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If you have the time and inclination, and a certain sense of daring , you can share your cellular data as a Wi-Fi signal for free, without connecting through your data carrier. If you fall into either camp, and want to set up your qualifying iOS device via your cellular data carrier, here’s how.
First up, you need to know that this will only work with a cellular data provider that allows the Personal Hotspot feature on your iOS device. If you have all that in place, simply launch your Settings app with a tap, then tap the General button. Once Personal Hotspot is on, you can enable a password and then connect other devices, like a Mac, iOS device, handheld gaming device, or any other Wi-Fi enabled device you might have. Personal Hotspot is one of those iOS features that seems to require a bit of finesse to work properly. However, in my experience, there’s a bit of voodoo involved in getting my devices to actually connect to what my iPhone 4S is broadcasting.
My Hotspot is easy to turn on, but it seems to require some very specific treatment to make sure it’s reliably detected by my other devices. After a lot of tinkering, I’ve found that the key to working around spotty Personal Hotspot detection is turn the hotspot on and make sure you stay on that screen until your other devices connect. Surprisingly simple to use, here’s exactly how to turn on internet sharing, and turn an iPhone or LTE iPad into a router for other computers or devices to connect to. On the other hand, if you know for sure that you do have support for internet sharing on your iPhone or iPad with a data plan to support it, but Personal Hotspot has mysteriously disappeared, you can often just reset the devices network settings to bring it back into the Settings menu. You can take further steps to conserve and reduce data usage when connected to Personal Hotspot, we cover 10 excellent tricks here to help keep data usage low when tethering to an iPhone or iPad, and they range from disabling automatic updates for a variety of apps and OS’s, to turning off cloud and Dropbox syncing. The Samsung Galaxy S5 is capable of sharing its connection with other devices like a laptop, tablet or portable gaming system thanks to a personal hotspot feature.
Using the Samsung Galaxy S5 as a personal hotspot is often called a mobile hotspot, portable hotspot or simply tethering.
Most of the time using the Galaxy S5 as a hotspot means sharing the internet connection over WiFi, but users can also share the connection with a USB cable to keep the Galaxy S5 charged while using it as a personal hotspot.
Many plans allow owners to use the Galaxy S5 as a personal hotspot without any additional fee, but not all accounts include this. This is something you can turn on when traveling and turn off when you are done so that you aren’t wasting money.
Using the Galaxy S5 as a personal hotspot will use more data than simply surfing on your phone and you should make sure that your computer is not backing up files, downloading updates or other tasks that use a lot of data while on a personal hotspot.
On any Galaxy S5 pull down the Notification Drawer and tap on the small Settings icon in the upper right.
This screen will show a Mobile Hotspot setting that uses WiFi and a USB tethering option that uses a USB cable connected to your computer. Tap on Configure and then change the Network SSID to something you recognize, like Josh’s Hotspot.
Before you go any farther it is a good idea to tap on the three dots again and choose Timeout settings. With the Galaxy S5 personal hotspot set up you can now turn it on with the toggle at the top of the screen. If you plug a Micro USB cable into the Galaxy S5 and connect it to a computer the USB Tethering option lights up as available.

