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June 20, 2010 by The Survival Mom 15 Comments Four of the five enemies of stored food can be conquered with the use of mylar bags. There may be links in the post above that are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission, which does not affect the price you pay for the product. I'm the original Survival Mom, and have been helping moms worry less and enjoy their homes and families more for 5 years. I like to iron shut all but the last inch, use the hose (or tube) to the foodsaver machine to suck the air out. Be sure not to fill the bag so full that you can't crumple the top of the bag down and shut the lid. I have been reading your site for a while now as well as others (can never have too much info).
You mentioned having a hard time finding mylar bags in smaller sizes, well I stumbled upon a site while reading a survival forum (not sure which one at this point) that has great deals on mylar bags of all sizes and oxygen absorbers and I was very pleased with them.
Additionally, I am not affiliated with these people what so ever, simply received what I think is a good deal. Thanks for this article as I have been wondering if it would be useful to seal prepared foods in the packaging as they come from the store.Powdered milk,noodles,cereals etc. From what I've read, I think not a lot past the expiration date printed on the package. I put the mylar bag containging the food I want to store (with an oxygen absorber for added security) into a food saver bag. Mylar is what ‘space blankets’ are made of, and have kept me quite warm on those cold winter nights!
Another use (kudos to Cody Lundin!) is to line the inside of your tent with mylar to act as a heat reflector during cold weather. Mylar can also be used to make a solar oven, or even as a signal reflector (like a mirror) during an emergency. In today’s world of financial instability, food shortages, possible inflation and rising commodity prices Long Term Food Storage must be considered by any prudent individual or family.
Yes, it all worked but it was a bit tedious in that four hands were required to get the job done.  I also have to tell you that there were a lot of laughs during the process as the pinto beans went flying everywhere!
Years later, my method is so much simpler that I tend to forget about my initial struggles.  With that it mind, today I am sharing a step by step show and tell, describing how you can easily move your beans, oatmeal and rice from their store packaging to Mylar (or metalized) bags. The first step is to get your supplies in order.  You will need Mylar bags, oxygen absorbers, a cheap hair straightening iron (not pictured), and a jar that will hold the oxygen absorbers until they are needed. I find it easiest to pour bulk items into a Pyrex measure before adding it to the Mylar bag.  Note that I have set the opened Mylar bag in a container so that it stays upright during the filling process. When you fill the bag, you are going to want to leave a few inches of head space.  This will allow you to create a big fat seal across the top.
When done, get out your sharpie pen and label the outside of the package with both the contents and the date.
Once you are satisfied that the bags are sealed properly, you can move them to your food storage pantry.  This can be a closet or basement or even under the bed. For a more detailed and comprehensive handbook on food storage, be sure to check out my eBook, The Prepper’s Guide to Food Storage, that can be purchased on Amazon. Packaging your own bulk foods for emergency use is a great way to save money.  Walmart, Costco, and LDS Canneries sell bulk foods at reasonable prices and with a little bit of work on your part, can provide you and your family plenty to eat when the grocery store shelves are bare.

