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Please Select Username to appear on public areas of the site like community and recipe comments. A minimal investment in roof brackets will immediately reward you with much greater roof safety and convenience. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. OSHA compliant LORGUARD™ portable guardrail rooftop kits offer versatile and affordable fall protection. OSHA Compliant Medium LORGUARD™ Skylight Guardrail Kit comes complete with (4) 8 Foot Rooftop Safety Yellow Guardrail Sections, (4) Hot-Dip Galvanized Base Plates and easy-to-follow Installation Instructions to ensure worker safety. The OSHA Compliant PORTABLE GUARDRAIL LADDER ACCESS KIT™ is a complete fall protection system designed to protect rooftop workers during ingress and egress. The OSHA Compliant PORTABLE GUARDRAIL ROOF HATCH KIT™ comes as a complete system and includes everything needed to eliminate fall hazards near open rooftop access points. The LORGUARD™ PORTABLE GUARDRAIL CONTRACTOR'S KIT is an ideal solution for temporary rooftop fall protection applications. PORTABLE GUARD RAIL is a versatile and affordable fall protection option, delivered almost totally assembled. The Ladder Leveler from LeveLok attaches quickly to either side of your ladder using the KeyLok Quick Connect system and adjusts the ladders leg on uneven surfaces for a steady base on your extension and multi-position ladders. My house painting started simply as a task to get paint on my house but this type of job is never as easy as you hope it will be, it never is. After deciding and getting a great deal on my paint and receiving some trim paint from Benjamin Moore, more on that in another review, I thought I was ready. My house has a porch on the front but the sides are simple walls with only the windows as obstacles for painting, the front is the biggest problem.
The problem with this is the porch roof is straight in the middle but slanted toward the two sides, this is actually called a hip roof.
When I was checking out the roof simply screwing a 2 by 4 across the middle roof section that slants toward the front made a secure footing for the extension ladder base.
I contacted LeveLok and they sent me two Quick Connect KeyLok kits to attach to both my ladder types for the review, a common Keller 28 foot extension ladder and a Gorilla Multi-Purpose ladder. The KeyLok Quick Connect system is two channels that attach to each leg of your ladder and uses three slots and corresponding posts on the Leveler to attach it to your ladder.
Each channel has a locking latch and release lever so the Leveler locks onto the channel when you slide it on and pull it upward. The Leveler is a simple gear and release system that uses extra strong springs to ensure the Leveler pushes upward to retract the Leveler. The Leveler has a release on the side to retract the Lever upward and you use the flip up lever below that to push the Leveler down when you want to set it for use. You first make sure the two base unit channels will work on your ladder and that nothing will be in the way when the Leveler is being used.
I attached the Quick Connect base units to the two ladders and had no problems with each and nothing was in the way, you simply check and make sure the position is correct for the channel and bolts being used. Once you have the position marked you make sure the bolts you are going to be using will not hit a rung or other hardware and then drill the holes. I did not have to use spacers or the square washers for my Gorilla ladder but I did use the round washers on the inside with the bolts and nuts. I did have to install spacers for the fiberglass ladder because the rungs for the ladder have some kind of mounting hardware for each rung that protrudes out from the rail. The instruction for every ladder type includes enough explanation and directions with pictures to install the Quick Connect system to your ladder using the appropriate hardware. Attaching the Leveler to the Quick Connect unit is as simple as sliding the Leveler onto the unit and lining up the three posts with the three slots then pushing it upward. This quick release pin locks the Leveler onto the Quick Connect base unit for safety but the latch on the top also needs to be used to remove the Leveler.
You have a flip down step to help extend the leveler so you can actually use both hands to lift your ladder while using your foot to press the Leveler down into position. On my roof and when using the Leveler along my sidewalk on one side and on my gravel driveway on the other worked out very well and was easy.
You can remove the quick release pin and press the release latch before lifting the ladder so when you do lift the ladder the Leveler falls off or you can push it off the Quick Connect rail.
When on my roof to switch the Leveler or install it on the side that did not have roof under it, the slanted area, it was as easy as sliding it on and pulling upward to lock the top release in place. To set the Leveler you simply lift the ladder up maybe a half inch and step on the flip up step to push the Leveler foot toward the ground. After using the Leveler on the front porch and part of the next side I had the task of setting the ladder and Leveler down in one simple motion and got the hang of things quickly. I found having only one Leveler but both Quick Connects handy but with two Levelers it made things go much quicker without having to remove and place the Leveler every time I moved my ladder.
The Leveler comes in three models for varying thicknesses of ladder rails as well as your choice of permanent mounting or Quick Connect removable system.
