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According the Brazilian newspaper, yesterday the owners of Evolucoes Energia was taken the policy headquarters in Imperatriz, Brazil to explain why they had  2 electric meters normally use by electric concessionary in their lab. Hi All,Well, I always agree with the point about the OU community will join hands to buy Open Source Products, inventor FE devices actually have it for sale. Hello mr, according with your conclusion how you polarized ground wire to become neutral and extract  12.1kw electricity?
These patents actually has made me think that for all these years we have been taught wrong.
My mobile phone can measure the ambient magnetic field in uT, it's telling me about 47 uT here if I move it near a magnet it begins to rise and affects the compass reading of course.
The transformer has couple turns of heating wire in middle which I used as closed loop and I hooked up the earth wire on it. With a large community development in many countries, not a force of any government can suppress this energy source. This waiting time is because they have scheduled a thirty part test that will be conducted by Universidade de Campinas, Brazil and I would like to see the results.Are there any results yet?
I plugged the transformer to the outlet then i put the tester probe to the transformer output. I wonder if a transil or zener diode plus resistor connected in shunt to the choke coil will limit the spike generated when coil is disconnected ?P.S.
I took a 600VA ferrite toroid power transformer (it is what I had on hand) and wound a 3 turn 4 AWG stranded copper wire on the toroid as a secondary. Its an impossibility according standard methodologies and should be treated with skepticism. In the patent Barbosa Leal said the ground wire should be connected to the thick wire through magnetic induction . Funnily as I move it closer to ground the reading becomes less about 38 uT near the ground 1 Inch.The map is from 2010 they show over there I think and I would say it is a constantly changing thing to some extent. As you no doubt know, you have to measure the battery voltage while everything is still running and the battery is still under load at the end of the test, before you switch anything off, because the battery voltage can start to climb back up once it is no longer under a load. I was watching many your videos and i think you are great researcher and smart man which think with own mind.
Check out these great prices on slightly used or just opened once only items.I always buy my gadgets via these great Warehouse deals !
Check out these great prices on slightly used or just opened once only items.I always buy my gadgets via these great Warehouse deals ! It is noteworthy that the meters are proprietary Cemar .Therefore , entrepreneurs and Cleriston Nilson Barbosa Leal were charged for receiving . I have two contacts in Brazil who can contact them by telephone, I email for news then must wait until I receive a reply, there is still the accusation of possessing the electric meters and they are defending this case in the court, at the moment I don't have any more news but I am waiting for a reply to my last email.

It read the normal 110v but when i add the wire to one of the output of the transformer connected to the ground, the voltage suddenly goes up to 150v and the transformer heats up very rapidly.
Just as heat is a form of energy and CAN be converted into other forms of energy, such as electricity.
More than enough information to do that!!  You still seem convinced the Kapanadze hangs on to the secret of how his devices self-run. So when we stick a metal pole in to the ground we are encouraging the energy to flow out and not current to be returned in to the ground. So when we stick a metal pole in to the ground we are encouraging the energy to flow out and not current to be returned in to the ground.So how do we draw the energy from the ground?
The hunt is over do not you understand?People asked not only for testing, but criticized a less correctly, this is what i see in this topic .
I am sure I am probably not the only one who would like to hear some more details about how long you have run your build in self looping mode, and what kind of battery voltage is maintained throughout the test runs while the battery is under load. Nilson said PROGRESS equipment that have been approved by an engineer Cemar , that even did a report that is on the internet .
But, he is also using a thick 10 meter long ground cable, to get to it, which is not an option. When the 2 hour run is up,place a volt meter on your battery,and remove the battery from the system. Your attitude toward conducting a simple test is proof enough you intend on bleeding this nonsence device to the very end.How much of your time would be taken up by the simple test i asked you to carry out?. Surely now is the time for you to make him a final monetary offer before someone else discovers his secret, if they have not already done so. Your speech shows well what your intentions.Note that these not contribute to appease this topic, only to flare were more nap know?You need attention?
You must have no doubt run your build in self looping mode with the battery for much longer periods than just four hours to confirm that it can self run for a long length of time without the battery voltage starting to drop? Dose the voltage on your battery drop or rise-->the test is that simple.I definitely do NOT need any instructions from YOU as to how to conduct tests! Basically in this test I just wanted to see what the power draw would be and how much current would flow in the shorted 3 turn secondary winding. If he has any head for business, then he will surely take your offer as he knows time is running short. How this will happen in transformers inductor and coil you will have an avalanche current . I thought it might possibly blow the breaker in my mains service panel when I plugged it in, but it did not blow the breaker. Its got to be a win-win situation with Tariel sitting on a wad of money and you with the device that you know is a self-runner and can make you a richer man.

For dissipate energy in heat, lose efficiency in the process conversion?Is all about conversion process. I remember one test where you ran the device(unloaded) for a couple of hours,and noted no change in battery voltage. I was only able to plug it in for about 5 seconds max because the 4 AWG wire became burning hot already in 5 seconds. Pass the thick wire inside a tube of copper or aluminum , which will cause a brake on the chain due to electromagnetic effect . Maybe you need to feel involved in some kind of project like LED flip flop circuit or something this genre. The 3BGS guys over on EF have found this out and also observed how a battery can suddenly increase in voltage to drive their motor load to a rather much higher speed, which can be rather startling, as the sulfation is suddenly cleared from the battery plates. Are you not aware of the tricks LAB's can play when it comes to the voltages they show?. If I left it plugged in much longer than that the insulation on the 4 AWG wire would have started melting or burning. The 3BGS guys carefully control the system load, so that the changing internal resistance of the batteries is optimally matched to the load for minimum overall system voltage drop v time, in order to maximise the duration of this battery vagary. The inline wattmeter measured around 1600 Watts average into the transformer from the mains, with the max power registered in the power meter as 1940 Watts. The transformer coil believe this is wrapped in a conventional manner ( the counterclockwise ) .
I don't follow any clock and do other work the same as you WHICH I know you are already aware ofAs you dont sleep at all(apparently),then time shouldnt be an issue for you. I feel the plus or minus is going to be a very long time.Believe it or not Clarence,im on your side.
I plugged the transformer back in and the current in the 3 turn secondary was measuring between about 920 Amps to around 1000 Amps RMS or so! I offer my help in way of trying to show and explain what you have,and also provide very simple and short time consuming test,and you refuse with insults. Now that seems extremely high for the current measurement in the 3 turn 4 AWG wire secondary, but that is what the clamp on ammeter measured. Im not even going to try and guess what it has cost you so far,but even copper ground rods arnt cheap.Anyway-good luck in your endeavor. Maybe the strong magnetic field from the toroid transformer and 3 turn secondary was throwing off the measurement, as the ammeter was clamped onto the 3 turn secondary right beside the toroid, but I am not sure what is causing such a high current measurement on the secondary winding.

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