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The systems have been designed using brand products Jinko Solar 260W panels, German manufacturered QCell or Sunpower solar panels (USA).
We offer Zeversolar inverters, SMA Sunnyboy (German made) and Enphase Micro Inverters (USA). We endeavour to supply sufficient information with our systems so the client can get a comprehensive overview of all the components, their function, interaction and the potential challenges of an offgrid solution.
All our documentation is compliant with AS5033 and Clean Energy Council Requirements – see sample commissioning and testing check list below. A hybrid system consists of using more than one source of power to produce and run the electrical loads needed for your house or business.  The most common form of hybrid system would be the use of Solar (PV) system with battery back-up, along with a gas or diesel-powered engine generator. Please note, once the batteries are charged they allow you to meet electrical needs without use of the solar (PV) system or generator for a period of time (this depends on the size of your battery system).
We provide a Turn-key Solar Photovoltaic (PV) System Service that includes: planning, designing, materials and equipment, installation, testing and commissioning, and maintenance after installation. Complete Kit Manual Transfer Switch 6 Circuit Kits include generator cables, wires, plugs and other hardware. Complete Kit Manual Transfer Switch 10 Circuit Kits include generator cables, wires, plugs and other hardware. Resources Link exchange, partner sites, 3rd party resources. Whole Home Diesel GeneratorsThe perfect, whole home generator requires no complicated gas hookup or complete electrical panel rewiring. Portable Diesel GeneratorsSmall diesel generators like these are used when portable power is required. There is a huge difference between a cheap portable diesel generators and the best portable generator.
Diesel standby generators remain the number-one choice for emergency power systems worldwide. We supply homeowners, small businesses, disaster relief organizations and the military around the word. Waves are a powerful source of energy, but wave power is an untested technology in New Zealand. This item has been provided for private study purposes (such as school projects, family and local history research) and any published reproduction (print or electronic) may infringe copyright law. All text licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 New Zealand Licence unless otherwise stated.

When you’re going away on your next adventure, a common problem is food storage without mains power. Cooled by the industry leading Danfoss compressor and polyurethane insulation, our fridges can maintain freezing cold temperatures no matter what the ambient temperature is like outside, and all with little noise. Since its foundation in 1933, the Danfoss Group has based its work on the fundamental respect for efficient use of Nature’s resources. Danfoss compressors are used in numerous applications such as white goods, mobile refrigeration, light commercial refrigeration, commercial refrigeration and air conditioning. We believe that this setup offers an efficient, versatile and expandable solution which can grow with an increasing power demand. Our solar panels are very high quality and the installation will comply with AS5033 and ASNZS 3000 standard and Clean Energy Council requirements.
This technology was developed and brought into market by the worlds largest inverter manufacturer SMA. Only quality electrical component are used to ensure ongoing reliability and optimum performance. Single or Three phase version is available Perkins Generators include enclosures, belly fuel tanks, automatic voltage regulators and built-in Automatic Transfer Switches. Diesel produces much more power, costs less to operate, is safer to store because it is not as volatile as gasoline. Visit the Better Business Bureau, RatePoint, Consumer Reports and even our own website, see what others have to say about us. It is the responsibility of the user of any material to obtain clearance from the copyright holder.
Best of all, you can monitor and control the temperature with an easy to use digital display. The philosophy behind the first Danfoss products was to make optimum use of energy while minimizing waste, in the best way possible. Or there is an option to use sealed VRLA (valve regulated lead acid) batteries which do not require topping up with distilled water we use BAE German or Sonenshine batteries for our sealed VRLA systems. Built in fuel tanks, transfer switches and control systems make it easy to install and maintain. Since diesel is not as flammable as gasoline, they can often be safely stored in a garage or shed. When it happens, we cannot cook, heat or cool our homes, communicate, supply fresh water or keep perishable foods.

For others essential items may include medical equipment, TV for the kids, heating and air conditioning, water pumps and so on. The longer life and lower operating costs is what makes diesel engines so popular in trucks, trains, farm equipment, and every other heavy piece of machinery. Known as the oscillating water column, it uses air pressure produced by the back-and-forth movement of the waves to drive turbines. Today Danfoss operates 58 factories in 18 countries, employing over 23,000 people globally.
Modern diesel engines used today, produce more power, make little noise, and have no visible smoke. Perhaps you want to continue living normally as if no power failure ever occurred in the first place?
Today diesel generators produce virtually no visible smoke and less harmful emissions than gasoline.
The best customer service and support possible for highest quality and reasonably priced products. People are quickly abandoning the air cooled, fast turning natural gas or propane engines of the past and switching to long lasting environmentally friendly diesel. Aurora builds these portable diesel generators to UL and CSA standards, making them superior to others.
Selling only what results in higher customer satisfaction rates increase public reviews of our business, consumer reports and referrals. We push diesel home generators because it also results in a much higher customer satisfaction rate.
You do not have to search very hard to find our company and brand rated number one in many review sites and respected publications worldwide. Careful preparation will insure you have time to select and learn how to operate it and have it installed if necessary.

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