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Here are some common household appliances that may be run to give you a rough idea of your wattage requirements.
Obviously I don’t know your personal requirements, what appliances you intend to run or even the wattage totals of YOUR appliances (the figures above are just estimates). All comments (except for spam) will be accepted, even if you disagree with the winners selected. We provide honest and conciser Best Portable Generator Reviews to help make your buying decision as simple as possible. There are many different brands of generators that are available in the market today, each of which claims to be the best portable generator for home use.
Before you get into the brand war and try to decipher which is the best portable generator for home use, it is important for you to look at your own needs and decide what is it you require a portable generator for? If a light bulb of 100 watts makes use of one amp, when it runs from a 120 volt generator, what would be your requirement to run ten light bulbs?
For a homeowner who has standard electrical appliances at home and also intends to use a generator for recreational purposes once in a while, a portable generator of less than 10,000 watts is highly recommended.
But wattage needs are not the only thing that you need to consider when you are buying the best portable generator for home use. The other thing that needs to be kept in mind while buying the best portable generator for home use is the amount of noise it makes. The two things that determine the amount of noise that a generator makes are the size of the motor and the quality of sound muffler. You must also keep in mind the weight of the generator while purchasing the best portable generator for home use. Of the various brands of generators that are available on retail sites such as Amazon, we particularly like the Honeywell HW 6200 7750 watt portable generator. If you’ve ever been without power for more than a day then you know how horrible it can be.
After a particularly bad winter storm this past year, when the power was out for about 3 days, my wife and I decided we had just had enough. I like to be really detailed when I buy something as expensive and important as a portable generator. In addition to magazine and newspapers, it’s really helpful to look at owner reviews. So after all that work I’ve been able to put together the following list of the best portable generators. Just go through and add up all of the running wattages of the appliances you would like to use when a blackout occurs, or while you’re out camping, or in your RV.
Small capacity portable generators are excellent to have around and can be used for so many different things.
It’s only weighs 55 pounds and has easy grip handles so that you can tote it around with ease. The unit also comes with battery charging cables that you can plug into the 12 volt DC outlet on the machine. I have a full All Power America APG3014 portable generator review on this site if you want to learn more about it. If you hook up your medium capacity generator to your home through the use of a transfer switch then you’ll be able to run your water heater.
Although prices vary greatly in this category, the two best portable generators that I found are both under $500. So the two best medium capacity portable generators are the Champion 46534 and the ETQ TG32P12. The Champion 46534 portable generator has multiple outlets for you to choose from to connect your appliances. If you’d like to learn more about this model, I have an in-depth Champion 46534 portable generator review on this site.
The other 4,000 max watt portable generator to make the best list in this category is the ETQ TG32P12.
The ETQ TG32P12 also comes with two 120 volt 20 amp GFCI outlets and a 240 volt twist outlet.
The TG32P12 is also over 110 pounds, like the Champion 46534, but comes with wheels and a handle for pulling or pushing it. For more detailed information, just check out my ETQ TG32P12 portable generator review and you can learn more about what makes this unit such a great buy.
Large capacity generators are real work horses, supplying enough power to keep your home running during a blackout as if the main power were still on.

