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When the Titanic was discovered in 1985 cries went up to “salvage it,” but it was too late.
Now, the 100th anniversary of the “unsinkable” ship’s demise (April 14) evokes a slew of theories. Have you ever experienced something that appeared trivial at the time and of no consequence, but later became a major incident in your life? The mighty Titanic, named for the powerful Titan gods of Greek mythology, “grazed” an iceberg and sank in less than three hours.
Avoiding the term “collision,” critics further claimed the ship’s superstructure gave in from a simple “graze” or “a slight bump” on its starboard side. It was determined that an underwater sliver of ice cut a 300-foot-long gash in the Titanic’s superstructure, damaging the ship’s watertight compartments. Blind faith in technology would have worked had it not been for overconfidence, obsession for success and disregard for safety precautions. The Titanic met her destiny in a gripping story that remains one of the most debatable disasters of all time. Ellsworth Boyd, Professor Emeritus, College of Education, Towson University, Towson, Maryland, pursues an avocation of diving and writing.
Yes, Lost Treasure Ships of the Twentieth Century by Nigel Pickford is one of my favorite resource books.
There has been so much publicity and hype about the Titanic, not just recently, but throughout the years.
What if Titanic’s maiden voyage had been postponed a week or so because of the coal strike? Also, White Star left speed to Cunard and the Germans–White Star was the most luxurious way to cross! The Titanic disaster captures the imagination of so many generations because of all the what if’s. I believe I saw on one of the many tv specials about the Titanic that the binoculars needed for spotting icebergs were never put on the Titanic as they were in such a hurry to get everything ready for the maiden voyage they were forgot. If I recall correctly, when the Titanic was being towed out of Portsomouth, a barge was sucked into its wake and banged into the ship.

Clive Cussler had already done it nine years earlier in a bold adventure thriller, Raise the  Titanic, one of several early best sellers that launched his career. A few little things, which seemed inconsequential at the time, could have changed history and saved more than a thousand lives.
When it left Southampton, England, on April 10, 1912 the 882-foot-long White Star liner was deemed “unsinkable.” The 2,228 passengers and crew felt safe aboard a vessel with 15 watertight bulkheads and automatic watertight doors that could be closed from the bridge. How could this new state of the art “jewel of the White Star Line”—an eight million dollar creation—possibly culminate its maiden voyage 13,120 feet down in the North Atlantic?
The unhappy ending will always be weighed in terms of technological advancement, creativity and heedless attitudes.
He has published articles and photo's in every major dive magazine in the US., Canada, and half a dozen foreign countries. It has 12 pages about the Titanic and interesting write-ups and photos of other wrecks such as the Lusitania, the Republic, the Empress of Britain, the Edinburgh, etc.
Just before they set sail someone did notice and brought this fact to the attention to a senior crew member and the retort was something to the effect that we wont need them. I understand that is a problem with ships, and why underway replenishment of US navy ships is dangerous as they must travel so close together, but not so close that they are attracted and sucked into each other. What if the shipbuilders had included more lifeboats instead of installing the most palatial passenger accommodations on any liner of its day?
Smith had given more credence to the iceberg warnings he received after being out at sea only one day? Six separate watertight compartments housed the vessel’s 29 boilers that drove her reciprocating steam engines. Some critics tried to blame the disaster on a fire that broke out in a coal storage bunker before the ship set sail. Water poured through the collapsed bulkhead and made its way through open portholes and gangways. Critics cite the technology of the times, saying the vessel’s rivets popped prematurely, the steel wasn’t strong enough and that many other things were structurally deficient.
An authority on shipwrecks, Ellsworth has received thousands of letters and e-mails from divers throughout the world who responded to his Wreck Facts column in Sport Diver Magazine.

About the Titanic, be sure and keep your television set tuned all this week and especially on Saturday, April 14. Also you have to consider that the captain as he was trying to take the Titanic out of dock initially smashed it into something because it couldn’t turn well and it required several days to fix the damage before they set to sea.
What if the captain of the Californian, a freighter out of Liverpool that had stopped for the night nearby, had heeded his lookout’s report of sighting “rockets in the sky?”  What if the Californian’s signalman hadn’t turned off the wireless and gone to bed for the night? But the chief engineer reported that the smoldering fuel had been extinguished by the third day at sea, one day before the sinking. But metallurgists have confirmed that no ship today could have withstood the damage inflicted by the iceberg and still remain afloat.
Many poor souls rest two and a half miles down, near the edge of the continental shelf, 400 miles southeast of Newfoundland. When he's not writing, or diving, Ellsworth appears as a featured speaker at maritime symposiums in Los Angeles, Houston, Chicago, Ft. Disgraced, Ismay eventually resigned from White Star and withdrew from public life into self-imposed exile.
For such a seasoned veteran to damage the ship virtually instantly should also bring to question just how good of a Captain was he and how experienced was he with extremely large ships. She split in half and sank in less than three hours, taking 1,523 passengers and crew with her. The Titanic was a product of the times…a testimonial to man’s magnificent ingenuity and creativity.
Still others blamed Bruce Ismay, chairman of the White Star Line, for urging the captain and chief engineer to “speed up” the six day liner. It was the locale for a half-dozen major motion picture films, the theme for an opera and a subject for countless stage, screen and television productions. I guess that is why I love Clive Cussler books as they take you to the wreck and descibe it in detail.

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