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Proactive electricity company Ausgrid maintains an active program promoting energy efficiency through their network of offices and via their website.
On October 16th, Ausgrid welcomed us to their Silverwater Energy Efficiency centre for the first of a series of solar seminars.
Paul, Craig and team took the participants through the adjacent household energy display rooms, and then thoroughly introduced the current rebate and feed in situation in New South Wales.
It is interesting to note that in contrast to the negative press in the media, the Solar Bonus scheme was not overrun, and in fact hasn’t even reached its 300MW target.
As can be seen, the withdrawal of the solar bonus scheme, combined with a temporary lack of certainty around the industry resulted in installation growth plateauing. This could be a range of things: a faulty inverter, or you have an inverter that is commonly associated with faults (such as Aerosharp inverters) or from a company that is no longer operating (such as Rewind Energy).
The company you bought it from is probably not who installed it - subcontracting is the norm in solar. Plus, our experience is that the cleaning of the panels can increase performance from 5 - 20%. Every device we use in our day-to-day life such as mobile phone, computer, induction cookers, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, etc., requires electric power supply. Solar and wind hybrid power systems are designed using solar panels and small wind turbine generators for generating electricity. To better understand the working of solar wind hybrid system, we must know the working of solar energy system and wind energy system. Solar energy is one of the major renewable energy resources that can be used for different applications, such as solar power generation, solar water heaters, solar calculators, solar chargers, solar lamps, and so on. A solar panel is made up of solar cells or solar photovoltaic cells, and is used for converting solar energy into electrical energy. But, in fact, the solar panels output is affected by number of factors like climate, panel orientation to the sun, sun light intensity, the presence of  sunlight duration, and so on. There are advanced technologies for improving the output of solar panels by using sun-tracking solar panel arrangement, that rotates the solar panel so as to get more light from the sun.
We must also know the working of the solar cells to understand how the solar panels convert solar energy into electrical energy. Solar photovoltaic cell consists of a P-type of silicon layer that is placed in contact with an N-type silicon layer.
Generally solar panel open circuit voltage (voltage when battery is not connected) is higher than solar panel rated voltage. Solar photovoltaic (SPV) effect is a process to convert solar energy into DC electricity using an array of solar panels. Wind energy is also one of the renewable energy resources that can be used for generating electrical energy with wind turbines coupled with generators. Large wind turbines are made to rotate with the blowing wind and accordingly electricity can be generated.
Wind turbine can be defined as a fan consisting of 3 blades that rotate due to blowing wind such that the axis of rotation must be aligned with the direction of blowing wind. An electrical generator is coupled with wind turbine; hence, it is named as wind turbine generator.
Squirrel cage induction generator is directly connected to the power grid or to feed AC loads or DC loads using appropriate converters. A wound rotor induction generator, which is connected to power grid or batteries whose speed can be adjusted using rheostats for maintaining required outputs. A double fed induction generator, which is connected to power grid whose speed can be controlled using back-to-back converters.
Consider DFIG double fed induction generator with 3-phase wound rotor and 3-phase wound stator. Thus, as shown in the above solar wind hybrid system figure the electric power generated from solar energy system and wind energy system can be used for charging the batteries or for feeding DC loads or we can use the entire power for feeding AC loads. Lancaster PA Pressure Washing, Window Cleaning and Roof Cleaning Are you looking for high quality power washing services that are safe for your home? So you have just invested a lofty amount of your hard earned money into a set of Solar Panels, whats next?
If you live in the Lancaster PA area and would like to have your solar panels professionally cleaned, simply contact us (717-330-5386) and we would love to walk you through the process and provide you with a hassle fee estimate. Visual tools used to design business models, made popular by the Business Model Generation book by Alex Oxterwalder and Yves Pigneur.
KEY PARTNERS:  Businesses, institutions and professional who?s existence is necessary or important for the development of the business model. VALUE PROPOSITIONS: Are the characteristics of a company?s products and services which meet the needs of its customers while also providing differentiation over the competition. KEY ACTIVITES: Collective important activities used to develop the business plan, utilizing the key resources to generate the value proposition, presentation to clients and establish necessary relationships. CHANNELS:  Express the forms in which the value proposition is presented to the client, both directly and indirectly including support such as pre-sale and post-sale (which play a vital role in the value proposition). REVENUE STREAMS: Ways in which the company can generate revenue through the value chain for each customer segment. If you would like to learn more about each individual section, we recommend reading the original book, “Business Model Generation”, as well as attending one of the many events and seminars the group offers worldwide. With Plan Presto, creating canvases based on the “Business Model Canvas” is easy, simply go to the Visual Tools for Entrepreneurs explorer and you are ready to get started.