This will vary a little when you install the Quick Connect base units as the ladder design itself may need you to install the unit above or below the best possible location. Looking at several ladders at various stores you can easily see how well this would attach and I actually had no problems attaching it to both my ladders. The Leveler and the Quick Connect units worked just as well and made for a much faster time when setting up the ladders while painting.
While working on the roof I always used a tie off from my attic to secure the ladder to the building and secured myself to the building using a safety line and harness. This may sound crazy but I used this method instead of a short safety rope because the tow rope would safely hold my weight if I fell and the tow rope could be used later for other projects. The 2 by 4 boards inside my attic were kept in place by brackets screwed to the boards and 2 by 4 boards of the walls next to the attic window. The LeveLok Ladder Leveler worked exceptionally well all around my house and was easy enough to install using a simple drill, the correct size drill bit and a wrench to tighten the bolts.
It really would install in less than a half hour and as little as 15 minutes for most people, the Quick Connect system makes an easy way to attach the Leveler on either side of your ladder. One set of the LeveLok Levelers and Quick Connect units cost $100 but can also come preinstalled on several extension and multi-position ladders. I‘m going to let you in on a little secret that I learned early on in my career as an event planner—you can control a great number of things, but the weather will never be one of them. It’s important to factor in whether you will need to rent a wedding tent early on in the planning process.
If you’re early in your planning process, you may not have exact numbers yet, and you may not have determined what style of party you plan on hosting (sit-down, buffet, cocktail, punch and pie, etc.). There are several styles of tents available for rent—but the most popular are frame tents and pole tents. If you have a pretty good idea of the size and type of tent that you want, before getting a price quote it’s important to think about all of the extras that you might need or want. Clear top tents are a very popular alternative to white tents and generally don’t cost much more.

Flooring—The options when it comes to flooring are plain old ground with or without a dance floor, or a full floor under the tent. Lighting—If your wedding is at night, unless you want to give your guests the sensory experience of dining and dancing in the dark, you’ll need some lighting inside the tent. Heating and cooling—If the weather is going to be warm, you’ll want to invest in some cooling equipment. Now that you have a pretty decent idea of what you’re looking for, you can reach out to rental companies for quotes, but where do you find them?
Make sure that the vendor knows the tent is for a wedding (and that you’re expecting wedding quality as opposed to a county fair tent—unless that’s your thing).
Keep in mind if you get a quote that seems “too good to be true” compared to the other quotes that you receive, odds are it is.
WebsiteMeg Hotchkiss, LVR EventsMeg Hotchkiss is the founder and lead planner for LVR Events in New York City (and beyond), where she’s been making wedding magic happen for the better part of a decade. Who You Hire If You Want a Personalized Destination Wedding in HawaiiAll the ease of a destination wedding with none of the compromiseI always wanted a destination wedding. A few things I learned from our tent rental experience (and other weddings I’ve attended).
The ground consistency can definitely lead to some mushy, filthy feet (I often have to hose my feet down before getting in the car after outdoor weddings!). I am, however, going to bookmark this for future use if any other event I am involved in needs a tent. Also this is on a college campus so there are lamp poles around and people won’t be departing in the pitch black. Actually it will be in August in Maryland and I was speaking of the end of the reception not the ceremony (we’re doing mid afternoon to early evening), but really good info all the same. This (and who was the easiest to deal with (because that will seriously come in handy later).)) is probably the best advice for ANY wedding. The venue is a stone pavilion to the left and a large meadow surrounded by wildflowers to the right.
I think in many cases if you decide to cancel at the last minute, you just lose your deposit.
So true – when it comes to the structural integrity of your wedding, sometimes paying a little bit more for peace of mind is the best money you’ll spend!
Just a little question if anyone knows: Is one type of tent better for hanging floral chandeliers in? But if you have to spend a lot of time up there or have an especially steep roof, we recommend that you also buy a roof harness system (about $300). Unlike other guardrail systems that require attaching to a structure or approved engineered attachment points, with LORGUARD™, simply lay out your base plate pattern, insert the railing into the base receivers, and tighten the set screw. Painting your house starts with using the right tools and equipment, the prep work of house painting is the most important part toward making the paint last for years. I went over the work to be done, my two story home with 18 foot side walls and a peak that tops out at 26 feet at the peak was the highest I would be climbing. I figured on using half my extension ladder on the porch roof but the pitched sides slope toward the gutter and do not leave me with an even roof on about half the roof.
This means part of my ladder will not have an even spot to secure the legs of any ladder I have which is an extension and two multi-position ladders.
