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Just weeks after launching the new medium-duty Titan XD pickup, Nissan is going to extremes with the Titan Warrior, a concept vehicle designed to demonstrate the capabilities of the full-size truck. The maker describes the Warrior – which is making its debut at the 2016 North American International Auto Show – as “unapologetic, aggressive (and) athletic.” And they hint that it could serve as a model for a future version of the new Titan, along the lines of Ford’s familiar F-150 Raptor.
The Nissan Titan Warrior takes on a more menacing presence with its height raised nearly three inches, to 81.5 inches.
The goal was to give the Titan Warrior Concept a look of “modern armor,” a more machine-like, sharper-edged appearance. The Warrior's hood gets new, functional vents to cool the Titan XD’s big diesel engine. The Warrior Concept adopts new LED lighting, front and rear, with the headlamps meant to present a more “robotic feel.” The modified taillights, meanwhile, for a “T”, as in “Titan,” split by the tailgate.
To offset the changes, several steps have been taken to improve aerodynamics, including a carbon fiber rear cab spoiler, and another spoiler on the back of the bed. Inside, the Warrior's machined look exterior is carried over with details with a chronograph-like feel. While there are no announced plans to produce the Titan Warrior Concept, Nissan is clearly looking at all its options. This new Titan Warrior Concept gives an important signal to American truck enthusiasts that our vision for exploring new boundaries remains strong,” declared Munoz.

En nuestro sitio encuentras ventas de carros de segunda mano, camiones importados, trocas 4x4 seminuevas, camionetas deportivas, vans y SUVs.
El listado de publicaciones comprende trocas Toyotas Tundras de 4 puertas, camionetas Tacomas 4x4 media cabina, Chevrolet Avalanche, Nissan Frontier, Ford Explorers, etc.. Now, we know from answering thousands of car buyers' questions that most people care more about reliability, low running costs, low tax, fuel economy and practicality than they do about how a car corners, sounds or looks, but we got into this job because we love cars and we'll always tell it like we see it. You see, Mitsubishi 's new small car has a lot going for it; it's distinctly large inside the cabin (if not in the boot), well-equipped, cheap to tax, ostensibly fuel efficient and it comes with an eight-year warranty. That's a decent amount of equipment, but even so we feel that the Mitsubishi needs to be a couple of thousand Euro cheaper than it is.
By using this website, you consent to the use of cookies in accordance with the privacy policy. Up front, the modifications include custom upper and lower control arms with performance ball joints, and racing-style coil-over shocks. That meant revisions to the grille and headlamps, while front and rear fenders got more flaring than the current XD truck. The Warrior Concept’s steering wheel, for example, has been milled from a single block of aluminum. The Titan XD went on sale only a couple weeks ago, and the maker is getting ready to roll out a variety of other variants, including the standard-duty Titan which will be offered in three cab configurations, two frame sizes, five grade levels and with two different powertrain options.

Job done for a lot of people, even when compared with the likes of the Skoda Citigo, SEAT Mii and Volkswagen up! Plus, we find them, even the most basic of which, quite desirable, and astoundingly good to drive.
No matter how attractive it is on paper, we suspect that many will be swayed by the power of some of the bigger brands. In the rear, there are custom bypass reservoir shocks and adjusted-length prototype axles with a custom sway bar. Aerospace-class toggle switches add to the heavy-duty look, as do the auxiliary gauges on the center console. Admittedly it's comfy enough in town, but there's a lot of lean through the corners and the steering is particularly long-winded.
The engine is a surprise though; it pushes the Space Star along with real verve despite producing only 80hp. A glance at the specs confirms it's a light car, which no doubt helps its fuel economy and emissions figures.

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