Units this size are perfect for emergency use during blackouts at your home, but you can also use them on a job site to power tools and equipment. The ETQ TG72K12 is the best large capacity portable generator, coming in at 8,250 max watts and 7,250 rated watts. The TG72K12, like most of ETQ’s models, uses its advanced Clean Sine Alternator Technology. You also get a push button electric start function with the TG72K12 if you buy a battery and hook up it.
Overall the ETQ TG72K12 is a great buy for a large capacity portable generator coming in under $800. If you’d like to learn even more, you can read my detailed ETQ TG72K12 portable generator review. Inverter style generators are really amazing technological advancements over conventional generators. Inverter style generators are able to work so efficiently because they can run at variable speeds based on the power demand at the time.
The best inverter style 2,000 max watt capacity portable generator is, hands down, the Yamaha EF2000iS. You also get a 3 year warranty with this model, which goes to show that Yamaha really stands behind the quality of their design.
The EF2000iS can be used for any application, from power outages at your home to camping and boat uses. You can read all about the great features offered and even look at a couple of videos of this unit in action in my Yamaha EF2000iS portable generator review. Connecting a Portable Generator to Your Home Safely and Effectively A Portable Natural Gas Generator Offers Convenience And Ready Power Choosing A Portable Generator - What Features Should You Look For?
February 2, 2014 by Standby admin When looking for some much needed extra power, you may consider using a generator. To find the best portable generator for home use, consider searching online and at your local hardware store where there are plenty of portable generators to choose from.
It runs quietly with its pulse flomuffler and it has an electrical starting system that is manual. It costs about $1,000 online and it received 4 stars from more than 110 Amazon reviewers to make this one of the best portable generator for home use. This Generac 6001 LP5500 Series comes with its own tank holder and it weighs about 184 pounds. It comes with a two year limited warranty for residents and a one year warranty for commercial users. It has never go flat wheels for easy maneuvering and it has several outlets including two 120 volts that are 20 amp and five 20r Duplex outlets.
It received 4 stars from more than 40 amazon reviewers to make this one of the best portable generator for home use. All of these are among the top choices when searching for the ideal generator for your home. Now you can look at the dBA rating of each generator and try and find the quietest one, however, the ratings can be wildy inaccurate and there's not a significant amount of difference between most generators. The transfer switch connects to your home circuit box, which does away with the need for numerous extension cords.
Always run a generator away from your home, doors, windows, vents and any openings to your home. Also, make sure that there’s enough clearance on all sides of the generator (at least 5 foot on all sides).
Personally, I'm not too fond of Generac products because they have a reputation for poor customer service.
They are typically more expensive than portable generators, however, they do offer a number of advantages.
You may have various needs for a generator and may find it difficult to choose one on your own. The best portable generator for home use can be used not only for keeping a steady source of energy at home, but also at times when you are camping in places where there is no access to electricity. Generators are not expected to be completely quiet, but you can obviously choose one that makes the least amount of noise. We do believe that this is the best choice when it comes to choosing from among the best portable generator for home use. Investing a little time reading up on the various features of portable generators on the internet and carefully determining your own needs is the key to making a prudent purchase.

It can power up several tools at a time or if you experience a power outage it can help in generating enough power for lighting and appliances. It has a 212cc 7 hp engine and a fuel capacity of 4 gallons with a fuel gauge for easy reading.
It comes with a two year limited warranty and a low oil shut down to help protect the life of the engine. It costs about $800 online and it received 4 stars to make this among one of the best portable generator for home use. Heavy duty steel frame with four point fully isolated motor mounts for smooth and quiet operation. Other times, it’s because the generators are second-rate products with reliability issues and manufacturing defects. I suggest tallying up the wattage requirements of every appliance you’re likely to use. It also protects the generator, lights and appliances from any potential damage when the grid power comes back online.
If you are confused about a purchase decision about the best portable generator for home use, do not worry, for we are here to help you with some essential tips that will help you make a prudent choice when it comes to buying a portable generator.
There is a very simple way to decipher what is the total power or wattage you need by the number of electrical devices you need to run. For a small business owner, however, who needs a generator to run at his workplace, the wattage needs will be pretty different. If you choose a generator that is extremely noisy, it will be impossible to get any kind of work done at home. Also make sure that a good quality muffler has been used on the generator that you are choosing. Not only do we like it because of its strong brand value, we believe that it is the very last word when it comes to reliability as well as durability. If you weigh your options correctly, it is indeed easy to get the best portable generator for home use. It has a control center that is easy to read and an LCD hour meter that lets you know when it is needs to be maintained. It costs about $340 online and it received 4.5 stars from more than 105 Amazon reviewers to make it one of the best portable generator for home use.
It has a hardened .25 inch steel tube cradle to help protect the engine and electrical connections.
You not only use at your home but you can take it with you camping and other outside events. If you are concerned, then the Powermate is a great choice assuming it meets your wattage requirements.
We are here to help you make sense of all the electrical jargon like amps, volts and watts that are thrown around by generator manufacturers.
Though 2-stroke engines may work out to be cheaper, they will prove to be expensive in the long run, because they burn a lot of gas and you will have to take up the hassle of mixing up gases on your own in these two stroke generators. You will have to yell at the top of your voice to make yourself heard even at an arm’s length.
The best portable generator for home use should ideally be quiet enough for you to conduct all functions at home safely without creating a big ruckus. But the good news is that most manufacturers have successfully developed powerful engines that are lightweight despite being highly powerful.  Most of them also come with a four-stroke engine with efficient mufflers that cut down the noise considerably.
Apart from the regular features we are particularly impressed with this product because it has a voltage regulator feature. We are here to serve as a guide while you purchase the best portable generator for home use.
When deciding what is the best portable generator for home use, you will have to take into consideration the many electrical devices that you expect you generator to support.
There are various online resources that give you the exact wattage about the various electrical equipments that are used by both homeowners and business owners.
When it comes to safety and dependability, this Honeywell product gets our vote.  Priced at a modest $1000, it is well worth the spending.

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