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Laura Sink from The Art Institute of Pittsburg has just created the innovative and conceptual product called the Nature Levo. Natura Levo is made primarily of Novomer plastic, with necessary steel bearings, adjustable cylinder mount, and small housings. Posts related to above article: Swift Wind Turbine for Residential UseWind turbines are good source of energy and will eventually lets us save money.
I can’t tell from your web page if you are interested in marketing the products you show. This highly detailed plan explains it all, giving you a glimpse of how they used to do it, as well as giving you the ability to do it now. It is a small, vertical-axis turbine with a primary purpose of catching wind from any direction. It is a 66? tall turbine that contains two non-traditional blades that can catch wind from any direction. The steel components are machined, and with the exception of the housings, these are standard forms.

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Any other specs available on the unit such as how much wind is needed to start producing electric? This creatively shaped stationary object can be installed to any existing structures like the telephone pole, flag pole, chimney mount, or in your usual backyard. These blades are fastened within a unique steel component which also houses the tapered bearings allowing the blades to spin with little friction. Created for Novomer Plastic, the Natura Levo has a necessary steel bearings, adjustable cylinder mount, and small housings. The center axis is a beautifully formed stationary shape that mounts to existing architecture. Energy Ball, a Quite Wind Turbine on Your RoofWind turbine is a great product to have in our homes. The intended architecture can be anything ranging from a telephone pole, to an old chimney mount, to a flag pole in a residential back yard.

It will teach our young learners to be aware of the things that can help us save the earth naturally.
Natura Levo is intended to harness energy from a renewable energy source while co-existing with its natural surroundings. The nature of the rotation would strengthen the fastened segments by using the natural force. Natura Levo should be so beautiful that it raises awareness of natural energy by admiration of its design.

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