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Now that state of the art equipment can be carried in ambulances, prehospital emergency staff are able to perform an ECG soon after arrival on scene, enabling the EMS provider to gather important diagnostic information that can not only guide prehospital therapy but also direct hospital-based treatment. This book exclusively addresses ECGs for prehospital emergencies, ranging from basic rhythm diagnosis to critical care applications of the electrocardiogram and advanced 12-lead ECG interpretation in the ACS patient.  It provides self testing traces covering all these conditions seen in prehospital and hospital- based environments.

Written by highly experienced emergency physicians with EMS qualifications and experience, this text is an ideal learning tool for trainees and fully qualified staff alike, including ground EMS advanced life support providers, aeromedical staff, and inter-facility critical care transport personnel. It includes 200 randomly presented cases mirroring real life situations, with the answers set out separately together with additional invaluable information.

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