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This is a General Hat Sizing Chart: Please read each hat product page for further sizing information. JCPenney is a well known brand involving a large chain of retail outlets located mostly in United States. With such a large variety of products, it is obvious that the company will value their honorable customers with some discount coupons. In this package, you can have maximum 25% off on a purchase amount worth of $200, 20% off on $100, and 15% off on purchasing less than $100 on the mentioned items. The Tilley Outback Hat employs a modern waxed cotton technology that can be washed, worn, packed, used and abused.

It features a Dupont Teflon treatment to repel water and oil based spills as well as a laminated underbrim fabric that shades both your neck and face. The total number of departmental stores is more than 1,110 and they are mainly situated at various states of USA. Over time, the fabric develops a leather-like appearance that weathers to the nuances of each hat owner.
Discount coupons are a strategic policy taken by the management during various occasions in order to promote a large volume of sell.
So in order to facilitate client’s purchase, retailers’ offer some attractive coupon packages which proof beneficial for both the parties in terms of price and purchase.

Starting from home decor to clothing for men, women and kids; JCPenney has spread the brand image in almost every product lines.
In this matter, JCPenney is always one step ahead to meet their customer needs with a price cut via offering promotional discounted coupons.
In the stores, you will get almost every item that will fulfill your demands and belongings.

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