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April 10, 2011 5 Comments Share this:TweetSince realizing the vulnerability of my personal finances, where I got my one-and-only checking account with Bank Of America  frozen, for no fault of mine, I started considering having a second checking account as a back-up.
I wanted a back-up from where I can pay monthly bills and can meet emergency expenses, especially when primary checking account becomes unusable for any reason. I couldn’t have taken any more risk, and started with my research immediately after the Bank of America incident. A second checking account can be your payee account when the primary account become inaccessible, believe me it happens. Protects your money, god forbid, but if your identity is stolen and money is withdrawn from your checking account, you have an alternative to go to, till your lost identity is recovered. Tip: it would be beneficial if you do not use debit card and checks that comes with your second checking account. Now the next big step for me was to pick a second checking account, that one which will give me all freedom I need, a freedom from paying fees, a freedom from minimum balance obligation and a freedom to bank anywhere in the country without bothering about ATM fees much. But, I was not really looking for a big branch network, I had Bank of America as primary checking account holder, which is largest bank in US, to satisfy my need for a teller access. Capital one is the natural option for me to turn in to, because I was, in fact, more inclined toward an online or internet banking. Since then, I moved most of the fund lying in BofA account to Capital One, Now I earn a dinner cost every month by the dollar I get from monthly interest. Credit card companies generally give interest on checking account because cost of fund for them is reduced via retail route, it is easy money for card companies to fund their credit loans this way. Checking account is not at all an investment option, You should only put your emergency fund and some extra cushion of money for paying monthly bills in your checking account.
Disclaimer: This is not an advertisement for Capital One, do your own research before opening your checking account.
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In this market, I wonder where are you getting 3-4% rate, do let us know, it will be helpful for our readers. This is a well written post, if only just about all bloggers provided the same worth of content material as you, the internet will be a far better place. Capital One’s High Yield Free Checking account requires a minimum balance of $5,000 combined monthly balance across checking, savings, Money Market, Cd and brokerage accounts.
The easiest way to track your finances is to use a software program.  I like QuickBooks since it is easy to install and very user friendly. If you have been following my blog, you should have your statements and receipts in date order and you can start tracking them now if you haven’t already. You can create a ledger in Excel as well which is another way to map out your financial story this year.
Most people are using a checking account, credit card account, and a Petty Cash account to capture every dollar spent. Entering receipts on a daily or weekly basis and balancing statements monthly will help you monitor the budget. Check here to Subscribe to notifications for new posts Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Please select your provider using the drop-down menu and you will be provided with the technical support details that are appropriate to you. Calls to our 0844 support number cost 6p per minute plus your phone company's access charge.

Want to make your Best Western credit card payment, login to view your statement or manage your account online? Best Western Credit Card Customer Service: The Best Western credit card customer service number is 800-237-8483. Frequent customers at Best Western can earn points towards free hotel stays and enjoy further rewards with the Best Western Rewards MasterCard Credit Card.
This credit card offers you 15 points for every dollar spent on Best Western services and products, and 1 point for everywhere else MasterCard is accepted. The number of points you need to get a free hotel stay will depend on the level of the hotel, ranging from 8,000 points for a Level 1 Best Western, to 36,000 for a Level 8 Best Western. This card comes with an introductory offer of 16,000 points which you get after making your first purchase. Aside from the Best Western Rewards, this MasterCard also comes with a 6 month introductory 0% APR on balance transfers. This page provides some great cover letter examples, which may help you to write your own cover letter, or help you to consider using our professional cover letter writing services.
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The best cover letter template will follow our recommended cover letter layout, if you would like to create your own cover letter, we also suggest you check out 10 Steps for writing a cover letter.
Your cover letter is like a professional sales proposal to market your skills, knowledge and experience in the best possible light.
Employers see it as a dead give away if you have just used a generic cover letter to send your resume in. Many candidates overlook the importance of the cover letter, and just send out one generic cover letter to every job they apply for. You cover letter needs to be presented in the same format that your resume or CV is formatted. Your opening statement should grab the attention of the reader immediately within the first sentence. Finally, a great cover letter will ensure that your resume is not only read but read in the best possible context, draw attention to the most relevant parts of your resume and make it clear why you should be interviewed! Take the time to tailor your cover letter, or have a professional cover letter written for you.
If the job is worth applying for, then it’s worth writing a letter to tell them why you believe you are the best candidate for the job. This is not second chance checking account, but a second checking account in addition to an existing one. Even my wife SMB, who has very little interest in finances, started asking about second checking account. These days, after, federal bank regulations are in place, banks have become quiet innovative in finding their ways to charge you some fee or other.
Chase offers a $150 one time incentive which, they carefully mention with smaller font, is taxable at the end of the year.
Luckily around the same time, a paper mailer came in our mailbox about Capital One interest checking account. I also adjusted payroll direct deposit with my employer and bulk of my salary will now go to Capital One and a lesser sum BofA will receive. Although I am still banking with them, I am eyeing for an alternative checking account, paying better return.

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You do the entering and the program does the math and creates the easy to read reports for budgeting.
It takes a little time to set up the format but once it is done, you can track your finances quickly and easily. You can also mail a credit card payment to  Best Western also offers an online account service where you can keep track of your points. There is also a FAQ’s page for the Best Western Rewards program on the card’s website.
These points can be exchanged for free stays at over 4,000 Best Western Hotels, plus other things including airline rewards, airline savings, rental rewards and AMC theater gift cards. Furthermore, if you do make a balance transfer within the first 30 days of opening, you get a point for every dollar transferred, applicable up to 5,000 points.
Your prospective employers want the cover letter to be tailored to the job advertisement they have open. Your prospective employers want and demand for the cover letter to be tailored to the job advertisement they have open. It screams that you aren’t that interested, but you thought you better send in a job application, just in case. It should speak to the reader and tell them exactly why you are the ideal person for the job.
A late payment on all 4 cards could have resulted in a loss of around 40 points for FICO credit score, or more. 5 successive day’s withdrawal, over limit, return checks, stop payments are to name a few.
I do try to keep similar amount in my checking account, a compound Interest Calculator tells me that I will make $38K in 20 years if I continue to maintain $30k balance in Capital One. This guide will help you, with independent information on the card’s details, including terms and conditions and rewards. Opinions expressed here are the author's alone, not those of any credit issuer or company, and have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by any credit issuer or company reviewed.
Especially since I am planning for a car loan and a mortgage pretty soon, it would have been a big blow. With two checking account you can avoid these fees, just be a bit cautious while issuing those checks.
To ensure your Best Western payment is received on time it is recommended that you mail your payment at least 5 business days prior to the due date shown on your monthly billing statement. To make a payment online or manage your account, follow the link provided below on this page to the Best Western credit card login. The grace period for paying no interest on full balance payment is 23 days after the previous billing cycle.
Although every effort has been make with regard to the accuracy of the information provided here, please review the credit issuer’s website for the most up-to-date information.

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