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Revenue from vehicle excise duty (VED) fell by A?93 million in the year after the abolition of the paper tax disc, official figures show. When the paper disc was ended in October 2014, the Government said it would eventually save the DVLA around A?7 million a year. A Department for Transport survey conducted in June last year revealed that the number of motorists failing to pay VED had more than doubled since the end of the paper disc. The data showed that 1.4% of vehicles in use were unlicensed, which could cost about A?80 million in potential lost revenue each year, although some of this will have been recovered through enforcement activity or payment by arrears.
Officials hope to attempt to refloat the oil rig grounded on the Western Isles within the next three days.
Donald Trump is like a parasite that has been injected into the Republican Party and his candidacy could damage the party's ability to win elections for the foreseeable future, a US pollster and Republican political strategist has said. More than a tonne of cocaine with a street value of £80m has been recovered from a boat off the south coast of England, the National Crime Agency (NCA) has said. Several thousand V5 logbooks stolen from the DVLA in 2006 are continuing to assist car cloners in creating false identities for stolen motors.
The story goes that the logbooks had a minor misprint and had been earmarked for destruction - but somewhere between the printers and the shredder, the papers went missing, only to surface over the next three years (and counting) being used to create false vehicle identities. Fortunately a contact at the Police told PH that if you're savvy, these cloned cars can be spotted before that fateful knock at the door from plod. According to the DVLA, all logbooks with codes in the range of BG8229501 to BG9999030 or BI2305501 to BI2800000 are stolen, and should be immediately reported to the DVLA. Other than that, be sure to perform all of the normal checks you'd look to do when buying a used car. Also, be sure to visually inspect all VIN plates to see if they appear tampered with or replaced.

We love used cars here at PH, and it always makes us sad to see this sort of thing going on. I read recently that they expect these stolen documents to be causing problems for many years to come. Twoshoe said: I read recently that they expect these stolen documents to be causing problems for many years to come. So if its the fault of the DVLA and plod takes your car away would it be possible to sue the DVLA?? Can't help thinking if maybe this was old money intercepted on the shredder it would be taken more seriously. So far over A?13m worth of cars have been stolen and cloned in this way, and Police are still recovering around 10 stolen logbooks every week. An HPI check is a must, but in itself its not enough - most clones will appear to be fine on the database. You can find the location of these plates by typing your car's name into a search engine and having a dig around.
But we won't let a DVLA cock-up come in the way of finding a pre-loved bargain, and nor should you - just be sensible, do your checks and for goodness sake check that logbook code! Surely all they have to do is redesign it slightly and then gradually as new documents get issued when people sell their cars, the current style will become obsolete.
Always check that details on the HPI report match up with the vehicle you're looking at - clones aren't always perfect copies, and discrepancies in colour or spec could possibly be indicators that something is amiss. The way they cloned the car was very impressive and it took the fact that the car was being exported and having a thorough inspection to find that the chassis had been played with.
Couldn't exactly fall of the lorry and not be noticed, or piled on the back seat of your car, eh?INSIDE JOB?

You can also phone DVLA on 0300 790 6104 to check the registration certificate is real before you buy.Be on the lookout for stolen registration certificates.
After all it is their cock-up!They shaould have re-issued new documents in the post with car tax renewal forms starting in 2006 when the theft happened. The DVLA makes the valid point that classic vehicles are exempt from paying road tax and, if pre-1960, from the annual MoT test: privileges that do not extend to new-builds. The DVLA has confirmed to that, as the rules stand, you’re not allowed to replace these unless you have a spare, original block or chassis to use. No vintage car, or indeed any car built during the classic era, will pass IVA in its original form. This illustrates the gulf the problems that today’s lawmakers face in reconciling classic vehicles with a world that is totally different from the one in which they were constructed. In seeking to resolve a problem that few were aware even existed, the DVLA’s investigators have opened up a can of worms that is potentially much, much larger than they could ever have envisaged. What’s more, if a vehicle was modified 40 years or more ago [there is a rolling 40-year cut-off date for exemption from road tax], I think it should qualify as a historic vehicle in its own right. Where investigations establish that the original registration was incorrect, these vehicles will require re-registration under an alternative registration.

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