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The results are in for the Best Real Estate Investing Blog Contest, and while I did not win, I took the loss in stride, with a minimal of gratuitous moping and whining.
Congratulations to Susan Lassiter-Lyons at The Investor Insights for winning the blog contest! However, my wife and I do everything in our power to keep them from ever even consider moving. In the rental house business, we use a light touch when communicating with tenants. A phone call is good when you need to quickly get in contact with your tenant, but if it’s not an urgent matter, our preferred means of communication with tenants is by sending them memos by regular mail.
For example, if the tenant is not keeping up the yard work around their rental property, as agreed upon in the rental contract, we will write them a note in a calm and respectful manner identifying the problem. A phone call could easily put them in a defensive position, and turn into a heated conversation, which is the last thing we want.
This is not theory, but real life experiences of building a fix and hold real estate business.
With the wit of Will Rogers, this book provides simple guidelines for restoring homes, and sanity to our crazy lives. Debt payoff help with the Little promissory note payoff processing time of less than 14 days that has been proven to pay off all types of financial debts with lenders.
Mortgage Education – As Home Owners, We Have Educated Ourselves On Bank Mortgage Securitization, Little Promissory Note Payoff, Mortgage Lien Release and Debt Relief Mortgage Note payoff and settlement, And We Would Like To Give You the Education To Understand And Fight Against Illegal Foreclosure Using our Little Promissory Note,  information and the laws, In and Out Of Foreclosure! We use priority, centuries old, lawful payment process whereby a little promissory note has paid off all types of bank, financial, and commercial debts and loans with a 14 day processing time. Our Mortgage Lien Release Education can help you get rid of your mortgage lien and other types of debts over $10,000.00 with a Little Promissory Note Payoff processing from the Private Bankers National Association, PBNA, with the same authority of a bank to issue promissory notes to pay off bank debts and loans.
We stress that we are neither attorneys nor accountants and do not give legal nor accounting advice.
Postal Money Orders, Certified bank checks, Bank of America bank to bank transfer of funds, visa & master card Debit cards, or Credit card payments including Visa, Discover, Master Card, and American Express credit cards. We respect your privacy and will not reveal your personal information to anyone for any reason unless you give us permission to do so and to what extent in writing. Home Owners can win court cases all over the country with our mortgage Securitization Audit packages that give you rock solid Court Evidence that the foreclosure banks are committing Fraud.
Learn bank mortgage securitization and foreclosure defense strategies that work, so you can fight mortgage and foreclosure fraud and SAVE Your Home with a mortgage lien release today… or just pay your mortgage lien off with a little promissory note with our processing. WE PROVIDE YOU THE MORTGAGE EVIDENCE THAT YOU NEED TO WIN IN ANY MORTGAGE OR FORECLOSURE CASE! Get relief from your mortgage debt through Mortgage Lien Release and Foreclosure Securitization Education. Discover Exactly How Mortgage Education Is Used That May Get Your Home Mortgage Lien FREE And Clear With A Mortgage Debt Relief Satisfaction Of Mortgage and Mortgage Lien Release, Usually about 20 Days, from start to finish, Legally under Federal UCC Law by following our Mortgage Lien Release Education process with the Little promissory Note Processing! Home Mortgage Lien Release Debt Education Debt Payoff Process is the answer to most homeowner problems.Forget about mortgage loan “Switch and Bate” modifications, short sales, your home worth less than you owe, or foreclosure. With this Home Mortgage Education Process, you could have a free and clear home in no time with our proven educational program where we process your promissory note payoff and Mortgage Debt Relief fast and how to get your Mortgage Lien Released and Removed legally quickly!. Most home owners don’t know that you Pre-Paid your mortgage when the Lender or Bank closed 2 to 3 days after your closing. Please see the promissory note allonge or an illegal alteration with the arrows on the last mortgage promissory note page below and then you will know it is true also. The endorsement where this new check was cashed would be on the front or back of this allonged page that shows that your mortgage was PAID-IN-FULL and you don’t owe any money when your promissory note was changed into a check (Money) and was endorsed or cashed by your lender with this allonge that was never disclosed to you under Federal UCC Laws, TILA! After your lender sold your note and mortgage into the Trust, they were converted into electronic format and only copies in PDF form exist as an intangible asset under UCC Article 9 and your note has been stripped of the money equity.
