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Again, ideally this would work, however there is challenge when trying to have a checkbox link with the timepicker. Does the union of two not disjoint open balls always contain the line connecting the two centers?
Often, we find we need to present our users with a list of items in a table or list, with checkboxes such that the user can select one or more items from the list for additional processing.
The Example Project We will use an existing example project I created to demonstrate how to display a table with checkboxes for each row, which allows submission to the server for processing the selected items. In the above, we set up a table, and use a custom Editor Template to render each row item, allowing for the selectable textbox on each row, the status of which will be reflected in the model data passed back to the controller in an Http POST request on form submit.
We want to add a checkbox above the table, selection of which toggles the checked status of all the checkboxes in the table at once. Now we will add some JQuery to perform the manipulation when we want to toggle the checkbox status. As we can see, it is not a complex matter to do this, but it may not be intuitive to those newer to Jquery.

If you planned on using the variable elsewhere, just take the declaration out of the ready function and make it global. My guess would be that the issue is with the entire line of text from the checkbox is a link to toggle the checkbox and thus overrides the timepicker functionality, though it's still a very odd issue.
Most of the time, the user will either be selecting a few items from the list but leaving most unchecked, or selecting all or most of the items from the list and leaving very few items unchecked. Note that there are myriad ways to do this, and you may see some methods out on the internet which are slightly different. The common means to do this is with one more checkbox, global to the list itself, which performs the toggling action. Right click on the project and Add new class Name it as DBData in which we will write DataBase Related Logic.
Add controller Right-click on the "Controllers" folder in Solution Explorer and go to the "Add"  item then click on "Controller". I used the name Home and Controller is a suffix because each controller has it in its named.

Leave the checkbox unchecked because we don't want to create these actions in HomeController. Our HomeController has an Index action to get a command and send the view on the Index UI.
We can also check out in the Server Explorer that the user data saved successfully in the table.
We can apply entity framework approach like Code First Approach, Database First Approach or Model First Approach to perform CRUD operations in the web app.

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