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The researchers, Xinyu Xue, Sihong Wang, Wenxi Guo, Yan Zhang, and Zhong Lin Wang, from the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, Georgia, have published their study on combining energy generation and storage in a single unit in a recent issue of Nano Letters. To fabricate the self-charging power cell, the researchers started with a coin-type Li-ion battery and replaced the polyethylene separator that normally separates the two electrodes with PVDF film. A cross-sectional scanning electron microscope image of the self-charging power cell (left), and the enlarged TiO2 nanotube anode (right). In order to apply a stress to the separator, the researchers attached the coin-sized battery to the bottom of a shoe, and found that walking could generate enough compressive energy to charge the battery. Although these voltages and currents are low, the researchers showed that the power cell can also self-charge with higher voltages of around 1.5 V, which could make it useful for a broader range of applications. Researchers from Polytechnique Montreal, Universite de Montreal and McGill University have just achieved a spectacular breakthrough in cancer research. A recent study by researchers at the Atlanta Veterans Affairs Medical Center took them to a not-so-likely destination: local farmers markets. In many parts of the world, the only way to make germy water safe is by boiling, which consumes precious fuel, or by putting it out in the sun in a plastic bottle so ultraviolet rays will kill the microbes. Imagine an electronic newspaper that you could roll up and spill your coffee on, even as it updated itself before your eyes.
Graphene nanoribbons (GNRs) bend and twist easily in solution, making them adaptable for biological uses like DNA analysis, drug delivery and biomimetic applications, according to scientists at Rice University. Hey, at least it will be an excuse for people to go to the gym ("gotta go hit the treadmill, my multi-hyper-smart-phone ran out of juice again")On second thought: Do fat people generate more juice with these? If the entire battery can be made flexible and have it charge by flexing there are many things this would work well for besides charging personal toys. I thought of this exact thing 20 years ago, but in Army boots for powering night vision goggles. I ma down-voting because you are making deal about nothing just as the other guy was without even knowing the concept of ZPMs.
Please note that I purchased this with my own money and am sharing my honest review of this product after using it many times. I use my phone a lot for photos and navigation when we are out hiking and I can easily drain my battery before we get back to the car. We chose the Explorer Solar Power Bank because of its good ratings on Amazon, its price, and the size.
The charging cord that came with it stopped working but we just use our own original charging cords now and it words fine. I do not see a link- I am interested in purchasing this but would like to use the affiliate link. A voltage follower circuit is a circuit which produces considerable current gain while the voltage gain is maintained unity (or close to it).

A heat sink must be fitted to the LM317 in all applications where the output current exceeds 250mA. The dimensions of the heat sink are just approximate values and you can use slightly bigger or smaller ones according to the availability.
Input and output filter capacitors in these circuits are preferred to be Solid tantalum type.
Tantalum capacitors do have polarity and can be used to replace electrolytic capaciors with similar capacitance and voltage ratings. Please can anyone upload the picture of the 10uf and the 0.1uf solid tantalum capacitor for me to see? What are the power ratings for the resistors in the first regulator circuit… 240 ohms, and 5k, and please what type of variable resistor will i use, preset or pot.
Is the circuit for the 5A CONSTANT CURRENT REGULATOR-CONSTANT VOLTAGE REGULATOR CIRCUIT, can we just inject a 6 or 12 volts DC VOLTAGE at the input instead of 35 VOLTS DC?
Could this design be used for a negative regulator, with appropriate changes to regulator and pass transistor? ON THE 5 AMP CIRCUIT TO MAKE A DUAL +- POWER SUPPLY CAN I JUST USE A DUAL 35V-0-35V TRX AND DO THE SAME CIRCUIT FOR NEG SIDE. The plug and play design of our energy storage system easily extends your renewable energy utilization to an all day long experience; battery, inverter and charger are included in the system.
Our ESS provides you stable backup electricity in days of unstable power supply, buffers the peak power to improve your electric bill and powers your houses and small business institutes.
These two processes are always accomplished through two separate units, with the first process converting the original form of energy to electricity, and the second process converting electricity to chemical energy. A compressive force with a frequency of 2.3 Hz could increase the voltage of the device from 327 to 395 mV in 4 minutes. The cell can begin supplying power after the applied stress is released, since the piezoelectric field disappears and the Li ions can diffuse back from the anode to the cathode to reach a new equilibrium.
The researchers predict they can further improve the power cell’s performance by making several modifications, such as by using flexible casing to allow for greater deformation of the piezoelectric material. Same for star trek, yet it has inspired many great minds to realize it in real life.get a grip dude, its not like i was serious. We did some research online and came up with the idea to purchase a solar charger to carry with us so we don’t end up with a dead phone. For less than $20, we are delighted with the performance and ease of use that this charger provides. Input voltage is fed to the pin3 (v in) of the IC and regulated output voltage is available from pin 2 ( V out) of the IC.
The pot can be preset if you application is for a constant voltage supply for a specific circuit.

I am planning to build this to be a mobile type regulator of 5 volts 3A power supply for my internet router with a 12 volts 4AH gel type battery while in the car traveling home. Now for the first time, engineers have demonstrated that energy can be generated and stored in a single device that converts mechanical energy directly to chemical energy, bypassing the intermediate step of electricity generation. Because of its position between the battery electrodes, the PVDF film causes positive Li ions to migrate from the cathode to the anode in order to maintain a charge equilibrium across the battery. This 65 mV increase is significantly higher than the 10 mV increase it took when the power cell was separated into a PVDF piezoelectric generator and Li-ion battery with the conventional polyethylene separator.
As in a conventional Li-ion battery, ion diffusion involves electrochemical reduction-oxidation reactions, which here generate a current of about 1 μA that can be used to power a small electronic device. Resistor network comprising of R1 and R2 connected in association to the pin1 (adj) is used to set the output voltage. A typical voltage follower circuit designed using a small signal transistor can handle few hundreds milli amperes of current. If you want to make it into a variable bench supply use a pot so that you can easily adjust and also with better the longevity of the variable resistance. The device basically acts as a hybrid generator-battery unit, or in other words, a self-charging power cell. This ion migration process charges the battery without the need for any external voltage source; since the PVDF separator provides the voltage, or potential difference between electrodes, the battery is essentially self-charging. The improvement shows that achieving a mechanical-to-chemical energy conversion in one step is much more efficient than the mechanical-to-electric and electric-to-chemical two-step process used for charging a traditional battery. It will run out of charge unless it is kept charged by mechanical motions.It will be interesting to see if this is ever commercialized. The output voltage of the regulator circuit is fed back to the non inverting input of the opamp while output voltage of the opamp is fed back to the inverting input of the opamp itself through capacitor C7. The circuit  shown below is nothing but a emitter follower circuit using power transistor LM195 (Q6) with a current limiter circuit based on LM317 is connected at the emitter.
In simple words the current limiting circuit replaces the “emitter resistance” of a classic transistor emitter follower. POT R10 can be used to adjust the output current while POT R11 can be used to adjust the output voltage.
LED D2 provides a visual indication when the circuit is running in the constant current mode.

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