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I found mine the other day and  decided to give it a light and see if after 10+ years it still works. If you are without power, this emergency heater will come in handy for cooking or hand warming. Just follow these instructions on how to make a DIY emergency survival heater and learn how to use it. The cost is minimal (about $6) and the heat output fantastic. Prepare your area – have something non-flammable to place it on, have your hot pads ready and a way to extinguish or damper the flame.
Great idea, but I am intrigued in how sustainable this could be for multiple days without power. I also wonder if fondue fuel would work in this… I suspect it might be even better, yet not that much more expensive. I found some quart sized paint cans at the paint store and fired one filled with fondue fuel and the other with 70%alcohol.
I put each in the bedroom (12 x 12) in turn and they both rose the temperature by 2F in 10 minutes and that’s starting from normal room temperature. I believe one could survive quite a few days with just 3 of these and you might not even need all 3 on at once. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. I believe that this is perhaps the best indoor portable propane heater for emergency preparedness heating. During the approaching winter, I always reevaluate my emergency backup heat sources for my home. Regardless of whether you heat with oil, natural gas, LP, or electric, chances are that somewhere in the heating system is a device that requires 120-volt electrical power to operate. Having said that, a common severe winter storm scenario involves electrical power outages caused by storm damage.
Safety features include automatic low oxygen shutoff and accidental tip-over safety shutoff. Typically, you will not leave this heater on all the time, so the propane fuel consumption numbers listed here may actually last longer.
According to the product documentation, the heater can only be used indoors with the 1-lb bottles. I use this heater in a small hunting shack, used with a BBQ tank ( 20 pounder) it takes the chill off the night and early morning.
Thanks for mentioning the D-cell batteries which although not necessary – the blower fan does help distribute the heat. I found one at my local Bass Pro shop, check Lowes, Home Depot, Cabelas or other out door stores. For those of you that live or camp at higher elevations be aware that the automatic low oxygen shutoff will cause you some problems. Unfortunately I never took the time to figure out at what altitude the automatic low oxygen shutoff will start causing problems. If you are using a cylinder exchange service like at a convenience store, you are probably only getting 15 pounds of LPG (read the sign). I have a 400 sq ft all glass sunroom with a high ceiling and hot water baseboard heat that can’t adequately keep up when the outside temps drop to the mid-twenties. Our Survival Food Tabs are a compact and lightweight life-saving food ration in a tablet form. Inside each container, under the lid is a plastic bag in which you can carry the tablets and utilize the bottle as a water canteen. In a day where phrases like "100% guaranteed" and "hassle-free returns" don't mean much, I have to share my story.