Export the canvas in PDF or image formats, along with being able to print various sizes without losing quality.
Solar station shipped dimension management system has online real-time, on solar station for digital monitoring and on inverse variable device, and Confluence box, and DC distribution Cabinet, and Exchange distribution Cabinet, and environment monitoring module, and transformer, and grid protection device, and power measurement device, and battery pieces, many equipment and detection points continuous not interrupted of monitoring and key equipment run efficiency, and fault occurred rate, main indicators for analysis and evaluation.
Solar station shipped dimension management system can records emergency fault event of alarm, and history run data of analysis, and various years day parameter graphics and report, and whole station run of economic indicators calculation, and run benefits analysis, and power system of power forecast, and will production process management into which including run management, and overhaul management, and indicators statistics, and identifies coding, function, is solar station digital and smart of shipped dimension management system platform, the products first in solar station achieved has digital, and process of, and standardization, and Intelligent management. Through the contrast between theory and actual power generation, test the effect of solar energy resources assessment.
System can remotely monitor inverter operation status, fault analysis, identified by color, simple, clear, step by step and analysis, tracking reasons. Through the inverter and combiner box summarizing the DC current, mine and analyze, discover the inverters, combiner box and component failures. Analysis of conversion efficiency: for different manufacturers of inverter efficiency calculation and analysis technical parameters for certifying a company contract. Monthly comparative analysis of running: operation of the inverter is automatically generated daily, monthly statements, know that power plant operators to run analysis, find the inverter capacity falling reason, improve the efficiency of power stations running all day. Specially developed for solar power plant marking system, and successfully introducing thermal power plant of KKS coding into a solar power station, solar power utility orderly identifies hundreds of thousands of devices, enables administrators and users to quickly and efficiently locate device information, providing station information management efficiency.

Production design for solar power station operation and maintenance management of statistical index system include: solar resource indicator, charge indicator, indicators of levels of energy consumption, equipment operation, and according to industry standard for each indicator set exact statistical methods, calculation rules, evaluation approaches. Solar power plant operation and maintenance management system implementation will help to enhance the photovoltaic units integrated Intelligent fault analysis capabilities, improves efficiency and power generation, photovoltaic power plant investment cost savings, standardizing technical standard for PV power plant operation and maintenance, improves photovoltaic power plant production management.
Xian era power software limited responsibility company is professional power information solution programme of provides commercial, business covers information systems based platform solution programme, and power industry dedicated software, and solar station monitoring system, and solar station shipped dimension management system, and power plant management information systems (MIS), and three dimensional station multimedia training system, and three dimensional station virtual simulation system,, is through national high-tech certification of system integrated commercial and gold service enterprise. The company has a team of experienced and responsive after-sales service, with standardized service system, ready to escort your application system. The amount of space you have in your home fundamentally decides how much you can go solar in your house. A 3000Wp of solar panels, charged through the day, can provide about 8000 Watts of power, subtracting inefficiencies. The India Solar Homes from Bridge to India can estimate your solar power cost by looking at your State, your last month’s electricity bill, power backups you have and reliable power you get.
Though solar power can cut down your electricity bills, it does require some installation cost and initial investment.
A typical solar power installation has 4 components: the solar panels, the charge controller (to convert DC to AC), battery charger (for storage) and the actual equipment.
Make sure you buy your battery from a known brand and it is kept at an airy space otherwise t will get heated up and the life will get reduced.
The Greenprint Your Home series on The Alternative brings together news, views, analysis, expert opinion, photospreads, product reviews, DIYs and much more to help you go green with your dwelling.
The future is not a result of choices among alternative paths offered by the present, but a place that is created--created first in the mind and will, created next in activity.
