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September 12, 2008, in Chatsworth, in the San Fernando Valley, eighteen people were killed and scores injured because a Metrolink train failed to yield the right-of-way to a freight train in Chatsworth. Image from Discovery NewsAs a bike accident lawyer who has represented many cyclists lucky to have survived horrific car vs. Even with current costs for helmets well over $100, my feeling is that a good helmet is worth every penny. A German company came up with a great solution to let bicyclists know when it’s time to replace a helmet.
The foam contains microcapsules of stinky oil that are released if the helmet takes enough of a knock. I hope this convinces you to check out your own bicycle helmet for its condition and quality. Sure it costs money to replace a bicycle helmet or invest in one that is really going to protect you well.
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It consisted of an overview of some of the issues involving bicycles and the law, then I fielded a series of dynamite questions posed by listeners.
I received some nice feedback after the Bike Law 101 webinar, so I thought it would be worthwhile to link to it here for those of you who didn’t have a chance to hear it live. This entry was posted in Bicycle Laws and tagged accident attorney, accident lawyer, avvo, avvo lawywer, avvo ratings, avvo reviews, Bicycle, bicycle accident attorney, bicycle risks, bike accident, bike law, bike law 101, bike lawyer, Cycling, District attorney, Elmira New York, James B. Thompson, a former emergency room doctor, was found guilty of six felonies and one misdemeanor and could face as much as five years in prison. As I said to my bike-riding buddies on our club listserv, “I celebrate this verdict and I hope the judge hangs this driver HIGH when he sentences him.” One of my buddies responded that hanging him high is letting him off too easy — he suggested a more painful sentence which I can’t repeat on this family-friendly blog, but suffice it to say that the cycling community is relieved that justice was served in this case.
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There is often great confusion about the distinction between civil and criminal law in bicycle accident cases so I wanted to address this issue and hopefully provide some clarification. Criminal cases involve intentional or criminally reckless conduct that violates a particular criminal law.  Crimes are punished by imprisonment, fines or other penalties imposed by law. Civil cases involve a failure to use reasonable care that results in injury or damage to another person.  Civil cases involve payment of money to the injured party by the person (or his insurance company) who negligently caused the injury. Unfortunately, those moments of carelessness or inattentiveness by drivers can mean the serious personal injury or even death of a bike rider who has virtually no protection against a huge car or truck. In those cases of motorist carelessness or inattentiveness (lawyers refer to this as “negligence”) that harm a bicyclist, I am often hired as a New York or Pennsylvania bicycle accident lawyer to pursue a civil claim or lawsuit against the insurance carrier for the driver who hurt or killed the cyclist.
A civil claim means a claim for compensation (money) to compensate the injured bicyclist for his or her injuries, disability, lost wages, medical expenses, damage to the bicycle or other damages. A civil claim does NOT involve putting someone in jail, putting them on probation, taking away their driver’s license or forcing them to pay a criminal fine.  Those types of penalties are imposed by our CRIMINAL laws. The motorist who hit my cyclist client is charged with violations of the traffic law and the police and the DA’s office prosecute those violations.  If convicted, the driver can be fined (that money goes to the State, not the injured bicyclist) or ordered to pay restitution (that is money paid by the driver to the bicyclist as ordered by the criminal court).
I represent the cyclist in a civil claim for their disability from work, their medical bills, the damages to their bicycle, their pain and suffering, etc. My goal on behalf of my injured bicyclist clients is to make sure that they are FULLY compensated for ALL damages suffered by them. This entry was posted in Bicycle Accident Cases in Court and tagged Burden of proof, civil cases, criminal cases, Criminal law, Defendant, District attorney, James B. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then the Bikeyface comic strip speaks volumes about the joy and perils of being a bicycle commuter in a car-crazed culture. Since beginning the journey of launching ePEDALER, I have read quite a few books on biking. As more of us crowd into cities and the place of the automobile in that environment becomes less and less tenable, more sustainable forms of mobility, like the bicycle and, in ePEDALER's case, the electric-bicycle, are again exerting themselves.

Do yourself and the rest of us - motorists and bike riders alike - a favor and take 15-20 minutes to look through Bikeyface's Flickr photostream. You should perform periodic inspection of your helmet to make sure it is still safe, and always discard a helmet after a crash. Hairline cracks or a fracture in the foam render the helmet much less useful as head protection.
Christopher Thomas Thompson guilty of assaulting cyclists by abruptly stopping his car in front of them on a hilly Los Angeles County road last year.
In the earlier incident, the cyclists said they narrowly avoided hitting the rear of Thompson’s car. Reed, Jim Reed, Jury trial, Law, Lawsuit, Los Angeles, Los Angeles County California, New York, New York bicycle accident lawyer, ny bicycle accident, ny bicycle accident lawyer, ny bicycle cases, pa bicycle a, pa bicycle accident, pa bicycle accident lawyer, pa bicycle law, Prosecutor, Road rage, Superior Courts of California, Traffic collision, United States, Ziff Law Firm on November 5, 2009 by JimReed. Reed, Jim Reed, Jury trial, Law, Lawsuit, New York, ny bic, ny bicycle acciden, ny bicycle accident, ny bicycle accident lawyer, ny bicycle cases, pa, pa bicycle a, pa bicycle accident, pa bicycle accident lawyer, pa bicycle law, Prosecutor, Ziff Law Firm on November 5, 2009 by JimReed. Wright explains on her web site that she started bike commuting occasionally in Los Angeles, but found the compactness, public transit, and traffic congestion in Boston more conducive to doing it full time, allowing her to sell her car and devote, it appears, a growing amount of her time conveying in pictures the highs and lows of being a cyclist in an automobile-dominated culture. In fact, I am currently making my way through Pete Jordan's In the City of Bikes: The Story of the Amsterdam Cyclist, and I'll write about it shortly. If you're a motorist, and most of us in America are, then you'll find it an easy education that, in pictures, conveys what biking writers take thousands of words to express.
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