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Keith paints with JACK RICHESON OILs & UNISON PASTELs (provided by JACK RICHESON). Keith uses GRAPHITE PENCIL for his portraits along with water-based media, oils, and pastels.
Keith has exhibited in New York, Chicago, San Diego, Laguna Beach,A Seattle, Denver, Houston, China, Japan, and many Fortune 500 corporations throughout the southern and western US. Keith is quickly emerging as a popular art instructor; already in 8 states (OR, WA, CA, NV, TX, AZ, OH, MA). Keith ignites his studentsa€™ passions when he teaches them how to paint the illusion of forever. Keith has committed himself to art and shares his forty plus years experience with his students in such a patient and positive manner. With Keith you get the best of the best, an amazing artist who is also a wonderful instructor.

He is gracious, a clear succinct communicator, an outstanding creative demonstrator (I purchased his demo) and generous with his time, before, during, and after the seven hour sessions.
Owner of 2 galleries and partners in a third in Southern California, with movie star collectors in Hollywood, Keith has had an amazing career in the art field as a master watercolorist, master oil painter, cover artist, muralist, workshop instructor, degreed designer, and consultant. ACRYLIC INK, JACK RICHESON SHIVA CASEIN, DECO ART TRADITIONS ARTIST ACRYLIC, MATTE ACRYLIC, ANDA EGG TEMPERA. Several students commented that it was the most they learned in a workshop and sign up right away again for his next one.
Keith would be an excellent addition to your association as an instructor who shares his expertise, leaving an ever lasting impression on all of his students.a€? L. The use of different types of paints & materials opened my eyes to stepping outside my comfort area and trying them. Ernest Borgnine, The Dinah Shore Tennis Classic, William Fawcett, William Shatner, William Holden, Peter Breck), athletes (i.e.

The time and effort he puts into his visual aids for each of his workshops are much appreciated by all who attend. I enjoyed the workshop and learned so much that I attended Keitha€™s 2 day Seattle workshop in February and, once again, I experienced his artistic genius and outstanding teaching. I will take many more classes from this amazing superstar artist and extraordinary special instructor.a€? Richard S.

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