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ASGB has recently delivered a 45kW generator body mounted on a free issued Land Rover 130 chassis.  The challenge for ASGB was to extract the highest possible electrical output rating whilst meeting the relatively low rear axle loading of the chassis. Firstly the standard 130 chassis cab had its rear suspension stiffened and up-rated by fitting stiffer springs and stronger shock absorbers.  This was to counteract the permanent operation close to full axle loading value. With the interests of our client paramount, the acoustic enclosure design evolved during the build as all aspects of weight saving were taken into consideration.  The body was constructed entirely from aluminium to give the maximum possible payload. The end user had specified good working access to the engine and alternator, this being achieved by the components being mounted onto a rear pull out slide base mechanism. The completed vehicle offers a substantial electrical output in a vehicle simple to drive and able to easily reach remote locations where there may previously have been fear of sinking or grounding less suitable vehicles.  The challenge of the power to weight issue has been resolved due to close attention to detail during design and build. The Land Rover was completed in a very reasonable 14 week build which included a week plus of proving tests. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.

While the concept of harnessing mechanical energy that would otherwise be wasted to do useful work is very attractive in theory, in practice, we're faced with big challenges.
You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. When fully charged by its solar panels or DC input, the portable generator provides 8 hours of power for your refrigerator, 11 hours for LED flat screen TV, 33 hours for illumination by a 120V 9W LED bulb, or charges your smartphone 120 times. Furthermore, using one solar panel, you can fully charge the Lycan Powerbox in nine hours, or just three hours with three solar panels, and the interchangeable battery means it will give you longer battery life for more devices.The Lycan Powerbox has been available for preorder via Indiegogo. What if we could harness energy that would otherwise be wasted to power our gadgets and generate clean electricity? Accelerating an object from a rest position to a certain velocity takes energy, and the object maintains that energy as long as its speed doesn't change. When the object decelerates, that energy from its motion can be transferred in various ways.If we're talking about a brake pad on a bicycle wheel, the movement of the wheels is progressively stopped using friction and the kinetic energy is transformed into heat, which in this case doesn't do anything useful.

But there are ways to harness kinetic energy to either generate useful mechanical work or electricity. This is what many have tried to do to make use of energy that would be otherwise wasted.One way to harness kinetic energy that has popped up many times in recent years has to do with roads and speed bumps. It was installed in Ghana, where access to electricity isn't always simple.What is the problem with trying to harness kinetic energy?

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