Toward each side of the porch roof it slants toward the side so I needed to use some sort of leveler on the ladders outer leg. Both ladders have a nice clear area to attach the leveler to each leg using the Quick Connect system and the work attaching both kits only took about an hour total.
The slots are a hole with a corresponding slot much like wall attaching slots for screws only large enough to accommodate the posts on the leveler. When extending the Leveler you need to lift your ladder upward and push down on the flip up lever to extend it downward.
The Leveler is easy to install as far as these mechanical things go but you will need to use a drill to make holes to mount the Quick Connect base units on your ladders legs. You simply place the base unit on the leg and attach the Leveler as well as look to see that nothing like a rung or attaching hardware will get in the way.
The bolts will go through the side of each ladder leg according to the holes on the base unit so you mark each hole using the base unit holes. The Quick Connect units attach with bolts, washers and nuts and the kit also comes with spacers if rungs or side hardware on either leg gets in the way. The fiberglass legs of ladders like my Keller ladder require a bit more reinforcement so they include square washers for use with fiberglass ladders. This means there is no flat surface the length of the Quick Connect rail on both legs but the spacers make sure you have the mounting surface you need. The kit comes with extra bolts and enough washers along with spacers to use for any ladder type you could attach the Leveler to including flat and rounded rail ladders. To make sure the Leveler is locked in place you use a simple quick connect pin that slides through a hole near the center post. Using the Leveler on a job is actually pretty easy but it does require having to lift your ladder off the ground to extend and remove or replace the Leveler. When extending the Leveler guessing about the length to extend it for any given area your ladder is on gets pretty easy. When placing the ladder and having to switch the Leveler from one side to the other simply lifting the ladder a few inches to get the Leveler off is all you need. To attach it to the other side you simply lift the ladder and slide the Leveler onto the Quick Connect unit which may take a bit of doing or simply set the ladders bottom rung on top of a 5 gallon pail flipped upside down. You then install the quick release pin for safety so the Leveler has no possible way of coming off the Quick Connect unit while in use. Once the Leveler comes into contact with the ground or roof surface let the ladder down and check stability, it usually took me a couple tries to get the setting right when I started. Using the two kits was equally handy and if you have several projects with multiple ladders buying two kits is a must. A second Leveler would be especially handy if you have very rough or varying terrain to set you ladder on and will have a need to move the Leveler from one leg to the other often.
This should not be a problem and the ladder Leveler works equally well if it is installed a little above or below the desired locations detailed in the instructions. The Gorilla ladder only required me to install it at a slight angle as the legs of the ladder are slightly angled at the bottom. The Keller extension ladder bottom section I used on my porch roof worked very well and I only had to ensure I secured the foot of the Leveler using a short piece of 2 by 4 screwed to the roof so it did not slip. I used a set of three 2 by 4 boards inside my attic window and a tow rope securely tied to these three boards so I could attach a safety harness to one end and the ladder itself to the other. I did buy a regular safety harness and carabineer for attaching me to the end of the tow rope and tied the tow rope to the boards with a clove hitch as well as wrapping the rope around a few times to shorten it.
This ensured the ladder would not move when I first tied the ladder to the boards while working on the highest part of the peak as well as giving me a safety line while I worked. It only took me about a half hour to install both legs to the one ladder and less time with the second but part of that time was taking the product shots.

I highly recommend the LeveLok Ladder Leveler and the KeyLok Quick Connect system for ladder stability and safety while working on extension and multi-position ladders. When you’re looking at venues, you’ll want to factor the pricing of the tent into any venue that doesn’t have indoor options. A squarer tent will have a taller ceiling, which in addition to looking better will also keep the tent cooler. There are three main considerations to take into account when it comes to which type of tent you rent—space logistics, aesthetics, and (of course) budget.
However, keep in mind that if any portion of your event is taking place during the daytime, the sun can turn your clear top tent into a giant, sweaty greenhouse. There are tons of lighting options available—everything from bistro lights strung across the ceiling to lanterns to twinkle lights to can lights mounted on the ceiling or theatrical style stage lights with gels. Ask around—your caterer and venue should be able to provide you with some reputable options.
There are so many variables that can change between booking and the wedding, you’ll want the option to change the size of the tent or possibly cancel it if the weather looks like it’s going to be totally amazing.
Some companies charge a nominal fee to do so (which is usually counted towards your rental fee if you sign a contract), but you might find the peace of mind worth it! Her love of parties began when she helped plan her My Little Pony themed fourth birthday party, complete with real, live pony rides in the driveway. We attended a fall wedding and the weather got unseasonably cold the weekend of the wedding, causing the ground to freeze slightly.
