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It is pointed out that the wider application of cloud computing and big data technologies is going to bring new insights to insurance companies and help them get to know their customers better. Despite the fast growth, the emerging market faces lots of problems like: product homogeneity, inadequate application of new technology and cyber security risks.
As traditional insurance companies are trying to explore online businesses, internet companies are flocking to the sector with edges in e-commerce promotion channels and technologies. Alibaba and Tencent have jointly established Zhong An, an online insurance company, with Chinese insurance company Ping An last year. Emma Lee is Shanghai-based tech writer, covering startups and tech happenings in China and Asia in general. Online insurance sales will double by 2011, and that the Web will play a major role in most personal insurance purchases across auto, life, and health. The web has become an increasingly important communication channel between sellers and buyers of personal insurance.
Pure online sales are growing, but will still account for less than 15% of sales, even in personal auto.
To demonstrate the varied landscape of online marketing and sales, this report provides snapshots of web activities for top carriers, aggregators, and online agencies in three areas: personal automobile, life, and individual health.
Run a Google search on “insurance sales leads,” and you will find endless lists to buy or rent.
Just follow five easy steps to a lead strategy program that produces pre-qualified leads for your agency sales force and builds long lasting marketing relationships for you along the way. You’ll want to collect information that includes at the very least; email, first name, last name and zip code. Referral: Add Social Sharing options to what was downloaded so that the recipient share with their network. Search Engine Marketing includes a host activities aimed at improving your web site’s ranking on search engines like Google or Yahoo! Versatile – E-mail can be great touch point for both your existing customers and any prospects you might have in your database.
Measurable – You know if the intended recipient actually received your e-mail, whether they opened it and whether they clicked any links in the e-mail. A blog is a type of web site, usually maintained by an individual, that provides news or commentary on a particular subject in the form of brief entries that are displayed in reverse chronological order. You can’t really talk about Internet Marketing anymore without at least mentioning social media and social networking. Two common representations of social networking are LinkedIn and Facebook, but there are niche communities online for everyone and everything you can possibly imagine—including insurance.
Social Media sites vary greatly in their makeup, but basically they allow like-minded people to share content on a particular subject in a forum where everyone can play the role of both audience and author, meaning anyone can post content and comment on the content of others.
If you’re interested in marketing your practice online, but most of this is unfamiliar to you, it’s important to start slow.
Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. The latest survey released on Thursday by consumer-research firm comScore shows a growing market of online auto insurance sales in addition to an increase in customers who are likely to visit websites to buy future policies.
There were 3.1 million policies sold through websites in 2011, representing a 6 percent gain from the year before, according to comScore. Previous research from the firm showed that the number of policyholders seeking quotes from online auto insurance companies has held steady since 2009, the last year the number of quotes retrieved through websites saw a significant uptick.

The firm’s survey also found a year-to-year gain of 2 percentage points in the number of respondents who said they are likely to purchase policies on websites in the future, now representing 34 percent of those surveyed. Only 22 percent of consumers surveyed said they’d be unlikely to purchase coverage online in the future, compared with 48 percent who said so in 2008. The survey also measured the likelihood consumers would switch auto insurance companies, finding that they were no more likely to do so in 2011 than in 2010. That figure, however, represents the highest rate of switching customers since 2008, according to the firm. That study surveyed all types of policyholders and did not narrow down its findings to those buying and shopping for policies on the Web, but did report that about 3 out of every 4 shoppers visit the website of at least one insurer. Licensed Health Insurance Sales Representative - MedicareSolutionsLicensed Health Insurance Sales Representative . Online insurance has become a major momentum to drive the sustainable growth of insurance sector, contributing to 14% of new business growth. Popularity of financial insurance products sold through third-party e-commerce channels, such as Tmall, JD and Ctrip.
Insurance companies, especially small and medium-sized insurance firms, started to realize the importance of online insurance business and poured more resources in the sector. Tencent Cloud just strikes strategic partnership with Anxin Property Insurance, an internet-aided insurance company, to give full play to its cloud computing and big data technologies.
Insurers need to manage and direct those interactions or risk losing shoppers’ attention to intermediaries that may direct prospects elsewhere. However, list acquisition is never the best way to procure viable and pre-qualified leads for sales. Keep the questions to a minimum, more than five questions can result in uncompleted forms and page drop offs. Your marketing objectives, product portfolio, sales life cycle and other factors will determine additional questions you may want to add for best segmentation and marketing customization. This is the starting point of your relationships and the first step in nurturing your leads. Generally, online marketing “pulls” prospects to you, rather than “pushing” your services out to them. Almost all Internet marketing strategies are less expensive than tradition marketing and advertising solutions. At its most basic, SEM consists of two things: Paying for search engine placement through pay-per-click ads and producing content that will boost your placement in the natural search results. Basically, Social Networking communities are sites where you can create your own profile and connect with other people.
Two of the more popular social networking sites for insurance agents are and Advisor Nation. If you have a blog or a web site, social media sites offer another venue for people to connect with your content. There has been steady growth since 2007, with the number of policies bought annually on websites jumping 41 percent over the past five years. Power and Associates released in April also found a relatively steady number of policyholders switching companies. The number of insurance firms with online operations increased to 96 from 85 at the end of last year.

Motor insurance, which account for 56.4% of online insurance premium incomes in 2014, is another major boost for the growth. Used correctly, online marketing channels, especially social media, provide a tailor-made lead generation engine for the insurance industry.
Those lists are often saturated, always pricey and usually contain dead, abandoned or non-existent addresses as well as unsuspecting recipients. It’s best if the form is connected to your email campaign sending account so that the data captured automatically downloads into specific channel lists in your email campaign management tool. Creating the right relationship will payoff in a happy sales department, possible referrals and most importantly new sales. Getting on the first page for Google’s natural search results can be very valuable and very difficult, depending on the keyword phrases you’re targeting.
Some examples include e-Newsletters, birthday cards, product marketing pieces, sales letters, etc. These can be great for connecting with peers for advice, information sharing and business opportunities. Pick one topic to start with and do some research (Search some of the keywords in bold on Google to start the learning process). Optimizasyon, proje yonetimi, surdurulebilirlik, yenilenebilir enerji, tar?m, ekonomi, sigorta ve siyaset alanlar?nda cal?smalar yapmaktad?r. In the study, the firm found that 43 percent of consumers researching other insurers ended up switching companies, an increase of 3 percentage points from 2011 numbers. However, its dominance is also creating concerns for the unbalanced development of the industry. Through selecting the right online avenues you can initiate new relationships, nurture those relationships, build trust and grow relationships into pre-qualified leads for your sales team.
Individual health includes: UnitedHealth, WellPoint, Kaiser Permanente, Aetna, and the Health Care Service Group. All these factors along with the CAN-SPAM requirements and spamtraps can result in poor deliverability and possible legal issues for your company. Based on the information you collected on your opt-in form you can now precisely target your audience, customize the email per recipient and segment your messages. To rise in the search results, you need to Search Engine Optimize (SEO) your web site and produce content, such as press releases and articles, written with specific keywords in mind. As an insurance agent, you have the expertise, but if you don’t have to time or skill, this may not be for you. Other significant online players profiled in the report include eHealthinsurance, Insweb, and Esurance.
Internet marketing allows you to track everything, which allows you to test different variables and settle on the approach that works best. Your blog needs to be updated regularly and must be interesting and relevant to keep people coming back.

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