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Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. 5KW portable green power generator natural gas, View power generator natural gas, KIGER Product Details from Fuan Kinger Electrical Machinery Co., Ltd. We have over 34,000 high-quality suppliers all over the world, of which 2,000 are core suppliers. We can act as a free purchasing agent on buyers’ requests and provide services of purchasing and delivery, being directly responsible for the cargo claims as well. We do not make any profits from the course of dealing but by charging technical service and value-added service fees annually from suppliers. Natural gas generator manufacturers, Natural gas generator exporters, Natural gas generator suppliers, Natural gas generator OEM service. Click this link for a Simple Chart that should help you decide what is your best kit choice. The site that you are currently viewing is full of useful and updated information about converting your generator using one of our traditional generator conversion kits or, our newest product, Motor Snorkel. Motor Snorkel is the patented, revolutionary, device that changes your gasoline only generator into a hybrid, tri-fuel machine. US Carburetion is the industry leading authority on conversion kits to change your gasoline generator into a propane generator or natural gas generator. In the beginning, our fastest moving kits were for generators using Briggs and Stratton Engines. Now, no matter if you have a Briggs and Stratton engine on your generator or any other type of generator, we have a classic conversion kit or a Motor Snorkel kit to help with your do-it-yourself hybrid generator conversion. However, working along with FEMA, we were called upon to be of assistance in helping in areas where gasoline was not even available to run generators.

Unfortunately, as some have learned the hard way, if not used often enough, gasoline will gum up the carburetor and will render an engine on the emergency generator useless.
Now that you have invested in a backup generator, make sure that it runs when you need it the most.
Our do-it-yourself change over kits allow you to run your gasoline generator on propane (LP Gas), natural gas, or all three.
If you have propane available you know you can store propane for years because it does not gum up, go bad, or pollute the air like gasoline does. Your generator will last longer because of larger fuel supply and less running out under load. Eliminate the Dirty Port that gasoline carburetors have that shortens the life of an engine.
If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. We made strategic cooperation with TUV to make sure that each supplier is elaborately selected.
Through “Trade Credit”, buyers can apply for a credit period of 180 days at most and gain different financing amounts according to their own operation states and scales. Engine: A) Single or three phase, 4 stroke B) Water cooling C) Direct combustion chamber D) Supercharging internal cooling E) Integrated high intensity cylinder 2.
We have replaced our Kit List Page for All Generators and Engines with our convenient Conversion Kit Finder, which will allow you to quickly and easily find the correct kit to change over your gasoline only generator to become a Propane Generator, Natural Gas Generator AND Gasoline Generator. We originally developed kits that we called Type 1, Type II, Type III, Type IV and Type A and Type C kits. Propane generators, and especially natural gas generators, were more plentiful and just the ticket to keep the lights on and the crews working.

Do not get caught with a gummed up carburetor that will not allow your engine to run, on your gasoline generator that you cannot even get fuel for, when you need it the most. Modify your Generator to run on propane or natural gas or even keep the gasoline option if you like and have the option to run all three fuels on the same engine! Propane and natural gas are truly a backup fuel for a backup generator.A  Your engine will last longer, start better in cold weather and even start next year when you go to use it in an emergency.
You can use the 100# (24 gallon) cylinders, little bar-b-q grill type 20# cylinders, which is equivalent to 5 gallons of gasoline, or big tanks like 250, 500 and 1000 gallon ASME tanks.
The best part is, with one of our do-it-yourself kits you can change your engine from gasoline to propane or natural gas all by yourself. Wouldna€™t you rather have a dependable when it counts propane generator or natural gas generator? Worst of all when power outages occur due to ice storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes and all other disasters, the first commodity to be hoarded is gasoline. Sadly, long lines (even fist fights) and rationing at gas pumps are a common occurrence during many disasters.
The hurricanes that have devastated the eastern and gulf coast of the United States over the past 10 years and Hurricane Sandy were sad proof of that.

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