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ATVs universally come with both a front and a rear rack to strap down various kinds of gear.
The main problem with just carrying gear on an open ATV rack is protection from the elements.
There are many such ATV boxes available on the market and can be easily attached directly to the rack via a mounting bracket or even by using a lock down ratchet strap. Actually the milk crate really does a great job protecting it, I really abuse it (no leaks).Chainsaw has a 30in. There is no wasted time in our programs, as we run simultaneous training, round-robin style, should we need to. ATV Camping Survival does not need to be rocket science but like everything else not being prepared can ruin a great adventure.
If you want to ATV Camp in the wilderness and want to maximize your chances of making the best of a bad situation, you need to have a properly equipped 4×4 utility ATV and the right survival gear. Basic camping survival starts way before you even leave on your adventure, always plan your trips in advance and make sure everyone in your group is familiar with the area or has a good map of the area and aware of the campsite location. Before starting your adventure always make sure someone you trust is aware of where you are planning to camp and how long you will be gone.
3 Hours – The human body can not survive much more than three hours from a loss of body heat. Have a checklist of necessary items for your journey and have enough food for three meals a day plus snacks.
Being prepared is always a great idea and when you are on a machine that will quickly and effortlessly take you into remote places far from help. Beyond the fires with natural fuel, backpacking stoves or the miraculous little alcohol stoves can boil, cook and keep you alive. While it is impossible to anticipate every situation or emergency, expecting the worst in a mild and sensible way will keep you prepared for the unexpected. Whether you use an ATV or UTV for hunting, recreational four-wheeler riding, trail trips, or just working on a farm or ranch, having a supplemental gear box can be a really great idea. Hunters can lash their rifle, backpack, rain gear, an extra coat, or other supplies needed for a day in the field hunting or camping.
Naturally, you can cover anything with a waterproof tarp or sheet of plastic material to shed rain, snow, or even dust.
In my case I added a box on the rear rack that still permitted the front rack for carrying odd sized gear or supplies, building materials, a chainsaw, weed eater, or other related equipment for work around hunting stands, food plots, or a farm or ranch.
These boxes most often come with a hinged top that will protect the supplies and tools kept inside from rain and dust. I keep in my box a heavy duty nylon tow strap, two or three types of fold out saws, a hatchet, 2-3 pairs of gloves, a can of insect repellent, a roll of TP, a small machete, a roll of nylon rope, and a loop-end cable and padlock for locking the ATV up at the cabin or in the field. I got a new truck and I am not putting a canopy on it so I was gonna do a tool box and re-think my gear.

I imagine it takes up alot of room, so is this a dedicated bug out truck, or is it a daily driver, and if so, do you have to unpack this stuff when you need to haul things?
We will cover some basic camping survival items in future posts that could be very helpful if a mishap occurs while on a camping adventure. Make sure they are aware of what agencies to contact (and when) to initiate a search-and-rescue operation. Food should be kept in seal tight containers (preferred) or zip-lock bags, if the animals can’t smell it then they are less likely to come looking for it. Considering that basic survival gear, such as water, food and matches for building a fire, can be easily carried in a backpack, we realize our 4-wheeler need not be overloaded. How much you need to carry depends on the temperature and if there is any source of natural water readily available. With them you need to carry fuel, but because almost all of this is designed to be carried in backpacks they are compact and light on an ATV.
Likewise these racks make a great platform for using elastic straps to secure other types of gear, tools, materials, and supplies. Many of these boxes can also be locked with a padlock, though mine is secured tight with a universal buckle strap. I might also toss in a couple bottles of water and maybe a lunch if I think I will be out in the field a while. But I figure if I could be with my truck I could be really comfy when the you know what hit the fan.
We load em up with camping gear and head out.This one was taken in Sumpter OreThey are a blast to camp with and they are built to last.
If camping for several days make sure provisions have been made for extra fuel for the ATVs. Of course the time of year and geographic location have a lot to do with how mean the environment can be. By the way, you should never leave home without a good pocket knife for literally dozens of reasons not the least of which is its contribution to fire-making.
Montana in January will have much greater requirements than Virginia in May, but both can challenge you. To that end you need to watch your tripmeter, know your machine’s range and perhaps carry a spare supply of fuel in an approved container. Keep in mind that at 40 degrees hypothermia will kill you long before dehydration or starvation get you!
A candle is another idea, and it can be as simple as 4-inch pieces of seam material cut from discarded jeans and soaked in melted wax.
Every time we finished a search I would think to myself, it sure would be nice to have XYZ. If there is natural water at hand, some form of purification device should be used before consumption.

Quarter inch by four inch strips of rubber tire are very flammable and absolutely weatherproof.
I had one split open on me the first time I used it and drained all 7 gallons of water into the seat of my year old vehicle. Beyond sensible items of wool or synthetic clothing, pack a space blanket, one of the light military ponchos that can become a rain shelter or even a small tent to turn a nightmare into a camping trip. I am all about comfort so a lot of it is for that.I got some more pictures, but I gotta get my daughter to post em.
That lasted a month, and it has slid around enough that I noticed that it's leaking now too. The axe is far more versatile and can be used to do many things to enhance survival, but it requires much more skill and experience than the saw.
Freeze dried food or an MRE (those are military-type meals, ready to eat) become real banquets if you are hungry and are non-perishable and easy to carry. In addition to your heavier towrope, you should also have a good coil of light cord, like parachute cord.
Not a good track record for that container.I am about to see if one of those blue water cooler jugs will fit into a 5 gallon bucket. To make fire with liquid fuel, you need a secret ingredient— the bottom half of a soda tin. Your ATV can also be used to move logs that are too heavy to lift either before of after you cut them.
Fill the aluminum cup with fuel and put a little grass, paper or cloth in it to form a wick.
Hard to use and hard to store.I prefer to carry distilled water in my vehicle for battery top-offs and radiator fills. Place this on the ground and lay a piece of wood that is slightly thicker than the can is tall on either side. I have actually had to use my water to top off a radiator on a tow truck that was picking up my car due to a busted timing belt.Anybody find something that works well for distilled water in a vehicle? It's actually harder now that I have a Ford Escape then it was with my old Ford Escort.
I am half tempted to keep a LARGE box of condoms pretty shallow so they find it quickly and stop out of embarrassment.

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