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Buying a life insurance policy is the need of the hour as we live in a fast-moving age filled with risks and uncertainties.
How do you pick up an insurance policy that will perfectly match your requirements and fit within your budget? If you plan to fetch the best policy that perfectly falls within your budget and provides substantial life cover, then go online and keep on comparing the different policies. You may avail a good policy at a lower premium from a certain company whose brand is not established in the market.
Thus, it is recommended to buy a branded insurance policy to avail flexible claims and quick customer service. Check Out the ReviewsReviews play a key role in understanding the claim settlement ratio of a particular insurer.
To purchase a policy, most of us will contact a friendly insurance agent or approach a financial broker. To avail some of the best policies in the market, you should definitely buy a term plan online.

Different insurers are known to post a variety of questions in order to understand the requirements of the purchaser.
Before you fall for this low premium trap, ensure whether the company is legit and maintained a decent claim settlement ratio. Checking reviews will give you an idea about the number of claims settled and the percentage of the sum assured return.
Thata€™s the reason why we re-iterate the importance of medical insurance in financial planning.
However, both these entities will only promote those policies that promise them higher commission. EPFO provides option to check EPF balance online.Read More >Most Popular FAQs on GratuityEvery employee would have heard about gratuity, but not many would know about it fully. If you rush towards buying a policy without knowing these exclusions, you might land up in trouble when you are in need of the policy.Every policy has limitations. The Full Financial Plan contains specific suggestions on how much to invest and on what along with a list of Doa€™s and Dona€™ts.

There is no policy which covers every aspect related to your health such as diseases, accidents, risks, etc. Read more >How to InvestBecome expert on various financial products like such as mutual funds, stocks, deposits, post office schemes & so on.
Though these are not standard for all policies, there are some exclusions which you need to know before buying health insurance.
Read more >Online tutorialsDetailed e-mail programs written by experts to help you learn and implement concepts such as insurance, investments and tax. You can create a budget, choose credit cards wisely, plan for retirement and do many more things for a better financial life.

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