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So you got some extra cash to spend, and you really want to be prepared for the pending zombie apocalypse? The effective and consistently reliable SecPro Police Ultimate Anti-Riot Suit is easily deployed and or removed for riot control, cell extractions or other tactical situations. The contour molded outer shell features impact ridges that disperse the brunt of the blows, while foam inner padding cushions the body. SecPro Ultimate Anti-Riot Suit is currently deployed and passes the rigorous standards of our most elite law enforcement agencies, for quality, operational flexibility, protection area, energy absorbency, and flame resistance performance. Quality riot gear is essential in many tactical situations, such as cell extractions, riot control and other domestic disturbance situations. Purchase this Full Body Riot Suit and you should be good to go, whether you are fighting of hordes of the undead, or even if you fall into a pit of rabid, ravenous Honey Badgers. The SecPro Police Ultimate Anti-Riot Suit provides substantial protection from blunt force trauma.

They are designed to withstand hard blow, and prevent penetration or stabbing by sharp tools, anti-fire and anti-acidity. Each piece of the SecPro Police Ultimate Anti-Riot Suit fastens and deploys quickly with durable nylon straps and Velcro closures, allowing a custom fit for a wide variety of body types. Combine with the Apocalypse Survival Kit and you will be a geeky force to be reckoned with. The SecPro Ultimate Riot Suit provides Upper Body and Shoulder protection, Forearm protection, Thigh and Groin protection, Knee and Shin protection, as well padded hard knuckle riot gloves. The tactical riot suit offers maximum protection for the suit wearer, but is also designed to offer protection for contact persons as well, minimizing severe injuries that occur in these tactical situations. It provides officer protection in urban environments, using intimidation instead of excessive physical force. When this gear is used in tactical situations, it is designed to offer protection while doing little physical damage to others.

Without the presence of quality riot gear like the SecPro Riot Gear System, tactical teams are susceptible to blunt force trauma, serious blows and even injury from blades. A riot suit, ensuring that blades are stopped and wearers are protected from blunt force trauma, offers full body protection. The gear also helps to disperse the brunt of blows taken, offering further protection from injury. Quality systems also include inner padding that keeps the body cushioned, using lining materials that offer long term comfort while helping to reduce the risk of abrasions.

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