This is why there are no original blue inked signed notes available for foreclosure, just a counterfeit copy of your note remains that these banks pawn off as the original to the judges and courts to start an illegal foreclosure action against you just on the bank’s say so with no proof of mortgage loan debt. When your mortgage or deed of trust has been sold or assigned and you’re paying another bank, or even the same bank, then your mortgage may have been securitized illegally, under the Trust’s Pooling and Servicing Agreement, and no one has the real, original promissory note and mortgage. Securitization is illegal, because the promissory note and mortgage or deed of trust was divided and separated from the closing and with this illegal method that the banks came up with to protect them and to screw you out of a free loan to pay the previous mortgage and seller that is proven by many Court Cases. There is a Pooling and Servicing Agreement, PSA, for every lender or bank that they must follow under the SEC.
It is always the best to include a Securitization Audit with this educational process that proves the bank fraud by a 3rd party expert that will hold up in any United States of America court if completed by a competent auditor that improves your chances of winning your case up to 97%. There are four (4) Day Global, LLC., securitization audits for you to choose from for a Quiet Title Mortgage Lien FREE Home. Each title holder is linked to the previous title holder, and to any subsequent title holders, through transfers and endorsements forming a chain of title as disclosed through various public and private entities. State statutes, relevant Supreme Court rulings, and UCC codes will all be used in support of our arguments. Our Analysis is comprehensive in nature and enables a client to formulate and articulate the arguments pursuant to the local laws of jurisdiction, and can be used within the four corners of pleadings without having to do further research.- Affidavits come witnessed and notarized, and blue-ink originals are mailed to whichever address the client has provided, ready to be placed into court as exhibits.
If requested for trial appearance, Expert Witness testimony is available for an additional price.
Remember, the first 2 audits are only one step above other cookie cutter template audits AND are not as good and are not court litigation ready. Introducing a new Mortgage Free Home Fraud Audit, (MFHFA), that is UNLIKE anything in the Mortgage Foreclosure Defense or Securitization Defense Industry!
The new, innovative, Mortgage Free Home Fraud Audit is now on sale at a New, LOW Introductory Investment Offer. As of now, #3 and #4 tend to have a slightly faster turnaround time of three to four weeks, since the new, innovative, Mortgage Free Home Fraud Audit is a completely custom product and requires extensive research time, graphics analysis, etc.

The new, innovative, MFH Mortgage Free Home Fraud Audit is only $2,000 and GSE Mortgage Free Home Fraud Audit is $2500. This is another POWERFUL and PROVEN foreclosure avenue that you can do and use to convince the judge that you have paid off your Note and Mortgage in Full and have yet to be relieved of your fraudulent payment obligation, under Federal Law, by the foreclosure banks, Trustees, and lenders. This is when the so-called Lender sold the note without the mortgage; thus, separating the note and the deed of trust or mortgage forever as in the case with MERS. By the Federal Banking Laws, the banks cannot lend you their money, nor lend their depositors’ account money, and they cannot lend you their credit per the Federal Banking Law, so where did they get the money to lend you? YOU gave it to them with your signature on the promissory note as a FREE LOAN, when they changed your promissory note into a check or money and put it in your Private Reserve checking account that only the lender knows about and waiting 3 years to claim your money as abandoned or lost funds after the lender or bank endorsed it, without your knowledge, authority, or consent!!! The Allonge or Alteration against Federal Law changed your mortgage promissory note into a security instrument, cash money, without your knowledge or consent; thus, your lender created money out of thin air with bookkeeping entries, without full disclosure, and with your unknowing promissory note debt signature since most of you are only a number and not a real person made in God’s image anymore.
Your name in all capital letters shows that you are a fictious enity, a corporation, and not a flesh and blood man or woman! Because this alteration changed your promissory note into a FREE loan for the Lender or Bank. Did you know that when your lender or bank stamped their allonge on your original note and endorsed their new check, that your mortgage was prepaid, because the Lender was Paid-In-Full the second time for your mortgage and note, and your mortgage was Paid-In-Full by you at your closing?
The reason your lender or bank gave it back to you in the form of a loan, collecting both the principal back plus interest is, because your Lender or Bank does not have to pay Federal income taxes on your mortgage lien loan and can charge interest..