Our site (the front yard of my husband’s family vacation home) had a lot of trees, so we ended up having to get several smaller pole tents and arrange them in an L shape to make everything fit.
That is one of the great things about planning a wedding and reading APW: you start to get a good handle on general event planning.
You might lose a couple hundred bucks, but you will likely get half or most back and get to fully enjoy the sunshine!
If it rains, we move the band and dancing, but they will take up most of the space in the room we’re putting them in (a 20x18ish room, for an 8 piece band), so dancing will kind of be spread throughout the house, and I will be mildly worried about the weather up until oh, 2pm the day of. I am thinking of concluding our wedding 15 minutes or so after sunset and I was hoping to get away with skipping lighting, does that sound reasonable to you?
Remember you HAVE to start 10-15 minutes after your scheduled start time, unless you want people walking in during the service.
Also from its original conception, we did bump the start back 30 minutes to give a little more breathing room in the timeline all around. The focal point of the pavilion is a big stone fireplace, so I thought it would be a good option. Which may be a significant amount of money, but would be better than having a tent that you didn’t know what to do with.
I figured most of this out when I was renting mine, but it definitely was not all available in the same place. We haven’t picked our tent yet, but we want to have string lights and floral chandeliers. Essentially, if you’re considering outdoor venues and there is more than a remote chance of inclement weather on your wedding date (I think pretty much the entire Eastern Seaboard?), renting a tent should be lumped into the “book your venue” task on your to-do list. This spreadsheet will give you a basic rundown of how much square footage is needed for various types of events. Also, it’s much easier to make sure that all of your guests feel included when you’re seated in a squarer shaped tent. If you really have to have a liner, be forewarned, they can cost up to three times the cost of the tent! You can also get lighting placed on a dimmer to allow for more mood lighting during dancing. Since tents are neither sealed nor insulated, they require a huge amount of power to keep cool with AC—like industrial generator huge. Otherwise, a google search for “event rentals + your location” should yield a ton of results—just check out online reviews for an idea of who provides quality service. If it’s a possibility at your venue, you may want to have the tent onsite and ready to go a few days prior to the wedding—this way you’ll have time to decorate and play around with the floor plan. If you rent the majority of your items from one place there will be one delivery charge, one vendor to wrangle, and from a timing perspective, everything will arrive all at once. Your decision should really boil down to who has the most aesthetically pleasing choices, and who was the easiest to deal with (because that will seriously come in handy later). In her spare time, Meg loves taking random road trips with her husband and their two puppies, hunting for vintage treasures, and hosting epic dinner parties. We were going to go somewhere warm with only our closest people, and it was going to celebrate our love of travel and nature, all while being stress-free and totally removed from the wedding traditions and expectations of my hometown. It hadn’t even occurred to me that it would be a problem before that, so I was a bit concerned.
It’s amazing how many tutorials there are for how to make said floral chandeliers, but none on how to hang them! We’ll tell you what to buy and how to use it, and give you some general roofing safety tips too. Tents can sometimes be expensive (depending on a number of factors we’ll talk about below), so you’ll want to factor it into the budget before you fall in love with your dream venue.
Sometimes couples choose to DIY their lighting—just be advised that the tent company won’t hang them up for you and will require you to remove them before the tent is scheduled to be broken down. The cancellation policy is 2 weeks ahead, which is too far to give us a good idea of what the weather will bring.
You’ll get beautiful golden hour light, and will get to use that early dusk to close up shop before real dark comes. They can be expensive, and daunting to think about, and the sky is just so lovely this time of year. But if you have to rent a wedding tent (and don’t kid yourself: outdoor venue, no back up plan, high chance of rain?
If you’re putting the tent on land that’s sloped or otherwise uneven, you may want to consider flooring in order to level things out. Another important thing to consider when you’re mulling over your lighting options is power—if your site does not provide power, you’ll need to rent a generator. If you’re getting married at a cooler time of year, you can rent a tent furnace with a thermostat to warm up the tent. You may have to), then you’re going to want to make sure you price that in your “affordable and easy” outdoor venue cost early on, and then keep reading. Flooring can run anywhere from $1-4 per square foot, which doesn’t sound like much until you do the math!
I’ve had couples inquire about renting patio heaters to place inside the tent, but that makes me super nervous as they can be fire hazards, plus they take up space, whereas a furnace is usually placed outside the tent where no drunk people can knock it over. If you can’t afford full flooring, consider just adding a dance floor (which will be far, far less expensive).

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