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Renault created the compact MPV segment in Europe in 1996 with the iconic Scenic and since has introduced three generations that have sold nearly 5 million units. The new Renault Scenic redefines MPV thinking with a fresh approach to the segment's traditional cues. Groupe Renault's Chairman and CEO Carlos Ghosn and the Group's SVP Corporate Design Laurens van den Acker will unveil the new Scenic at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show.
The guiding principle behind the fourth-generation Renault Scenic was to provide a completely fresh take on the compact MPV. The new Renault Scenic comes with a distinctive lighting signature in the form of C-shaped head lights that benefit from LED Pure Vision technology like higher-end models. Yet just 12 of the symbol designs were common across all models.Breakdown firm Britannia Rescue, which commissioned the report, also conducted a survey of 2,018 drivers that revealed more than half of drivers (52 per cent) can correctly identify all 16 of the most common symbols. The company said the number of warnings on dashboards varied dramatically from one make to another and highlighted the Mercedes-Benz E Class for having 41 compared to 21 in a Nissan Micra, BMW 3 Series and Volvo S40. The Britannia Rescue poll found that a quarter of motorists have had one or more warning symbols light up while driving in the past 12 months a€“ most commonly the engine, oil or battery lights.
The most baffling light is for a faulty catalytic converter which was incorrectly identified by 95 per cent of drivers. Next for confusion was the air conditioning light which 86 per cent got wrong, followed by a tyre pressure warning that flummoxed 71 per cent.
The majority carry on driving and it takes an average 12 days before they get the problem checked but six per cent admitted they ignored a warning light for more than a month which can be costly.

Drivers who take 14 days to repair their car pay A?200, more than double the A?85 spent by drivers who get cars fixed immediately. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. By the end of my career in service, I could have up-sold a chocolate eskimo rainbow flush and charged to top off blinker fluid. Dealers are actually a great place to get your car repaired, as long as you go in with a clear and realistic set of expectations.
I listen to you eloquently describe what happened, translate your account into a two-sentence summary dumbed down to a first grade reading level for our technicians, have you sign the repair order, and walk you out to the rental agent. At this point, you assume that a menagerie of cigarette-huffing technicians are sitting around a table playing cards. In reality, there are 75 cars that have been dropped off that day, plus 30 that carry over from the day before, plus another 30 from days before. Unless we are having a slow day (typically once every three months), if your car is dropped off after 1pm, chances are, it’s not getting looked at until the next day.
Your comments are always welcome and appreciated, but please wait to pass judgment until the conclusion of the series.
Customers dont care that you weren’t the one that helped them last, the fact that you even bring that up shows that you loathe having to deal with their issue. And if you feel like you have to dunb down everything on the repair order to a 1st grade level for the technicians that speeks volumes on your preception of their intelligence let alone the work they perform.

I was always more than willing to help a customer, regardless of their issue or who wrote the last RO.
Perhaps it was only the technicians I worked with who required such a simplified customer complaint. For the first time, like the new Espace, the model features a three-part windscreen that provides a panoramic view and enhanced visibility. Compared with the Scenic 3, its ground clearance has been raised and the rear overhang has been shortened, while a wider track at both the front and rear provide the vehicle with a particularly solid stance.
His background as a Porsche, Audi and BMW service advisor brings a more technical approach to his writing.
I think you may need to take a bit of your own advise, you seem to have no problem passing it on everyone else. Dan’s passion for automotive journalism secured him a position as regional manager and contributing writer for Parts & People, a multi-region automotive trade publication. Dan is also an active member of the Rocky Mountain Automotive Press (RMAP) and Motor Press Guild (MPG).

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