This is just FREE SPEECH folks, given to us by the United States of America Constitution… a gift from our fore-fathers and not the UNITED STATES corporation central government. An endorsed, allonge on the front or back of your last page of your mortgage promissory note would show that your Lender was Paid-In-Full and your home and mortgage should have been pre-paid by law and released back to you according to your Mortgage or Deed of Trust “RELEASE” paragraph, don’t you agree? Read your Mortgage or Deed of Trust and you will find that under the RELEASE Paragraph that it says upon full payment the note and mortgage will be reconveyed or released back to you and you would be responsible for the recording fees.
Well, no bank nor lender will show you the back of or on the last page of your mortgage promissory note where that new check was endorsed, then cashed, and deposited to them and the lender was paid-in-full against Federal and State contract law, because there was no meeting of the minds, between you and your lender or bank.
Save Tens or Hundreds of Thousands of dollars in both mortgage debt Principal and Interest with this legal, educational mortgage debt relief and lien removal services.
Further said, once the Note was converted into a stock or bond certificate, as it has been after a time, when Securitized, it is no longer a Note or security as it had been before sold into the BANK TRUST.
But this is how illegal foreclosures are carried out by your bank with the help of some judges today. You can order a Securtization Audit that proves, in writing, that your lender or bank has committed fraud from the beginning by separating the mortgage (Deed of Trust) and the promissory note when you are interested in saving your home. REMEMBER, this administrative process and securitization audit are EVIDENCE that could win your case to get your home free and clear with a legally signed mortgage lien release from the Judge.
This may be your only chance, so invest now before your commercial business property is foreclosed. The information that is shared on this web site is not to be interpreted or construed as legal advice. Again, the material on this website is for educational purposes only and not to be construed as legal advice about what you should or should not do. The information herein is to assist you in performing your own due diligence before implementing any strategy. If legal advice or other expert assistance is required, the services of a competent professional should be sought.
Furthermore, neither the author nor the publisher shall be liable for any damages, either directly or indirectly arising from the use or misuse of this service.You may want to talk to a real estate attorney or a private attorney familiar with your state laws governing mortgages. Do you know someone who has a mortgage or other financial debt or loan outstanding and wants to get it paid off for Pennies on the Dollar? David YoungNOTE: We stress that we are neither lawyers, attorneys nor accountants and do not give legal nor accounting advice.
With a Vocational Educational Training centre in Bangalore under the Swiss VET Initiative in India (SVTII), the agencies involved are keen on firming up and broadbasing the collaboration, possibly through a memorandum of agreement with the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship. With the global demand for skilled workers growing rapidly,Switzerland is keen on expanding its ties with India in skill training and education initiatives by opening at least four more centres in the country. We may make a reference to the section of the contract that requires them to keep up the yard (but only if they are a repeat offender), and describe what needs to be performed to meet the terms of the agreement. We will usually call and let them know well ahead of time if we plan to do some preventative maintenance, on the roof, for example. Mortgage Lien Removal with Administrative Process: Helping home owners remove their foreclosure and remove mortgage liens with due process and 1 hour in court.
By December we were behind with our mortgage payments to LItton and requested relief via a mortgage modification. As a member of the PBNA, you are authorized to write the Little Promissory Note to Discharge your debts with full settlement of your debt contract of all types. It also proves that the note was stripped of its equality payment obligation when it was sold by the Lender and converted into an electronic format (Counterfeit Copies) and is now a worthless piece of paper that is non-negotiable. Listen to people in the News and what they are saying about illegal mortgages, notes, and foreclosure defense that could reduce your mortgage by as much as 90% on what you now owe on your home or get rid of your loan altogether through the proven, powerful, and legal little promissory note process and other programs offered by DAY GLOBAL DOCUMENTS PROCESSING Company. They are just the servicer, a thirld party debt collector with no contract between them and you under TILA!
We help home owners that have mortgage or foreclosure problems and any one that has a debt over $10,000.00 to pay it off with a little promissory note. Contact us with any questions regarding Mortgage debt relief with forgiven mortgage debt, cancellation of mortgage debt,  and little promissory note payoff process. Our auditors are very competent enough to be and Expert Witness in any State court which is a proven fact.

DAY GLOBAL gives our VIP clients SPECIAL treatment in that we give you, when you order today, a huge discounted investment price to complete the evidence phases 1 and 2 on each of our audits. This way we can let you know if your loan has been securitized and to make sure we can find your loan in the trust before you invest in the securitization analysis. Don’t Delay Just email me Today for additional information on our Commercial Lien property audits.