Very informative article, people should know this first before jumping on buying Solar, its better to know what you need to know first before you end up regretting because of your lack of knowledge.. Every one wants to share his theoretical knowledge to impress and exploit the viewer but none has offered any practical solution to solve these problems of harnessing solar energy by providing training program showing actual assembly line of manufacturing process solar cells and solar panels to the interested people. The electrical energy generated by the genuine solar cells that isn’t used instantly in your house is returned towards a power grid. These types of excellent systems could be exceedingly long-lasting, continuing around 50 years.
House solar power systems are essentially two or three parts used to make electricity from solar panel technology. For more details about the benefits of Solar Power System installed on your home you can click the link provided. The imminent future of driverless cars promises to make driving safer and more efficient… but will this world be more fun? By way of background, Ausgrid is the network operator that maintains the network of poles and wires in former EnergyAustralia areas. The displays detailing the different types of lamps available and their relative performance really are exceptional – and our team have visited this type of centre worldwide. The effect is to cause many companies and electricians to exit the market, increasing the maintenance burden on remaining solar PV contractors.
Companies have been installing jobs at a dizzying rate - often outsourcing ALL their electrical work. Thus, the advancement in technology is increasing the electrical and electronic appliances usage – which, in turn – is increasing the power demand.
Solar power system can be defined as the system that uses solar energy for power generation with solar panels. There are various advantages of solar energy usage in electric power generation including low pollution, cost-effective power generation (neglecting installation cost), maintenance free power system, etc. These solar panels are designed with different output ratings like 5 watts, 10 watts, 20 watts, 100 watts etc. The quality of wire must be good and have sufficient gauge for handling the current to ensure proper battery charging. Solar cells or solar photovoltaic cells are the devices that are used for converting solar energy into electrical energy by utilizing the photovoltaic effect.
Due, to this combination a charge on either side of the P-N junction is created and this charge creates an electric field. For example, consider a 12 volt solar panel giving an output voltage of around 20 volts in bright sun light- but, whenever a battery is connected to the solar panel, then the voltage drops to 14-15 volts. This, DC electricity can be stored in batteries shown in the figure or can be used to feed DC loads directly or can be used to feed AC loads using an inverter that turns DC electricity into 120-volt AC electricity. There are various advantages of wind energy, such as wind turbines power generation, for mechanical power with windmills, for pumping water using wind pumps, and so on. The minimum wind speed required for connecting the generator to the power grid is called as cut in speed and maximum wind speed required for the generator for disconnecting the generator from the power grid is called as cut off speed. A gear box is used for converting energy from one device to another device using mechanical method; hence, it is termed as a high-precision mechanical system. There are different types of wind turbine generators and these wind turbine generators can be directly connected to the power grid or loads or batteries based on different criteria.
An AC current is induced in the rotor windings due to three phase AC signal fed to rotor windings. Hybrid solar wind charger is a practical project in which the electric power generated from solar energy and wind energy are used for charging the batteries.
If yes, then share your answers, in addition, for designing interesting & innovative electrical and electronics projects on your own you can download our free eBook or you can approach us by posting your comments in the comment section below. Usually, the value chain tends to determine the groups based on the company?s business model (different levels of relationships, various distribution channels, and various revenue streams). Lead in solar power in achieving the digitization, standardization of processes, and intelligent management. Great convenience to run maintenance personnel to quickly locate the failure to compensate for inadequate monitoring systems.
We provide a wide range of solar energy products to meet your everyday needs at affordable price, including LED solar lighting system, portable solar power system, solar generator box, and mobile solar charger for cell phone and laptop.
Check for all conventional equipment in your home and see what you could make more efficient or reduce.
A typical Solar Cell provides around 0.5 Volts and around 36 and 72 Solar Cells make up a typical solar panel which implies 12 and 24 Volts. Solar panels have no moving parts or electronics and require practically no maintenance throughout its life of 25 years or so. While buying, ensure you are picking up reliable equipment from genuine certified suppliers.
This series is supported by of ZED Habitats – the largest green  residential developer in India today, and a leader in pioneering building technologies and management systems. When this happens your electricity meter whirls in reverse as you’re going past energy to the power grid.

House solar electricity systems have turned into a practical manner to use alternative causes of energy.
