealed make, Omni grip traction rubber and lightweight midsole for high-energy return and superior cushioning.
It also comes with lightweight traction (outsole) and waterproof lining, making it one of the top-sellers on Amazon. Best choice could be socks made of wool because they can wick the moisture away from your feet, while giving that 100 percent protection. You could just imagine how cold the temperature outdoors that your feet would be exposed with. They are durable to last a lifetime, so you may want to check it out for that comfort without the bulk and smooth toe construction, too. But just like winter socks, you may also consider bringing extra pairs of these so that there will be something standing by in case. There are compression leggings and shirts available, and you can choose based on your preference of color and design. This special type of clothing does not only trap the heat inside your body but also your scent. This underclothing for men is made with extra soft polyester and spandex, along with 100 percent cotton, and it can provide comfort and warmth even if you are sitting still long hours waiting. This product can also be worn for other winter activities, including skiing and snowboarding for that additional insulation that your body needs. It can convert both sweat and moisture into heat and provide shaping for the chest and flattening for fat. It has moisture-wicking fabric for keeping sweat away from your skin, while helping you stay dry.  These underclothing gears work best for max compression and insulation for your body.
It is made with anti-odor technology to fight off germs and microbes and to keep you fresher, longer. For leggings, you can go for the Under Armour Tactical Leggings, with warm and soft interior fabric and fast-drying exterior. There are many good pullovers to depend on and some of them include the Unisex Cold weather camouflage hunting pullover hoodie with insulation layer in Vegas, brown or forest color. Most of these pullovers are made with breathable materials so that you can feel comfortable all the time. An option could be the Drystalker jacket that is breathable, waterproof and windproof and has two expandable front packets so that you can cram with your animal calls. Tolerance varies from one hunter to another, but a few wise tips can help you fight off any elements you are about to face out there.
More so, do not forget to tuck in your jacket in order to keep the heat and prevent it from escaping. Alternatively, you can put on a heated vest that uses rechargeable batteries to last for several hours. In this case, you will find great buys at a huge discount, especially at box hunting stores.
However, you should see the feedback and reviews of certain sellers if you are buying from individuals in those online stores, including EBay and Amazon.
Make a list of the items you plan to buy so that you can avoid shopping for things you do not need. Nevertheless, you may want to spend enough time in research so that you can ensure of getting the best deals on big game or small game hunting gears. If you think we missed an important hunting wear for the winter above, feel free telling us in the comments. Andrew thinks that he is the luckiest person in the world, as he lives in the most gorgeous place in United States and does what he loves to do.
Sometimes, I’d stuff my clothes with old newspapers because it absorbs the humidity from the air and help keeps me warmer.

By which I mean to say, I prefer to do the least amount of work for the most amount of return. Ensuring you and your family have access to clean, drinkable water in the case of emergency or disaster should be at the top of your survival planning list. For deer hunters in particular, they hunt from downwind and this headgear can keep their face from the wind.
You can have a couple of wool socks into your hunting backpack so that you’ll have extra in case. Sierra Club men’s 6 pairs boot socks, which are ideal for hiking, cold weather hunting, trekking and camping in the winter, are also good because they feature the anti-odor technology, full-cushioned construction and low profile toe closure.
So if hunting on a cold day, you should not forget to wear an undershirt and a pair of leggings. It comes with a reinforced waistband and a working fly, so you can depend on their full functionality. To start with, be able to develop a system for you so that you can get your job done when the prey (e.g.
All of these foods are loaded with complex carbohydrates, so they are perfect sources of fuel for long hours. Remember, you should also wear several clothing layers, but make sure that they are not going to restrict your movement (running, trailing, walking…).
They also feature an adjustable heat controller, but such vest you can turn on only when needed to save on batteries. You don’t necessarily have to buy expensive items, but choose within what you can afford while not compromising the quality of what you’re getting. You can also watch out for big sales that happen once in a while, or sign up in a mailing list of the online store where you buy your gears. Speaking of narrowing your choices, do not forget to compare prices of various stores and sellers online, whether for winter hunting gears or for winter fishing. Finally, don’t forget to share this page to fellow hunters you think would also benefit from it. As a member of Alaska Professional Hunters Association and International Hunter Education Association, he is always looking for the ways to improve his skills and to teach people around him.
There you have some choices you have when it comes to underclothing and leggings to protect your body from the cold and to insulate it fully. In the process, you can get instant notifications in your inbox about upcoming promos and sales. The sun warms up the house enough during the day time.How do I make it through the nights and evening time? So no layering before bed.I was using the green patrol bag from the Military Sleep System (MSS). Having a south facing house with big windows and great insulation is great.Usually I sleep in my hammock instead of the loft though. You will be nice and toasty while the house is still cold.Wool ClothesWhen not asleep I need to stay warm.
You can feel the heat radiating up through you warming you up.My beanie cap is always on my head in the cold months.
If I can keep my feet and head warm the rest follows.To Layer Or NotLayering is preached as the holy grail in the survival world.
As in my feet are more warm from one synthetic sock and one thick wool sock over 7 pairs of cotton socks. Consider joining The Survivalpunk Army and get access to exclusive content and discounts!    Also please enter our Reader appreciation contest and help spread the word about our blog.Looking for the best prices and best customer service in buying Silver and Gold online?
Look no further than JM Bullion for all your precious metal needs! Looking for Camping and Survival gear?
The Cayenne pepper causes dilation of the small blood vessels in your feet and creates a warm tingling effect. I dropped $15 on a single pair of merino hiking socks, and cried…until I wore them on a cold day hunting in West Virginia. Since water is 25 (or so) times more conductive to heat than air, you can see how damp socks can quickly cause grief. Some of the synthetics are also great aids in maintaining dry (and therefore warm) feet.A large portion of your body heat is lost through your head, so a cap is always a great idea. Again, something that wicks moisture (sweat) away works best.And look into getting some sort of thermal mass. Use any means to get it warmed up, then it radiates heats for hours keeping you warmer longer.Hope this helps, Brother!

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