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When you think about preparing for an emergency, we’re sure you and your family are well taken care of.
In honor of National Preparedness Month in September, sponsored by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, take the time to prepare a plan for your pets in case disaster strikes.
Some pets — including birds, reptiles, and small animals — have special needs, such as medications and diet. Prepare a smaller area for pets, such as the bathroom or a covered crate — with all their favorite toys and extra bedding — where they can hide and feel safe. You can buy dog appeasement pheromone or synthetic feline pheromone, which can help ease stress, through your veterinarian or a pet product store. When the Twin Towers tumbled on this day thirteen years ago, I watched the TV in horror with my cats on my lap. There is nothing anyone could do to prepare for that level of catastrophe but there is plenty we can do for other emergencies.
Buy a sturdy 25 gal airtight and waterproof container, plain or fancy like one with wheels.
Keep carriers, one carrier per pet with bedding near the emergency container or other easy to access location. Keep a list of pet sitters, boarding facilities, friends or neighbors who can care for your pet if you’re not there.
If staying put, keep all pets (with their carriers and supplies) in one room or part of the house where the doors and windows are secured. Place an article of clothing like a worn T-shirt that smells of you inside the pet carrier.
We will remember with a prayer and a purr all those that perished, tonight when my gang is together.
Popular PostsTop 10 Tips For Finding Lost Cats by Layla Morgan Wilde Cat Purrs 101 : From Pleasure to Pain by Layla Morgan Wilde Cats and Poison Ivy by Layla Morgan Wilde How High Can A Cat Jump? We have compiled a number of extremely useful sites which outline in great detail how to prepare for the worst. is an Emergency Prepardeness Site where you can find amazing information on how to prepare and what to do with your pets in an emergency.
If you live with furry friends it’s important to plan for their well being and safety in an emergency. Get a Rescue Alert Window Sticker that lets emergency workers and others know how many pets are inside your home. Arrange a Safe Haven and Caregivers. If it isn’t safe for you, it isn’t safe for your pets, so don’t leave them behind. Evacuation Preparation. If you must evacuate your home in a crisis, plan for the worst-case scenario. Call ahead to make arrangements for boarding your pet outside of the danger zone at the first sign of disaster. If emergency officials recommend that you stay in your home, determine which rooms offer safe havens. Fill up bathtubs and sinks ahead of time to ensure that you have access to water during a power outage or other crises. In the event of flooding, go to the highest location in your home, or a room that has access to counters or high shelves where your animals can take shelter.
If you keep other kinds of pets, the ASPCA lists special considerations for birds, reptiles and small animals that are important to read.
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All content included on this site, including content such as text, graphics, logos, button icons, images, data compilations is the property of Cress Sales and Marketing LLC. Powers Pet Emergency Hospital- Colorado Springs, CO We strive for excellence in the direst of times as we examine, diagnose and treat your pets.
Our doctors and staff look forward to serving you and your beloved animals with modern veterinary facilities and the latest technology. There are numerous poisonous snakes, plants, and dangerous territory, hills, lakes, rivers, and cliffs. This is something I never want to think about, but it does happen: What if I’m away from home and something happens and my two cats are trapped inside a house and no one knows they are there? This survival kit was designed using advice from experts in the emergency preparedness industry. For security purposes, we ask that you enter the security code that is shown in the graphic. But if you count pets as part of your family unit, you need a specific plan catered just for four legs. And first responders are obligated to help people and may not even have training in animal rescue and handling — which means you need your own pet-friendly action plan in case of emergency. I’d moved a few weeks earlier from Canada to a safe and leafy suburb 20 miles north of Manhattan. They can be small like a temporary power outage, a basement flooding, a cooking fire, a burglary, a broken window, a sudden illness, a family emergency necessitating travel or any other sudden change in the household.
If you don’t already have a pet emergency plan, take a few minutes to make one from the info in this post.
Have collars with tags (regular or tags with id with QR.)  Have leashes and harnesses for each pet.
If you don’t want to store items with expiry dates like meds, Keep them separate and note them on your PLAN. If you are taking public transportation or other means, place as many needed items possible in a large wheeled suitcase with the pet carrier on top. I’m glad you posted about the storage box on wheels cos TW has been wondering about how she was going to carry all the emergency supplies we’d need. When she read Homer’s Odyssey back when it was originally published, that was the hardest part of the book for her to get through. The piece of mind that your family and your pets are safe is invaluable and prevents much heartache and sleepless nights down the road.
Plan and prepare for the unexpected for your family and your pets and you are more likely to survive an emergency such as a fire or flood, tornado or terrorist attack. Making sure you have an emergency kit ready for your pets as well as your family helps save time when you need to get out quickly.
You may not always be able to get to an Emergency Hospital and your First Aid Skills can save your pets life.
No one can forget the images of pets struggling for survival in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Not all Red Cross disaster shelters accept pets, so it is imperative to make an evacuation plan for them ahead of time including identifying hotels outside of your immediate area that accept pets and asking friends and relatives outside your immediate area if they would be willing to take in your pet. If you think you may be gone for only a day, assume that you may not be allowed to return for several weeks. He reports on the outdoor industry, reviews gear for camping, hiking, shooting, hunting, paddling, backpacking and other active pursuits.

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Our emergency veterinary hospital takes great care to provide you and your pet peace of mind in all emergencies. Powers Pet Emergency will work closely with your regular veterinarian, providing medical notes, evaluations and recommendations – we become part of your pet’s medical team. Colorado’s extreme temperature changes can also affect your pet’s ability to stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Uh, OK so our cats hate the car, unlike one of our earlier Siamese buddies, who used to ride across my shoulders and we had to take him on Sunday drives.
We have a carrier for each cat and an emergency bag with their food, and spare supply of medicine. It follows guidelines given by government agencies and non-profit preparedness organizations.
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You may or may not be there when an emergency strikes but chances are your pets will be home.
If pets don’t usually wear collars or harnesses store in an emergency storage container). If you have no choice, leave “Pets Inside” stickers or notes on doors and windows with contact info. Unfortunately, we don’t have room or enough closets in this condo to keep large storage items. Depending on what type of emergencies are common in your area, you may need to plan for extended absences.
As the VP of BD & Marketing, Jeff provides sales and marketing leadership to MGECOM, Inc. She became the official emergency person because she’s the only one I know who can get our cat Mac, to take his medicine. Many pets perished when owners who lived in the evacuated area in lower Manhattan were forbidden to enter the zone. If you have evacuated with your pets, leave a note on the door saying “Evacuated with pets”.
My PTU was taken out of the furnace room and put in full view after there was the small fire on our floor.
However, as a result, and animal welfare in an emergency took a quantum leap forward via legislation, public awareness, emergency services and owner preparedness.
I am beginning to realize a sticker in the window to let fire fighters and police know there are cats would be a good idea.
Many pet owners have to make the gut wrenching decision to abandon their pets when disaster heads their way because they are not prepared.
A dog could be injured, running around in strange neighborhood, and no one would ever know a thing. Prior to a recent vet visit my husband was tore up and down the stairs looking for a certain cat carrier. In my home, we were prepared with everything including a generator but nothing could prepare us for a sudden blast of hurricane force winds breaking open a window, leaving broken glass and debris in its wake.

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