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The Sethco PMSP Magnetic Drive, Self Priming Pumps feature Polypropylene construction for use in corrosive liquid applications.
Corrosion resistant, the pump is recommended for acids, alkalies, caustics, sea water, solvents and many other difficult applications. Sethco magnetic drive, seal-less pumps are precision designed to meet the demands of a wide range of OEM, chemical and industrial applications. This feature is extremely advantageous when pumping from elevations lower than the pump, such as emptying sumps. The wetted components of these rugged seal-less pumps are available in your choice of Polypropylene or all PVDF. Once a self priming model has been initially primed, it is possible for it to run without any additional fluid. In the event a pump should ever need service, the limited number of parts allows for easy disassembly, inspection and maintenance without any special tools or talent.

The operator simply fills the priming chamber with the liquid to be pumped and turns the pump on. The superior seal-less, magnetic-drive design provides a reliable, smooth running, vibration-free pump that delivers high flow and pressure. Polypropylene is glass reinforced and PVDF is carbon reinforced for added strength and reliability. This insures that the pump will not be damaged if the liquid flow is interrupted for any reason. The two are separate distinct pieces so that one can be replaced without having to purchase the other. Magnet housing acts as an insulator to prevent motor heat from being transferred to the fluid being pumped.
Rotation torque motor is driven by active magnetic and gravitational magnetic drive leaves the work operation.

Other features include the ability to run dry after initial priming, easy to disassemble design and an internal basket strainer to prevent foreign objects from entering pump.
These materials offer broad corrosion resistance to acids, alkalies, caustics, bleaches, sea water, solvents and many harsh environments. Today the usual magnetic drive pump is a great disadvantage in the case of absolute lack of liquid or non-functioning machine will be destroyed, to the user to add a magnetic drive pump you do not have to worry about. It is mining a special formula specifically designed for ceramic bearings, with a strong resistance to wear and corrosion resistance, quality and safety of its advanced performance and be absolutely guaranteed. Magnetic drive circulation pumps shall design with no seal, completely avoid the presence of traditional mechanical seal pump leak caused by corrosion of liquid contamination defects, industrial equipment is the best liquid delivery pump.

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