House solar electricity systems are used for food preparation also by way of gaining and focusing the heat together with the sun in an oven for warming or producing waters, which in turn pertaining to mechanical uses will probably be utilised. With respect to the solar aspects of the day, our staff rated it as one of the most concise presentations on household solar seen so far. One thing to note is that Ausgrid digital bidirectional meters aggregate across half hour intervals, whereas in other territories (such as Essential, Endeavour) there are meters that look at instantaneous output.
Imagine someone with a 10 kw system under the 60c NSW feed in tariff - a 10% increase in performance could be worth $1000 per year!
Thus, to meet the load demand, different techniques are used for electric power generation. The typical power generation capacities of solar wind hybrid systems are in the range from 1 kW to 10 kW.
The block diagram of solar wind hybrid system is shown in the figure in which the solar panels and wind turbine are used for power generation. Solar power system consists of three major blocks namely solar panels, solar photovoltaic cells, and batteries for storing energy. Thus, the electrons produced in the N-type material are passed to the battery through electrode and wire. These cells are used in many real-time applications such as railway signaling systems, street lighting systems, domestic lighting systems, and remote telecommunication systems. The holes in the P-type material accept the electrons but there are more electrons in the N-type material. This formation of electric field results in developing a diode like system that promotes the charge flow.
There are different types of wind turbines, but the frequently used wind turbines are horizontal axis turbines and vertical axis turbines. Due to mechanical force produced from wind energy the rotor starts rotation and produces a magnetic field. The only thing impeding your payback period is a fine thin layer of dust, dirt, and bird droppings which are hindering the optimum output of your Solar Panels. CFLs are 4 times more efficient and last 10 times as long as an incandescent bulb, so replacing regular lamps with CFLs and LEDs can bring huge energy savings. With one panel, you can choose a combination you want to power – all fans or all lights or just the kitchen.
It also has information about equipment and power used, so get an approximate usage per room and by device before you plan your solar lighting in your home. Question the dealer about how they have built the structure of the panel and what is the guarantee.
These systems are almost free from care that means working prices will often wind up being exceptionally minuscule.
The advantage of a half hour approach is it gives more benefit to end users, as items like fridges kick in and out across the half hour window (prevents unnecessary export). Before discussing in brief about the solar and wind hybrid power system, we should know about solar power generation systems and wind-power generation systems. The electrical energy (DC power) generated using solar panels can be stored in batteries or can be used for supplying DC loads or can be used for inverter to feed AC loads. From the battery, electrons reach p-type material, where these electrons and holes are combined.
It is essential for designing the solar panel arrangement on the roof top for efficient usage and typically solar panels are arranged such that they face the East at an angle of 45 degree. So, with the influence of the solar energy, these electrons in the N-type material moves from N-type to P-type. This is called as drift current and the diffusion of electrons and holes is balanced by drift current. The speed of the rotor and frequency of AC signal applied to rotor windings are proportional to each other. Solar Panels usually come in standard 250Wp (Watt Peak) to 300Wp panels for larger home installations. House solar electricity systems may not seem easy but needs a smaller quantity of care and could be just installed.
Solar power panels also endure for quite a while too and additionally simply because the can be seen in a number of sizes and contours they’re frequently installed just about everywhere. The combination of renewable energy sources can also be used for generating power called as hybrid power system.
Hence, the solar panel connected to the battery behaves like another battery, and hence, is comparable to the two serially connected batteries.
It is recommended to properly clean the surface of the solar panels for removing dust, moisture and also to reconnect the terminals. This drift current occurs in an area where mobile charge carriers are lacking and is called as the depletion zone or space charge region. This result of constant magnetic flux passing through stator windings produces AC current in the stator winding. These might cost more in the beginning but will pay for themselves in a few years compared to equipment that has no energy rating.
As a special case, we will discuss about the working of solar-wind hybrid system in this article. Thus, during night time or in the darkness, these solar photovoltaic cells behave like reverse bias diodes. Due to variation of speed in wind speed there is chance of getting AC signal output with varying frequency. Reducing your energy consumption makes it easier to go off the grid and convert your energy source to solar power.
Solar systems are in material little photovoltaic power plants at price points that are affordable. Basically, decreased- buyers or income property owners could perhaps be lucky enough to buy a brand new subsidized house with a home solar power system on it. So, by varying the frequency of input AC signal given to the rotor windings we can obtain AC output signal with constant frequency.

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