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Offering step-by-step, in-depth coverage, the new Third Edition of Power Electronics: Converters, Applications, and Design provides a cohesive presentation of power electronics fundamentals for applications and design in the power range of 500 kW or less. Since its publication in 1989, each edition has strived to present a cohesive presentation of power electronics fundamentals for applications and design in the power range where there is demand in industry for power electronic engineers.
The text describes a variety of practical and emerging power electronic converters made feasible by the new generation of power semiconductor devices. Schott Professor of Power Electronics at the University of Minnesota, He has numerous patents and publications in this field.
A CD-ROM has been added to this edition, which readers will find useful in the exploration of power electronics and use of this text.
His three-book series on Power Electronics focuses on three essential topics in the power sequence based on applications relevant to this age of sustainable energy such as wind turbines and hybrid electric vehicles. It follows a top-down systems-level approach to power electronics to highlight interrelationships between these sub-fields.

It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. If there are any company or institution has a problem with one of the topics, please contact us. The new edition is now enhanced with a new CD-ROM, complete with PSpice-based examples, a new magnetics design program, and PowerPoint slides.
The CD-ROM contains: * A large number of new end-of-chapter problems with varying degrees of difficulty.
Its unique approach covers the characteristics of semiconductor devices first, then discusses the applications of these devices for power conversions. This book also follows a building-block approach to power electronics that allows an in-depth discussion of several important topics that are usually left.
This program is extremely useful in showing design trade-offs, for example, the influence of switching frequency on the size of inductors and transformers.

Robbins is a professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Minnesota.
The text also explores industrial and commercial applications, as well as practical aspects of power electronic converter design, such as snubber circuits, drive circuits, circuit layout, and heat sinks. Prior to joining the University of Minnesota, he was a research engineer at the Boeing Company.

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