Not only that, the money you save will go a long way towards helping you fund the extra flashlights, water filters, and other items you need to keep you secure and safe when the stuff hits the fan. SUBSCRIBE to email updates  and receive a free, downloadable copy of my e-book The Emergency Food Buyer’s Guide.
60 – 300cc Oxygen Absorbers: This is one area where you want to make sure you are getting a quality product. Mylar Zip Seal Food Storage Bags: These are the zip seal bags that I used to package up my spices, herbs and butter powder.
FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer: As long as the unit has an accessory port (and this one does), an in expensive FoodSaver will work just as well as the fancier models. Shop the Emergency Essentials Monthly Specials: The monthly specials at Emergency Essentials feature discounts of up to 35% off sometimes a bit more. A good value is the  Do It Yourself SuperPail Combo which includes 8 x 6-Gallon Buckets with Lids, 8 x Metallized Storage Bags and a 10-Pack of Large Oxygen Absorbers. Spark Naturals has their Essential 4 Pack in a larger, 15ml size.  The kit includes, Lavender, Lemon, Melaleuca (Tea Tree) and Peppermint.
Of course the standard size Spark Naturals Essential 4 Pack is still available for $19.99 less your 10% discount. So, let me get this straight…I have a vacuum sealer, but I don’t have to vacuum the bag, just seal it? Why can’t one use the O2 absorbers with the heavy-weight Zip Lock FREEZER bags instead of mylar?
The problem with a Zip Lock freezer bag is that there is no way to completely seal it so it is 100% air tight. Ultralight bug out bags - lighten your load - offgrid survival, The last thing you need in a bug out situation is to be carrying any unnecessary weight. The ultimate urban survival kit - the bug out bag guide, The ultimate urban survival kit (tuusk) is a project that we undertook with the team at ready to go survival. Backpacks, pouches, bug out bags, tactical bags, Whether you're looking to build your own survival kit or stock a good bug out bag, we have the packs, pouches and containers to serve you.. Lightweight backpacking 101: an introductory manual for, An overview of lightweight backpacking gear.
This great material does a mighty job of protecting your food from light, oxygen (if you toss in an oxygen absorber), pests, and humidity.
Come join me on my journey to becoming more prepared to handle everyday emergencies and worst case scenarios. We had them in our garage, and they chewed through a heavy-duty plastic case in which we kept a circular saw.
Mylar bags, when combined with 2000cc oxygen absorbers and 5-6 gallon buckets are considered the best way to store large quantities of food for 20-30 years. But before starting the sealing process, you are going to want to create an assembly line of filled bags so that when you are ready, you can seal them all at once.
You do want to be mindful of the six enemies of food storage and keep your food as cool and dry as possible.  For extra protection, especially from critters, pop your brick-like foods packages into a tightly lidded bucket and you will be golden. Whether you are just getting started or a seasoned pro, here are the items you will need when purchasing food in bulk for long term, SHTF needs. I earn a small commission from purchases made when you begin your Amazon shopping experience here.

I wouldn’t want to open a 5 gallon bag of anything for just myself because over half of it would probably ruin before I ate all of it. With Mylar (or a metalized bag), you can heat seal it shut so absolutely no air can penetrate the seal. They are the cheapest I have found and it quality of there bags is great as well as their service. I realize it would depend on a lot of factors but does anyone have a source that would give info as to how long you could store food in the bags and still retain a decent amount of the nutrients. Some things that are in sealed bags (like Wheat Thins – we eat A LOT of those), I snip a hole in the bag so the air is removed from that as well, but it still provides protection from poking holes in the bags or spilling (for things like cake mix) and the oxygen absorbers can do their thing well. These Mylar bags are foil lined and will block sunlight and provide an additional oxygen and moisture barrier.
And for help with your food storage questions, get my eBook: The Preppers Guide to Food Storage. And while you can seal them up with a FoodSaver, some tubing and a common clothes iron, I find it infinitely easier with a cheap hair straightening iron that you can pick up $20 or less. I found that the zip feature made packaging extra easy although I still seal the bags with my hair iron. This is a great option for short to mid term storage of items such as beans, rice, sugar and salt. Instead you add the oxygen absorber and seal, the oxy absorber creates the vacuum as it removes the oxygen! Makes me wonder if the O2 absorbers were bad but they were taken from the same stash of O2 absorbers and sealed at the same time. To seal Mylar bags simply take a hot iron and iron the opening shut or for best results use a Teflon coated heat sealer.
Brown rice stored in mylar bags inside 5 gallon bucks with o2 absorbers stores about 6 months, whereas white rice stores roughly 20+ years in the same mylar bags.How Much Do You NeedThe easiest way to figure how much rice one person needs for one year is to determine how many cups of rice you want to eat every day and then divide that by how many cups there are in a pound of rice.Why not figure it by calories, you ask through your screen? The mylar will do the final air-tight sealing and you will not open your buckets enough to warrant an expensive screw on lid.Do not buy O2 absorbers in bulk thinking that you will save them. They offer a vital extra layer of protection from insects and punctures, ensure that your air-tight seal will really be air-tight, and mylar protects your food from off-gassing and flavors given off from the plastic buckets.Mylar is your insurance police that in 5, 10, 20 years you can still open your emergency food stores and still actually eat it.
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Also considering how long you are storing this food (decades hopefully) there will be some chemical leaching even through the mylar bag. Kind of hard to store big buckets in the kitchen or anywhere else unless you have a huge house.ReplyLeave a Reply Cancel replyYour email address will not be published. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. To learn more about our ethics and how we work, check out our about us page.Like what we're doing?

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