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This limited warranty does not cover the normal wear of items such as tires, brakes, chains, and other items. Liberty Seamless Enterprises, Inc., Liberty Electric Bike Company, and any of its subsidiaries will not be liable for any incidental or consequential damages. Have light working off the flashlight’s solar charge or off of its convenient, easy-to-change coin cells for your alternative to solar light.
It’ll work great using it as a light for reading or writing, or pretty much as any general work light. Don’t be fooled by its slender body and lightweight manner—the Hybrid was built to last whether your summer camp experience means kickin’ back to relax or actually roughin’ it in the great outdoors. The best part about this flashlight is that it’s always charging if there’s light somewhere around it—it doesn’t need direct sunlight. Parents, the Hybrid Solar Flashlight is not only a great flashlight for camping but also as a general, around-the-house and emergency flashlight after camp is over. While the flashlight is off, if the middle, red light is on, that means the flashlight is charging. When you flick the button the first time, the first, green light will turn on to indicate that you’re using the solar power. Flick the button a second time and the third light will turn on to indicate that you’re using the two lithium batteries stored in the bottom of the flashlight. 12v DC power supply units and cables are becoming more in demand in today’s consumer electronics market. Depending on the robustness of your 12v DC power supply, there will be different levels of care needed to keep it operational.
Apart from the robustness of the power unit itself, the brand is also a consideration when it comes to care. Some of the components of power supplies are considered dangerous to the environment if left to degrade.

This limited warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may have other rights from state to state. How else are you going to light the trail on a late-night walk or tell spooky ghost stories to your friends? The flashlight recharges fast and retains its solar charge for a crazy long time so you should rarely have to rely on the actual coin cell batteries. Whether it receives its charge from the sun or from a light bulb, The Hybrid Solar Flashlight uses its revolutionary energy technology to recharge itself by means of either source!
The Hybrid will virtually charge in any room with a window, sitting near lamplight, or even while you’re telling ghost stories around the campfire. 12v DC regulated power supply units provide power to a number of mainstream units such as laptops, monitors, televisions and CCTV cameras. For example, a 12v DC battery power supply unit is usually less durable than an industrial power supply unit like one that would be found on a CCTV system.
It is okay to wrap up cables with elastic bands; however, be aware that putting sharp pressure or creating “kinks” in wiring can cause snapping to internal cabling.
It is therefore recommended that 12v DC power supply units are recycled or disposed of via a safe intermediary. This makes for a better ride and enables a heavier person(s) to be able to have a comfortable ride. This can be ordered at our webstore when you order your bike with no extra charge for shipping. Unlike any ordinary flashlight you’ve ever used, this triumph of human technology can hold a full charge for years! And it’s smaller, brighter, and more lightweight than any other flashlight that can compare. Simply keep it on top of your refrigerator or somewhere with easy access to light and it will never lose charge!

DC power charges batteries well, as it is more suited to charging the energy cells contained in battery powered devices.
The 12v DC power schematic makes for fairly complex reading and these units do require delicate care.
Sometimes, it is more advisable to spend a little bit extra to save a repeat purchase in the long run. It is also a waste of copper and other valuable metals to just throw away power supplies in the regular trash. When you park, you pull it out and stick it through the front forks to keep the bike from being pushed away, so if someone does cut your chain bike lock, they cannot push the bike away. We live on a planet with limited resources, and recycling power supply cables and chargers helps conserve resources. Most councils or regional environmental groups will be able to advise you on recycling in your area for items such as 12v DC power supply units.
No Lights Turn ON!If your new EZ GO charger is not working there are several things you can check to try and resolve the issue:1. When the cart is in tow mode the receptacle is disengaged and the charger will not be able to recognize there are batteries present.2.
If you recently installed new batteries ensure they were connected in series properly and register the correct voltage at the receptacle.5.

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