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Intro: How To Get A Shipping ContainerSteel shipping containers are an interesting, quick, and cost-effective way to install a robust, portable building in your yard, on your flatbed trailer, or at your business.
Our High quality manufactured homes and Cabins or Tiny Houses are the Best buy for today’s manufactured hill country homes.
Because our building material wood that is used to build low cost  New Texas manufactured homes is never wet or even dried by the sun, your Home building wood is as straight and true as possible. Your wood is cut by special advanced computer-controlled saws, which will guarantee you straight, true cuts.
Your foundation is built on a huge solid American steel plate so its perfectly straight, true and square. Our Modern Texas manufactured homes that we offer are the best built homes money can buy, and because we build them in our state of the art modern manufacturing facilities, your cost per square foot is substantially lower than a typical site built home. Plumbing us usually one of the first things that can create problems, because those builders stubbornly cling to the use of the cheapest PVC tubing for your plumbing, and PVC breaks very easily as it ages, and it ages very quickly. They are a lot of savings to be had because your home is built in our controlled Texas Mobile Home factories, out of the harsh sun, wind & rain.

It has a tendency not to warp,it will not be stolen, and is what is called, by most in the industry as “Grade 1? &  “Grade 2? lumber. And because there is no one to watch over the wood that they drop off for the laborers, you end up having to pay for a lot of stolen building materials, loss in damaged materials & other weather and theft related issues. Rain, heavy dew and sunshine all work together to cause stress & warp the wood that is used to build your site-built home so you end up paying for a home that has doors that may not latch properly, possibly cracks in the sheet rock that the builder will not repair, and other problems.
Just enter in your work address and we will show you how long it takes to get there on every property you look at. Our Home carpenters are very skilled craftsmen who take pride in the produced product & all have many years of full-time employment here with us, which virtually guarantees that you get good , consistent work. This is the best lumber that you can have uses to build any Texas manufactured, mobile or modular home. Plus building in the hot sun then the rain then wind affects the quality of the build as well.
It is cut much closest to the heart of the tree, this is important for home building so you get fewer knots, straighter wood and no holes.

Guest suite with Kitchenette, prep kitchen including granite counters, SS cooktop & Dishwasher. All information provided is deemed reliable but is not guaranteed and should be independently verified. Stainless Steel KitchenAid Appliances including oven, microwave, dishwasher, 6 Burner cooktop with griddle and sink. HanStone in Pewter at Master Bath Pullmans and Tub deck with upgraded custom tile at Splash.
Upgraded Oak Chinchilla Wood Flooring in "Tom Duffy - Homerwood Aesthetics" throughout downstairs and stairs.

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