With winter coming soon for many of us who live in the colder climates, getting stranded in your car can become a dangerous possibility. Even if running your engine is an option, you may need to conserve fuel for the return trip.
A small empty metal can: You want this to be slightly taller but thinner than a standard roll of toilet paper.
A larger metal can that can easily accommodate the first one: I use a 1 gallon unused paint can (again found in most hardware stores). Squeeze the paper into the smaller can: Next youa€™ll want to squeeze and roll the paper into the smaller can. Add the fuel: If you are now ready to use it, simply add the alcohol until the toilet roll inside the can is completely saturated. We purchased food in bulk, make 72 hour food kits and made these easy DIY Emergency Survival Heaters.
Obviously, using it as a damper was not an option, I was afraid the flames would curl around and light the box. I actually found out that my fingers are wimpy and I couldn’t get enough leverage with a quarter.
Review our post Emergency Cooking for instructions on making a #10 can cooker and How to Prepare for Blackouts for general preparations.
I purchased 32 oz of rubbing alcohol for my project and used about 24 ounces to fill the new emergency heater I made for this post. First note is that fondue fuel burns blue, which does not give off much light and it can be hard to tell if it’s on.
I didn’t burn them through, but I bet it would cost a lot more than normal heating methods while still not being prohibitive for survival purposes.
I have not burned mine all the way through either, and like you, keep several on hand in case of power outages. After a couple of years the alcohol does evaporate a little, but not enough to dry out the toilet paper roll completely.
At no additional charge to you, I receive a small commission whenever a product is purchased through these links.
I run through scenarios of various outages in order to assure myself (or make new plans) that I have adequate sources of backup heat for keeping warm – other than my main source of home heating. This might include components such as a blower fan, pumps (oil pump, water circulation pumps), electronic igniter, thermostats, etc.. A power outage during a winter storm will often last longer than you might expect due to the poor weather conditions and getting crews out there to begin repairs (getting through the snow and ice, cutting trees, limbs, repairing lines, etc.). Heater Buddy’ portable heater will function without electricity and will operate during a power outage. Although I highly advise being equipped with a carbon monoxide detector, winter’s silent killer.
I do recommend using this adapter hose with a larger tank because the 1-lb propane bottles are much more expensive (although convenient for quick portability).
The use-case scenario may be to heat up the room (area) and then shut off the heater until needed again. I do not yet have a 1-pound bottle refill adapter, but I’ve just added to my list of things to purchase.
I just bought a different type of heater with out a low oxygen shutoff as my camper has both a CO2 detector and smoke detector. Anyone who does not keep fire extinguisher, a smoke detector and a carbon monoxide detector in their home is inviting trouble. I have drilled a hole in the side of camper, in order to run the adapter line outside to the bottle.

These really are a true survival food that you could live on for up to several months in an emergency situation. As a result, everyonea€™s emergency car kit should contain the ability to heat your car if you were stranded or holed up waiting the passage of a winter storm.
Also, carbon monoxide can build up inside a standing vehicle while the engine is running, even if the exhaust pipe is clear. If the can is so small that a full-size paper roll has no chance of fitting inside it, then you can remove some of the external sheets (just like you would if you were going to the bathroom) until it does squeeze into the can. One of the benefits of using a 1 quart unused paint can is that you can store the stove with the fuel already added by placing the air-tight lid over the can.
After a second of thought, I used a plate to extinguish the flames and decided I needed a better way for the future. You may not need to worry about carbon monoxide poisoning while using rubbing alcohol as a fuel, please be safe and open a window to vent – just to be sure. Remove the matchbox and packing tape before using your emergency survival heater, remember, the can will get hot. Not for use around children, but if you need one that won’t keep you awake it will do nicely.
Although having several of these is not my only source of backup heat, I have found them to be quite effective (and portable) for winter preparedness emergencies and peace of mind. A quick search on Amazon also turns up adapters to let you refill the small 1-lb cylinders. I also purchased the 12′ hose assembly for connecting to a larger tank, a fuel filter, and a 1# bottle refill adapter. Even when the outside temps were in the high teens and low 20s which is average where I live.
And you must always have a detector in the camper, as mine goes off regularly with this heater, and I must shut it off, and crack a window. These high calorie tablets provide 100% of the recommended daily allowance of 15 essential daily vitamins and minerals. Tests have shown negligible loss of nutrients after storage at temperatures higher than normal. In this article, I will be demonstrating how you can make your own survival heater for your car that is cheap, safe to use, and easy to construct. When I lit my heater, the flames really jumped up – 6 to 8 inches and I was planning on using the lid as a damper. Heat wise they both performed the same and I was getting a lot of heat while they were both in my already warm kitchen and had to open a window before breaking into a sweat.
My best guess would be at least 30 minutes at full burn and one hour with the flame dampened, which is the way I use it. The Toyo may put out more heat, but I must say the Mr Heater is my favorite for portability and ease of use.
I start with full bottles, filled at the propane shop in town, but never get more than 2 days use before I have to change it out. Screw on the bottle, turn the tank upside down, open the valve, wait for the hissing to stop, close the valve, turn the tank upright, and unscrew the bottle. I do have a CO detector, but the ceramic heating elements pretty much ensure complete combustion.

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