ORDER YOUR MORTGAGE LIEN RELEASE AND STOP MORTGAGE FORECLOSURE PROCESS TODAY BY PAYING IT OFF WITH A LITTLE PROMISSORY NOTE! If either says yes, they own it, then you know that you have a GSE trust and need #4 Audit above. Completed by a Licensed Private Investigator, this report will have attached ALL applicable State and Federal Laws, penal codes and customized exhibits that factually proves the actual fraud and intent of your lender and bank. If you have a foreclosure case where you have a court date or something coming up fast, it might be a good idea to get the #3 or #4 quickly and use that to show that the foreclosing bank, trustee, or investor don’t have the right or authority to foreclose, and in the meantime we can be working on the new, innovative, Mortgage Free Home Fraud Audit to prove actual fraud to make your case even stronger.
This is how the bank’s assets increased along with getting the interest that you are paying while your assets decreased. Government of the UNITED STATES Corporation, the IRS, the Treasury Department, and the AIG Home Insurance Corporation. Article 3 and it will define the UNITED STATES as a corporation, not as a free country in the Americas! If both the Note and the stock, bond equivalent, and the note exist at the same time, that is known as double dipping. This is because the Judges have not taken the time to learn about Bank Securitization and why it is illegal. This recording shows that they have been separated, the chain of title has been broken, and are illegal and our Securtization Audit proves this!
The Little promissory Note is a payoff to that you can show the judge with the Bank’s own approval and received stamp on your copy.
This Administrative Default process manual, letters, and forms information are for educational purposes only.
The Little Promissory Note has worked for other people in all States to get a Satisfaction of Mortgage on the public side of the law.
Although every precaution has been taken in the preparation of this service, the publisher and author assume no liability for errors and omissions. ORDER YOUR STOP MORTGAGE HOME FORECLOSURE PACKAGE TODAY in one of the processing forms above! Though a beginning has already been made in this direction with a Vocational Educational Training centre in Bangalore under the Swiss VET Initiative in India (SVTII), the agencies involved are keen on firming up and broadbasing the collaboration, possibly through a memorandum of agreement with the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship.
And, we have a written record of what we have told them that we keep in the tenant’s file folder.
If a plumber cancels an appointment, we’ll call them so they are not waiting around all afternoon for no reason. This is what makes it fraud and also breaks the Chain of Title to prove that they actually DO NOT own your loan. Even if your loan has not been securitized our forensic audit fines the fraud in your documents to help you win in court so you may be able to get your home free and clear of any mortgage lien. We’ve already had people have great success with this innovative, new Mortgage Foreclosure Fraud Solution product. Double dipping is a form of Federal securities fraud that the foreclosing banks commit every day, because you homeowners do not challenge nor fight for your property. If you decide to use any of the information on this web site you do so solely at your own discretion. Our services are designed to provide accurate information in regard to the subject matter covered. When you are in foreclosure and going to lose your home if you do not take action or stuck with an underwater negative value home, we pull no punches helping you with mortgage Relief. This is called a Mortgage Free Home Fraud Audit that actually finds the bank fraud in your documents!
Our audits help the homeowner with a rock solid auditor affidavit and proof from original public documents that hold a lot of weight in any court.
All information is transmitted with the understanding that – We do not give legal or tax advice – and we are not licensed to do so. This will help strengthen and expand the project to areas other than the traditional segments like mechanical and electrical works to food processing, hospitality industry and factory management," said Franz Probst, founder and chairman of SkillSonics, which has a skill training facility in Bangalore.
There is a $400 fee if we need to find all your recorded documents with a title search in order to find the bank fraud. Supreme Court stated, “The note and mortgage are inseparable; the former as essential, the latter as an incident.
An assignment of the note carries the mortgage with it, while assignment of the latter alone is a nullity.
A working group could be going to India to explore the potential and strengthen the partnership," he said.
The SVITII is modelled on the Swiss system of vocational education and training methodology of imparting skill training to students at a young age with the support of the industry, including major players like elevator-maker Schindler.
Schindler, which has vocational education programmes in its plants, train about 300 apprentices at its headquarters in Ebikon and other branches.

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