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Dako Power, a distributor for SolarEdge in South Africa, has told customers it will sell solar power kits with the Tesla Powerwall starting from January-March 2016, but that the first batteries could be in the country before the end of 2015.
Initially, it only plans to sell Tesla’s home battery system as part of solar kits that include the StorEdge inverter system from SolarEdge. SolarEdge revealed its StorEdge Interface in 2015, saying that the direct current-coupled photovoltaic storage solution was designed to work with the Powerwall. Up to two additional 7kWh Powerwalls may be added to the inverter system, and inverters may be stacked to expand the system further. Currently, the base kit will cost around R225,000 including VAT (R197,000 excl.), but Dako warned that the price is fixed to the US dollar. Dako also warned that it expects to get a limited quantity of Powerwalls initially as demand is high. SolarEdge said it hopes the Tesla Powerwall volume allocation issues will be solved by the end of Q1 2016.
However, it confirmed that the estimated product launch timings provided by Dako were accurate. Dako said it plans to have Tesla and SolarEdge-approved installers ready for when the kits arrive, and are currently running a recruiting campaign.
Installation of a StorEdge and Powerwall system is simple compared to other backup kits, and Dako said it should cost in the region of R15,000 (incl.
The distributor said it also has the support of banks to provide financing options for its home solar energy kits. Thanks to the long-term warranties on the equipment, financial institutions see such kits as an investment on a property, said Dako. It is looking increasingly likely that computer hackers have in fact successfully attacked what had been the pinnacle of cybersecurity – the U.S. President Jacob Zuma’s worst nightmare has come true: he works in a DA-run capital, goes to parliament in a DA-run city, and goes home to an IFP-run municipality.
An MIT spinout is preparing to commercialize a novel rechargable lithium metal battery that offers double the energy capacity of the lithium ion batteries that power many of today’s consumer electronics.

NEW to our range of flood lights, we present the 12V – perfect for boating or camping needs, as well as being compatible with homes using solar power!
The LED flood light 12V range is directly aimed at applications such as camping, or homes making use of Solar panels where many users are powering their lighting with batteries.
Homie’s powerful wide angle LED flood lights are IP65 rated, which means they are perfect for your outdoor lightning needs. Tested for 50 000 hours, and warrantied for 3 years – the Homie LED flood lights are strong in stature and light emission with a light loss of less than 5% over their entire lifetime. Homie’s LED flood lights are fast to start, do not flash or flicker, are sealed against all weather, come with a bracket you can angle with ease, and are not harmful to eyes or skin.
NOTICE: Our Shopping Cart is currently undergoing maintenance Please be patient as we perform necessary upgrades to our system. These are actual photos from the Four “D” Cell Battery Holder.Click the images to view larger. Email us a photo of your garden pond and we will add it to our customer water garden gallery on our website.
Very High Efficiency – the industry’s highest peak efficiency of 99% for off-grid charge controllers. Extensive Networking & Communications – Enables system monitoring, data logging and adjust ability.
As a helpful tool Morningstar provides a string sizing calculator which is used to determine the number of PV modules you may use with any Morningstar controller while staying within the controller specs.
You will require the Adobe® Reader® software installed on your computer to view these files. Adobe® Reader® software is the free global standard for reliably viewing, printing, and commenting on PDF documents. Suitable for camping, fishing, caravanning and other outdoor activities, the Primus Portable Power Pack enables you to run your 12V DC portable fridge or 12V lights.
The Homie 10W LED Flood light 12V is a resilient replacement for the mid range garden lights.

Ideal for the power source on Squid boats for example, the 50W LED flood Light 24V can be used in replacement of the multiple halogen globes that are fragile, unreliable, energy hungry and HOT!
Uses include site, sign advertising, security and garden lighting, all the while saving you 90% of your lighting consumption.
Their durability is not their only advantage – they do not emit in the same UV spectrum that attracts insects.
Made from aluminium with insulated wiring they are weather proof and made to burn for 50 000 energy saving hours, this light is recommended for medium length driveways or security requirements. This is mostly due to the fact that any larger light would most likely be powered by a larger power source, such as at a stadium, and would therefore run on 220V.
The LED flood lights can be put anywhere at for a wide dispersion of bright white light, using them alone or in conjunction with other LED flood lights. They are also great for security use, as their light spreads over a wider distance; their light assists security cameras and can be triggered by motion sensors.
They passed load test, are in excellent working condition and pushing full power over 600+CCA. These 110AH batteries weigh at 33kg each, which is 2 to 3 kg heavier than an average 110ah battery on the market. Saronic Solar panels adopt World leading Solar PV cells---"SunPower", the prodigy with absolutely highest efficiency achievable! When you're away from mains power, you need a way to keep your essential electronics running. HardCore Commercial Batteries have been specifically developed to withstand these sort of arduous demands that leave other ordinary commercial batteries flat.

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