On a Mac you will need to go to Network Preferences and set up USB tethering as a network connection. This is an option, but for most users it is easier to set up and use the Galaxy S5 as a Mobile Hotspot over WiFi and simply plug-in to a computer or charger for power.
If you don’t have a shortcut to turn the Galaxy S5 hotspot on you will need to download a free Hotspot toggle widget from the Google Play Store. Install this widget, then tap and hold on the Galaxy S5 home screen until the options appear. All very well but can you please tell us how to make the phone and tablet allowed devices on both because this stops us making the hotspot. Would it be rude to ask a famous professor who doesn't know me personally for a recommendation letter if I have published in a high ranking journal? Does the union of two not disjoint open balls always contain the line connecting the two centers? I’m not a huge fan of jailbreaking, per se, and even the non-jailbreaking solution seems a bit technical and some folks might see it as borderline unethical.
Keep in mind, though, that the more devices using the Personal Hotspot, the more data you’ll use up. It can also be a little difficult to troubleshoot problems with Personal Hotspot because one of the main issues that people have is that Personal Hotspot option is actually missing from their Settings, and more often than not, search results on Google will highlight threads discussing the missing Hotspot option. Do not move to any other screen before the status bar starts glowing blue (indicating a device is connected). Fees vary per provider and per area, so you will need to check with your specific cell carrier if you are not sure what it costs to use, or how to order the feature for your data plan.
Also, we’ll show how to change the default password for the connection, and how to connect to the hotspot from another device.
Whatever device becomes connected to the iPhone or iPad will treat it as a normal wireless router and use it’s internet connection as usual, never knowing the difference. Most carriers place a five device limit on Personal Hotspot use, so be aware of that and don’t try to provide the entire officer neighborhood with an internet connection through your cell phone. This will stop broadcasting the wi-fi and Bluetooth signal as a hotspot, and also save some battery life. Because each cell provider charges different rates and fees, be sure you know what the overage charges are, and if you suspect you’re going overboard then just jump off the hotspot so you can reign things in.
No big deal, because Android can also do this and share it’s internet connection easily too.
Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! When you use the Galaxy S5 as a personal hotspot you can connect other devices to the Internet anywhere you have a good cell phone signal. While on a 4G or 4G LTE connection some users will gain speeds faster than a home internet connection. Whatever you call it, this is how you can share your Galaxy S5’s internet connection with other devices. If you are on a shared data plan on AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile or Verizon the personal hotspot feature is included. For users with a Galaxy S5 on a smaller regional carrier check with your company to find out pricing.

If your account is not set up for it the phone will tell you and direct you to contact customer service.
This screen shows if the hotspot is active, the Galaxy S5 network name and a warning that using the Galaxy S5 as a personal hotspot can use a lot of data. Scroll down and change the default password to something that you can remember but will be tough for a stranger to guess. This is faster than going to settings and faster than using the AT&T mobile hotspot shortcut. Plus where I live 4G LTE is everywhere I do speedtests of 15 to 20 Mbps download & 5 to 8 Mbps upload all the time. I haven’t had that problem, so it has been particularly difficult to troubleshoot exactly what has been going on. If your your iPad later disconnects from the hotspot due to auto-sleep, just put it to sleep and wake it up, and it should automatically reconnect.
Plus, with the ever increasing range of LTE and 4G service, it’s not uncommon for a cellular connection to actually be faster than standard DSL or a cable modem anyway.
First and foremost, not all carriers support the feature, so you will want to be sure that your cell provider does offer personal hotspot and internet tethering. Perhaps the best way to monitor data usage when tethering and using Personal Hotspot is by keeping a close eye on the data counter on the device itself.
The same data usage rules apply for Android though, so always remember to keep an eye on your data plan regardless of way device is being used. From here scroll down to the Network Connections group and tap on Tethering and Wi-Fi Hotspot.
Before tapping the toggle to turn the Galaxy S5 hotspot on, tap on the three dots in the upper right to change the settings. Keep in mind the longer you set this time the faster battery life will run down even when you aren’t using the Galaxy S5. Tap Ok and the main screen will then show the Galaxy S5 hotspot as on, the network name and password as well as devices that are connected.
Once in a while if a repeatedly tap at the toggle it works, but only a few times, An NFC tag I wrote for a previous device worked once but never again.
My hotspot was working fine with vezion now since I changed it comes up saying mobile number not found. You may get a dialog box telling you to contact your data provider; you can do so either on the web or by calling them. Many carriers will either charge an additional fee to use the hotspot ability, or require a separate data plan in order to use the feature. Users can now search for the connection on a computer, tablet or gaming device and connect.

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