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After our investigation, the Department of Justice said it's ending contracts with private prisons. Drawing on his academic background in linguistics, Peterson began creating new tongues in 2000. The Art of Language Invention, part technical manual and part linguistics lesson, is chock full of funny pop-culture references—Prince, Back to the Future, the Miami Heat.
You can catch Peterson's handiwork in Season 6 of Game of Thrones, which premieres on HBO on April 24.

Even if you're not a conlanger wannabe, it's a worthwhile read on the origins of language and the way words reflect and shape our behavior. Down below, we highlight some of Peterson's advice for language constructors, but first, we asked him to translate a handful of 2016 presidential campaign slogans into his own tongues. You may have heard some of his work on fantasy TV shows like Defiance, Star-Crossed, and Game of Thrones—Dothrakis and Valyrians both spew his handiwork. Though Ubese supposedly existed in the Star Wars universe, it was haphazard and never fully fleshed out—hence, a fictional language.

Game of Thrones' Dothrakis are a violent nomadic people who live, breathe, and die on the saddle. A true conlang (constructed language) behaves like a natural language, with its own logic and structure, as Peterson explains in his new book, The Art of Language Invention, out this week.

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