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Temperatures for Food Preservation InfographAn excellent way to store excess garden produce (or make use of great sales of in season produce in your local market) is by canning. The infograph (below) is a complete guide to critical food preservation temperatures to ensure that you know safe and danger zone temperatures for your food whether you are canning, freezing, or just storing canned goods for long term.
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Get Your Copy of our newly released book The Prepper's Guide To Disaster Water Security Today. Do You Know The UK Stop And Search LawThe UK stop and search law is quite well defined and both you and the police have specific rights to help and protect both parties during a search. As a prepper we generally have a different take on survival tools and survival weapon ownership, as we need certain weapons and tools to ensure complete preparation and readiness if there were to be an emergency survival scenario. The police have powers to stop and question you at any time – they can search you depending on the situation. A police community support officer (PCSO) must be in uniform when they stop and question you. You can only be stopped and searched without reasonable grounds if it has been approved by a senior police officer. The police might ask you to take off other clothes and anything you’re wearing for religious reasons – eg a veil or turban. If the officer wants to remove more than a jacket and gloves they must be the same sex as you. An MRE is simply a Meal Ready to Eat and when most people think of one they usually think military meals, but there are any numbers of civilian versions on the market that are available virtually anywhere in the world that are comparable.

There is a distinct difference however, between the so-called Mil-Spec meals versus meals that are actually issued by the military. The typical civilian meal will include an entree, dessert and sundry pack along with eating utensils and a heat pack in some cases. The meals are ideal for emergencies where preparing a regular meal is either impossible or impractical. There is no need to carry any condiments, utensils or desserts because each package has all that is needed for each meal.
The Ration-X field ration [ shown here ] is a complete and ready-to-eat, self-contained meal which comes in a light, water-proof sealed pack.
This pack has a main meal with a dessert, various snacks, some powdered drink and an accessory kit.
Everything comes pre-cooked and is complete, ready to eat and can be eaten hot or, if you prefer, cold. Which makes it a very cheap especially if you grow your own or get your supplies when they are at their lowest price, or better still, free. Meat and fruits can also be canned but meat processed for shelf stability will require a pressure canner that is capable of increasing the water temperature beyond that of the typical boiling point of 100?C (212?F). The food would typically be canned in glass jars, which can create a problem if you have to pack them in a survival kit or transport by vehicle. An MRE is not difficult to make but you would have to buy the product unless you can raise it, and then have the equipment to can it or otherwise preserve it. All in all, the equipment required to give a good quality emergency food pack with the calories required for a survival scenario is best left upto the big boys!

The MRE survival food pack offers preppers exactly what we want for many reasons and including then in you bug out equipment and prepping plans is essential AND they even taste nice..!!! This entry was posted in Blog, DIY, Fire, Survival and tagged fire, firewood, homestead, homesteader, homesteading, identify wood, prepper, prepping, survival, survival fire, survivalist, trees, wood. Business PrinciplesLoyalty, honesty, accuracy and dedication to our readers and customers are the foundation of this business.
A police officer doesn’t always have to be in uniform but if they’re not wearing uniform they must show you their warrant card.
You usually have to increase the temperature of the water for meat processing to 115?C (240?F). Then there is the variety, you typically cannot mix products in the jar so one jar would be meats, one vegetables and one of fruit. Meats, fruits and vegetables can be dehydrated, but if done at home you can expect a shelf life of six months and it will take large volumes of product to ensure you had enough variety to sustain you and your family for any extended period. However, a typical case will contain 6 or 12 meals in single packages and give a full days rations [breakfast, lunch and tea] and will give you plenty of calories for physical work. The recommended daily diet for an adult is one tin or jar of protein (meat), vegetable and one of fruit daily.
The shelf can be extended if kept cool and it is recommended you store them at 15?C (60?F) or below if you want to extend the shelf life.

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