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Guardian Survival Kit BackpackThis backpack is a low cost but high quality pack meant to be used for hiking, survival kits, or emergency preparedness kits.
Uses: This backpack was originally designed as a storage pack for survival kits and emergency kits, but due to its durability, lightweight, and extra features, it also makes a great hiking backpack. Survival Tip: Traditionally, survival kits and emergency kits have been stored in buckets and kept in basements, however, it is important that your kit be portable. Pay for auctions 24 hours 7 Days a week from the payment link which will be sent to you in a email as soon as the auction closes. After the close of the auction or the "Buy it now" option you may wait for the payment instruction email for the payment link or call us. We do not ship outside of the USA 50 States so please don''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''t ask.

Hazardous Materials like gun powder, primers and other items will be charged a $17.95 Hazmat fee.
Important Note: Some people are having difficulty with e-mail communication because of spam blockers or anti-virus programs on their side or ours.
Typo''''''''s and Errors.Since our system is automated, sometimes errors in price or description may occur. This is made possible with an effective travel backpack like the Survival and Hiking backpack available here.
Please allow all auctions you have bid on to end before attempting to pay for multiple auctions. If this occurs, you are not obligated to complete the sale and we are not obligated to complete the sale.

Gunbroker reminders will be filed in 4 days and Gunbroker non-paying alerts will be filed if payments are more then 7 days past auction date. If we do not receive payment from you within 7 days, we will attempt to communicate with you by e-mail or phone during normal business hours. If an extended period exists, then you or us may cancel the order at any time and a full refund will be given.

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